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Main » 2015 » April » 17 » SpaceEngine released!
SpaceEngine released!
SpaceEngine released! Download now!

Major updates:
  • Fixed Windows XP compatibility issue
  • Oculus Rift DK2 support: positional tracking and Direct mode
  • Shadows on the rings from other planets and moons
  • Fixed texture tiling on planets
  • Updated exoplanets catalog, unconfirmed Kepler candidates are included in a separate file (more than 5000 planets total)
  • Added many binary and multiple star systems, including all with discovered exoplanets
  • Interface skin system with the switch option in the Player menu

  • Added moons of asteroid (87) Sylvia
  • Asteroid moons classified as dwarf moons to avoid tidal heating bug
  • Catalog planets with no mass and radius specified got generated mass and radius
  • Automatic calculation of the orbital period in a binary system (star or planet) if only masses and SMA provided in the catalog
  • Automatic tidal braking and locking in a binary star systems
  • Generation of missing planet orbital inclination and ascending node are worked based on a binary star data
  • Reduced rings probability of tidal locked planets and moons
  • Updated textures of Mars and moons of Saturn

  • Updated Find object menu: third column with the object type, scrollbar, more clear controls (keyboard and mouse wheel to scroll), case sensitivity
  • Updated localizations
  • Options "Compress textures", "Normal" autoexposure, and "Super" diffraction spikes are removed from the graphics settings menu
  • Anti-aliased selection pointer
  • Map mode marks and cursor textures are moved into interface texture
  • Menu for video capture settings: switch between set of screenshots mode and avi mode, choosing screenshot format and codec settings
  • [F9] key brings up the Video capture menu, [Ctrl]-[F9] starts and stops the video recording with the chosen settings
  • Removed default key binding [N] to enable/disable night side lights and emissive textures
  • New planet filters in the Star browser
  • Solar eclipses are not rendered in the system browser
  • Orbital path rendering is disabled together with disabling of planet rendering
  • New music added
  • Smooth switch on/off of orbits, coordinate grid, vectors, selection pointer
  • Object's into table is smoothly disappearing after a while in Oculus mode

  • Hardware auto VSync is used if supported
  • Galaxy and nebula rendering are moved to OpenGL 3.3 standard
  • Returned back skybox for nebulae, so performance inside a nebula is improved
  • Removed useless gal_part.png and aurora_part.png textures
  • Built with Oculus SDK 0.4.4
  • New video memory limiting system
  • Washing out of planets which are small on the screen
  • Texture of deposit layers on steep rock slopes
  • More realistic sand dunes
  • Conical shaped volcanoes
  • Window resolution can be set in the Display settings menu to the maximum resolution supported by hardware
  • Added frame output (screenshot sequence) video capture mode
  • Video capture files are saved in the screenshots/capture/ folder
  • Selena is a world with atmosphere pressure < 1 mbar
  • Better rendering of low-pressure atmosphere models (thin haze on Selenas and Ice Worlds)
  • Added details and dynamics to aurora
  • Improved comet tail performance
  • Atmosphere brightness is calculated based on air density
  • Upper limit for atmosphere brightness is risen to 20

    Bug fixes:
  • Fixed almost all Intel HD compatibility issues
  • Fixed crash on entering Display menu
  • Fixed bug with extremely hot asteroid moons
  • Fixed button sound in the main menu and autopilot scripts folder location
  • Fixed the text "(null)" in the critical error message box
  • Fixed crash on ATI in Oculus Rift mode
  • Fixed too long landscape generation time on ATI and Intel
  • Fixed skybox edge artifact near center of the galaxy or nebula
  • Fixed axial tilt of 57 degrees of every solitary star in the Wiki
  • Fixed a bug in the life panspermia code
  • Fixed glitches in the Find object menu: selection line position, auto scrolling, missing parent name for some objects
  • Fixed the physical VRAM size detection on ATI
  • Fixed a bug with only one planetary nebula model being used per galaxy
  • Fixed nebula model cut in the impostor rendering
  • Fixed a bug with stars scale did not applied at program start
  • Fixed changing of the lens flare color in the "norm" mode
  • Fixed disappearing of a star-like particle of dim brown dwarves illuminated with a main star
  • Fixed disappearing of a star-like particle of hot asteroids and dwarf moons
  • Bigger ClipZNear to reduce z-fighting
  • Fixed bug with Dactyl tidal heating
  • Fixed disappeared canyons and rivers
  • Fixed ignorance of Temperature/Teff parameter in the star script
  • Fixed bug with selection and go-to of planets/stars with the same name (planet b and star B in the same system)
  • Fixed extreme heating of planets of cold (T type) brown dwarves
  • Fixed wrong comet tail orientation of binary planets
  • Fixed body selecting in a binary planet system
  • Fixed reset of the rotation period to 1 day of the catalog stars with the "Static" orbit
  • Fixed bug with white dwarves color and temperature
  • Views: 15787 | Added by: SpaceEngineer | Rating: 5.0/6
    Total comments: 4
    About elliptical galaxies, why does IC 1101, supposedly the biggest galaxy we know of, have so few stars in it? I was flying through M87, and there were plenty of stars, although not so many at the very center of it. IC 1101 however seems to be even thinner than spiral and dwarf galaxies, it almost seems like there are no stars at all, is it because rendering so many stars would be too much for a "standard" home computer to handle, or is it a bug?

    Nice to have SE 0793 up and running and no more see through planets and others with no surface..however, is there an issue with OCEANIA worlds? Before the glitch on SE 0792, these bodies had a few islands on them which were mountainous icy outcrops, but OCEANIA's on SE 0793 appears not to have these anymore. Any advise would be a great help. Thanks

    I think you move the folders and files of the update into the game directory containing the same folders and files, then say "yes" for any requests to merge or replace.

    How do you do the update properly? im a bit dumb at these things

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