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Main » 2011 » June » 11 » SpaceEngine 0.94 released!
SpaceEngine 0.94 released!
Download SpaceEngine 0.94 at Download page.

What's new

  • Triple and multiple stars
  • Procedural planets around barycenters of multiple stars (i.e. planets orbiting two suns simultaneously)
  • Changes in the naming rules of procedural stars, planets and moons
  • Changes in the Solar system browser
  • Localization to Russian and possibility of localization to other languages
  • Fonts with different-width characters
  • A description of stars spectral classes
  • Various interface changes
  • The possibility of inversion of the mouse
  • Removed the prefix notation in the configuration files
  • The new stars motion blur mode: only when moving
  • Calculation of the density and pressure of the planetary atmospheres
  • Calculation of the greenhouse effect on the planets
  • Improved stars colors
  • Planets with highly eccentric orbits
  • Changed the sign of the LOD of planets: 3 for max detail, -3 for min
  • Gravitational lens effect of a for black holes and neutron stars
  • Supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies and globular clusters (so far without accretion disks and jets)
  • Stars nearest to supermassive black hole are orbiting it
  • Procedural asteroid belts (at this time limited to 3000 asteroids per system)
  • Pointer to the selected object in the form of cross and arrow

  • Bug fixes

  • Eliminated the main cause of crashes (wrong calculation of used memory)
  • Fixed memory overrun due to the use of textures with a non-power-of-two resolution
  • Reduced the minimum distance to the galaxy twere generating of procedural stars begins
  • Reduced excessive density of stars in small galaxies
  • Fixed bug with writing extra spaces in the coordinates in the user config
  • Fixed bug with nebulae selecting
  • Fixed incorrect brightness of the nebula in Auto exposure mode
  • Fixed incorrect reading of the scripts with Linux-style end of line
  • Fixed slowdown with catalogs of thousands of asteroids and comets in solar system
  • Fixed a bug with the Bloom effect affection on the interface
  • Fixed displaying information about the number of planets around star
  • Fixed incorrect drawing of a marker of barycenter
  • Fixed cloud density on dry terra planets
  • Fixed display of Greek abbreviations instead of the Greek characters in the autopilot journal and locations dialog
  • Fixed flashing on the planets with atmosphere if sun comes into view field
  • Fixed incorrect determination of the temperature class of the planet while creating the system
  • Fixed bug with choosing of wrong body in the Solar system browser if there are several bodies with the same name present in catalog
  • Fixed a line break and reset of the register of font in table cells
  • Eliminated changing the direction of flight when switching between Spacecraft and Aircraft modes
  • Reduced z-fighting on the red giants models
  • Fixed bug with incorrect removing of duplicate stars in the script (text) stars catalog
  • Reduced z-fighting on the planets when seen from afar and through a telescope
  • Eliminated the loss of accuracy in the transformation of the vertices in very close to the surface of the planet
  • Fixed glare brightness on icy surfaces
  • Fixed disappearing of landscape tiles if camera turns qiuckly
  • Views: 3138 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Rating: 5.0/2
    Total comments: 5
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    5 carormo  
    Very good job guy , and thanks a lot to you from spain . greetings

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    4 ANON  
    Any plans for a mac version/port? I would love to see this become available for other OS's.

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    3 Qcfxeno  
    This is more than just an engine; this is a work of art and pure space-porn. I wish it got more coverage and recognition.

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    2 SpaceEngineer  
    2-3 years.

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    1 Aaron Bockelie  
    This engine is really amazing, I am so impressed! How long have you been working on it for?

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