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Main » 2011 » November » 17 » SpaceEngine 0.95 released!
SpaceEngine 0.95 released!
Download SpaceEngine 0.95 at Download page

What's new

  • Markers for planetary system bodies
  • Ability to rendering a sun surface with "real" brightness
  • Precise Lens Flare effect for sun
  • [Ctrl] + [Mouse Wheel] changes velocity like [Ctrl]+[+] and [Ctrl]+[-]
  • Turning video capture mode (F9) automatically sets the "Frame Time" timing mode for obtaining a smooth video
  • In the video capture mode screenshots are saved to "screenshots/capture" directory, the old files are rewrited
  • Screenshots saved without HUD
  • Added RAM usage checking in memory manager
  • OpenGL version checking at program startup
  • Added a new recently discovered satellite of Pluto
  • Loading of spaceships models (experimental)
  • Supporting of parabolic and hyperbolic orbits
  • A dense atmosphere smooths the climate on the planet (reduces difference between the equator and pole)
  • Tidal-locked planet (always facing the same side toward the sun)
  • A giant cyclone at the subsolar point on the tidal-locked planets
  • Ocean planets (planets entirely covered by the ocean)
  • Ice caps is not flat terrain
  • Hills on the flat areas of the planets
  • Improving the shape of the mountains
  • Faster generation of the landscape
  • Detail photo-textures on the landscape
  • Ability to disable (hide) water on the procedural planets
  • 3D water as separate transparent layer (no wave/reflection/refraction yet)
  • Brown dwarfs
  • Updated exoplantes catalog
  • Minor interface changes
  • Adjustment of movement keys acceleration/deceleration time in user.cfg
  • Adjustment of velocity presets in user.cfg
  • Export of planetary systems in a script-file
  • Collision detection with planetary surface
  • Automatic switching of follow mode for planets (Follow / Sync Rot)
  • New galaxies models

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with black screen at startup
  • Fixed a bug with missing interface textures and other stuff (incorrect memory manager working with old drivers)
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of Pluto
  • Fixed a bug with neutron stars only in all planetary nebulae
  • Fixed too little mass of white dwarfs
  • Fixed a bug with empty irregular (Irr) galaxies
  • Fixed a "cubic star clusters" bug
  • Fixed a shifting of selection pointer and labels beside the planet
  • Fixed a shifting of the background in the black hole's gravity lens effect
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the rings and moons orbital orbital period
  • Fixed wrong position of the binary star's barycenter
  • Fixed the shining of the asteroids particles through nearby the planet
  • Fixed a bug with landscape patch BBoxes: it is possible to use LOD 0 now
  • Fixed incorrect rendering order of transparent clouds layers
  • Fixed a crash while first running if the Milky Way galaxy model is not cached
  • Fixed excessive RAM consumption
  • Fixed disappearing of bright stars while moving with big velocity
  • Views: 3551 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Rating: 5.0/2
    Total comments: 6
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    6 SalvoSoftware  
    I hope next update soon :)

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    5 Gary Mungins  
    absolutely love the work you have done with this software keep up the fantastic work! it's fed an already curious mind about the universe with even more information than i could possibly ever hope for you truly are an amazing individual for programming this software cant wait for more updates!!! ;)

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    4 Mads  
    I love you man. Please keep making updates!

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    3 Neil deGrasse Tyson  
    This could be the one app that inspires us to continue space research and allow our species to survive. Your work makes humanity proud (not the real Neil but might as well be).

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    2 Joe  
    This program needs more appreciation and exponation. It's simply amazing that you find the time and energy to do this (coming from a fellow programmer)

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    1 Johnny Johnson  
    That's simply amazing!!!

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