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Main » 2012 » July » 5 » SpaceEngine 0.96 released!
SpaceEngine 0.96 released!
Download SpaceEngine 0.96 at Download page

What's new

  • A new coordinate system and camera
  • The Map of the Universe
  • The console, various console commands allow you to change settings, there are also commands that duplicate the functions of the autopilot
  • Console commands can be executed from the file - it is possible to create a scripts that controls the flight
  • Updated catalog of dwarf planets, exoplanets, nearest stars, etc.
  • Some new galaxies models, new textures for some Solar system bodies
  • A count on the number of planets with life has been added to the selected star's information table
  • Significantly improved performance in dense regions of galaxies (the nucleus and spiral arms)
  • In the Orbital review mode (Right-drag) rotation is always doing around the current object, but not around selected one
  • Showing vectors of a planet: its own X axis, the direction to the parent body, and the barycentric velocity
  • Collision detection of camera with all planets
  • Spacecrafts: motion control, gravity forces, collisions with planets
  • Procedural galaxies with large-scale structure of the universe and the redshift effect
  • Supporting of the indoor scenes in the *.map format ("Radiant" editor of games using the Quake engine) for buildings and ship interiors (maps are available as "scenes" from the console)
  • Anti-aliasing on the border of the cloud layer on the planets
  • New forms of landscape on planets
  • Smooth transition between textures of different materials on the surface of the planet
  • Changed the algorithm for calculating landscape level of detail - detail close to the camera is always high (as in LOD 0) for each LOD
  • Exporting of skybox (panoramic screenshot)
  • Exporting of procedural textures of planets
  • Editor of the procedural parameters of the planet with the script export function
  • Optimization of the interface, the active window is moved to the foreground
  • A new interface design
  • The "game" style of the Main Menu
  • Various control panels
  • Some settings for the Planetary System Browser
  • Binding keys and saving them to the config file
  • The "Copy" and "Paste" buttons in the Locations menu - for easier sharing of coordinates via the forum
  • Supporting for Windows clipboard in the text input fields (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V), for example, in the Search By Name menu (F3)
  • Real brightness of the planets (lighting dependency on the distance to the sun)
  • White dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes - isolated and in multiple star systems
  • Binary gas giants
  • New model of the atmosphere with a green hue
  • New class of a planet - Titan (ice world with a hydracarbon ocean)
  • Fully cloudy planets - Venus-like warm deserts and Titans
  • Automatic procedural generation of atmosphere, clouds, water and rings for catalog planets, if these paremeters are missing in the catalog
  • Dynamic star coronas
  • Probabilities of double and multiple stars, stellar remnants, brown dwarfs, gas giants, etc. in the config

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed some bugs in the planetary system exporting code
  • Fixed "reddening" of the stars at very high magnification
  • Fixed "blueing" of the sun at sunset
  • Fixed bug with black spots on the edge of the disk of the planet (including the Planetary System Browser)
  • Fixed crashes due to excessive generation of planetary systems in nebulae
  • Fixed pulling of camera to infinity at first contact with a planet or a star
  • Fixed bug with generation of very small Terra planets and moons
  • Reduced the size of impact basins, their generation is suppressed for large Terras
  • Fixed an extremely dense clouds on Oceanias
  • Fixed a bug with the NoPlanets parameter in the stars catalog
  • Removed unnecessary lens flares of black holes
  • Fixed too often generation of gas/ice giants as a closest to sun planet
  • Reduced atmosphere artifacts on horizon
  • Fixed a blocky artifact in stars distribution the in galaxies

  • Views: 7635 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Rating: 5.0/2
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    22 Guery  
    A torrent file will help me download this art opera!
    Can anybody save me? tongue sad

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    21 StarGeezer  
    Thank you - are we there yet? biggrin

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    20 Ridh  

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    19 Chris  
    Truly an amazing piece of software. Keep up the great work!

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    18 Omgitsdead  
    Omg you've just killed Infinity :)
    Amazing game...and free ! Thanks so much

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    17 Idsan  
    Currently waiting for my download to finish; I only just discovered this program but just reading all the features and seeing the screenshots, it boggles the mind. This is a masterpiece of software for which I'll now continually look for updates, 'cause the level of detail and just the concept are awesome.

    Seriously, SpaceEng and co.. Truly marvellous work.

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    16 Henley Bailey  
    This is awesome, great work - really amazing!

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    15 Pzk M  
    This is really a brilliant work of ART you have here. This is the most influential piece of programming in computer history. This is more influential than the ENIAC.

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    14 Alessia Cristallo  
    I have a question :)
    I tryed to use spaceships but i can't go up and down :(
    I mean, i can increase and decrase the speed and i can rotate the spaceship right and left, but i can't go up and down, can you help me?

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    11 Gabriel  
    Ode to Space Engine

    How can such a beautiful thing cause such a horrible despair?
    Oh, magnificent, magnificent software,
    You bring the universe and it's wonders out of reach,
    But to me brings sadness, because of my faithful wish.

    Operational System, that is so nice with me,
    Wy can't you run it, if it is right here?
    I give up, I've lost this fight,
    Now I must die, from my pain this night.

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    12 SpaceEngineer  
    ahaha, nice!

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