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Main » 2013 » May » 1 » SpaceEngine 0.97 released!
SpaceEngine 0.97 released!
Yeah! SpaceEngine 0.97 finally released!
Download right now!

System requirements

RAM2 Gb2 Gb
Video512 Mb1024 Mb
HDD space1 Gb10 Gb
OSWindows XPWindows 7

Major updates:

  • Auroras
  • Comets and evaporating planets
  • Improved rendering of interstellar dust in galaxies
  • Oblate planets and stars, automatic calculation of the oblateness value
  • Gravity darkening of oblate stars
  • Improved planetary rings variety, increased color saturation
  • Multiple cloud layers on terrestrial and gas planets
  • Smooth gas giant textures
  • Dynamic lens flares with ability to choose a preset in the menu
  • Planets and moons illuminate each other with their actual color
  • Star Browser - builds a list of the nearest stars with the ability of saving it to a file
  • Importing ship models in the OBJ format with material library and multiple textures
  • Built-in wiki system
  • Ability to give a name and description to any planet or other object
  • Improved FPS on planets
  • Multithreading for resource loading/generating
  • Menu for selecting GUI language, applies changes without restarting
  • Default localizations: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish

  • Astronomy:

  • ESI (Earth Similarity Index) in the planet's info table
  • Better function of the mass-radius dependence of gas giants and brown dwarfs
  • Reduced thickness of the atmosphere on Earth-like planets
  • Inverted red giant surface temperature pattern
  • More solar spots on red dwarfs
  • Desaturation of faint stars (simulating color sensitivity of an eye)
  • Supporting of unlimited number of cloud layers on catalog planets
  • Config parameters for maximum number of procedural cloud layers of gas and terrestrial planets
  • Dynamic model of Jupiter (11 cloud layers)
  • Console variable to modify cloud layers rotation speed (set CloudsSpeed xxx)
  • Reduced a radii of procedural ice giants
  • Gravity lensing effect for white dwarfs
  • Multiple galaxy models per Hubble class for procedural galaxies
  • Multiple nebula models per nebula class for procedural nebulae
  • Simplified galaxy/nebula mod installing system
  • New galaxy models
  • Russian Wiki database have translated all stars names, Solar System planets and satellites
  • Updated catalogs of comets, asteroids and exoplanets

  • Interface:

  • Context menu when you right-click on the object
  • Shadows under the text
  • The little loading icon instead of the progress bar
  • Mouse cursor changes its shape depending on situation (crosshair in space, arrow in GUI, etc)
  • Scrolling tables and sliders with the mouse wheel
  • Button "Current" on the Find object dialog to put currently selected object's name into it
  • Info table for any planet, star or barycenter shows counter of its satellites with life
  • Various upgrades in the Universe Map
  • [F1] opens the Universe Map for selected system, [Ctrl]-[F1] for the current one
  • [F2] opens the Planetary System Browser for selected system, [Ctrl]-[F2] for the current one
  • HDR, Bloom and FXAA effects in the Solar System Browser previews
  • Real planet brightness can be disabled in the Solar System Browser
  • Red giants and asteroids are rendered with 3D landscape in the Solar System Browser
  • Right click on the root star or barycenter in the Solar System Browser selects the planetary system itself
  • Wiki descriptions supports some of the BB-codes
  • Simple quotes " " automatically replaced with angular quotes « » in some text edit forms
  • Displaying planet's albedo / computed brightness and color in the Edit mode
  • Some sliders in the Planet Editor have logarithmic scale
  • Reduced width of the zone for opening of the side-screen toolbars
  • Pin buttons on toolbars
  • Saving state of toolbars in user config file
  • Ability to paint up oceans in the Export planetary textures menu
  • Updated Export planetary textures menu
  • Updated Graphics settings menu

  • Controls:

  • Changed some mouse controls
  • The [End] button rotates camera horizontally
  • New console commands
  • Velocity pointer in the Planetarium mode
  • Smooth stopping of the movement and rotation of the camera when you press the Z, X, or Num 5 in the Planetarium mode
  • Height of the lanscape is counted from the sea level (negative values if under water)
  • The land command and button performs a landing on the 10 meters height above sea level or ground
  • The [G] key in the Game mode moves current ship to a selected object
  • Warp effect for spaceships

  • Engine:

  • Automatic choosing of the NVidia chip on systems with hybrid graphics (NVidia + Intel HD)
  • Automatic selecting of some settings when hardware is changed
  • Automatic clearing of the cache when hardware is changed
  • Updated cache of galaxy models, they are now registered in the memory manager
  • Updated cache of textures and models for ships and buildings, they are now registered in the memory manager
  • Saving compiled shaders binaries to the cache for fast loading of them (NVidia)
  • Preloading all shaders at startup (option)
  • While capturing the video, GUI is visible on the screen, but not recorded to the video
  • Supporting of gray + alpha PNG format
  • Supporting of the TIFF format for textures and screenshots
  • Supporting of sounds in WAV and OGG formats
  • Built-in music player for OGG music
  • Automatic (based on FPS) vertical synchronization toggle
  • Changed directory structure

  • Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a flat landscape bug on Intel HD
  • Fixed color banding artifact on landscape and water
  • Console command "disable" now works
  • Fixed a bug with nebulae shining through planets
  • Fixed the accelerated spinning of the ship when time is reversed
  • Fixed a bug with "intergalactic" mode of spaceships in certain regions of Milky Way
  • Fixed glitchy star's Motion Blur
  • Fixed a bug with very small moons having atmospheres
  • Fixed camera autobinding
  • Fixed a bug with the equal mass of all brown dwarfs
  • Fixed a bug with wrong lens flare color at the edges of the screen
  • Fixed a bug with Earth fully covered with water
  • Fixed a bug with entering minutes and seconds in the time control panel
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing blocks of procedural stars in a galaxies
  • Fixed a bug with blinking planet when Autoexposure enabled
  • FXAA works when Bloom is disabled
  • Fixed a bug with "square shaped stars" when Real sun brightness is on
  • Fixed incorrect age of stars in multiple systems
  • Fixed a bug with stars generated outside star cluster boundaries
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect planet counter number in the star's info
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect planets with life counter number in the star's info
  • Fixed a bug in binary systems when smaller component have greater mass => reduced number of brown dwarfs
  • Fixed cropping of some rotation/orbital parameters when starting editing in the Planet Editor
  • Fixed wrong calculation of brown dwarfs and white dwarfs radii
  • Reduced stars aliasing
  • Fixed bug with atmosphere models generation/updating
  • Fixed a bug with white sparks on clouds

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