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SpaceEngine patch
08.07.2012, 08:32
Mirror 1 (wuala.com) 32 Mb
Mirror 2 (DropBox.com) 32 Mb
Mirror 3 (Narod.ru) 32 Mb


1) Unpack the archive into SpaceEngine's folder and overwrite existing files.

2) Remove the cache folder before running the SpaceEngine.

This patch is include the previous patches, no additional downloads required.


This patch includes updated location file (config/places.cfg), so you probably want to save the old one.

Also these catalogs are updated: spacecrafts (reset to default), Solar System, exoplanets, galaxies, nebulae.

Changes and additions:
  • Support for using more than 2GB of RAM (Large address aware)
  • Improved memory manager
  • FXAA antialiasing
  • Reduced the rotation speed by keys Q and E, adjusting the rotation speed along different axes in the config
  • Trying to control the ships when the time is stopped showing the notification
  • A new (fifth) Pluto's satellite
  • New galaxy models: M 104 (Sombrero), NGC 4921, AM 0644, Arp 273
  • New nebulae models
  • Console commands to conversion of texture files to various formats
  • Default FOV changed to 45 degrees
  • Updated locations list
  • The absorption of light in the atmosphere affect the night side of the planet (increase the ambient lighting to see the effect)
  • Frequency of physics iterations can be adjusted in the config

  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed shaders of a planets orbiting an isolated black hole
  • Fixed a using of rings shaders for every planet
  • Fixed the age of the Solar system and some other stars
  • Fixed StarShip and ShreckShip models
  • Fixed settings of mipmapping
  • Fixed the memory leak then a galaxy without nebulae or star clusters generated
  • Fixed non-appearance of ships in the teleportation when the time is stopped
  • Fixed several causes of crashes associated with ships
  • Fixed generation of planets with life only in double and multiple star systems
  • Removed the "ghost lens flares"
  • Fixed render of the landscape BBoxes
  • Fixed a clouds sharp edges
  • Category: Old versions | Added by: SpaceEngineer
    Views: 65791 | Comments: 7 | Rating: 4.5/8
    Total comments: 6
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    6 Jurassic Fatty  
    Русский язык, вполне возможно, самый удивительный язык в мире. Если бы я мог говорить на нем.

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    5 Adam  
    Why is this so confusing to download???????????

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    4 anthony  
    i clicked download patch, and idk where it goes or if it even downloaded at all cuz nothin new appeared on my screen

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    3 byby  

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    2 jose muñoz maldonado  
    Soy fanático de la astronomía

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    1 ryan mason  

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