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SpaceEngine 0.94 (full version)
[ · Download from mirror (359 Mb) ] 10.06.2011, 21:53
Mirror 2 (Russian)
Mirror 3 (megaupload.com)
Mirror 4 (applesforgeeks.com)

This is an old version of SpaceEngine!
You can find the latest version here.

IMPORTANT!!! If you have NVidia graphics card, you should know that latest NVidia drivers are incompatible with this version of SpaceEngine. You will have many random glitches with them. The latest compatible driver version is 337.xxx. You can try this fix to restore compatibility, but this is not guaranteed.


Simply unpack archive to any place you wish and run SpaceEngine.exe
Do not merge this version with old installed!


Read the readme094_eng.txt file in the SpaceEngine folder, or go here: Manual


Read here the Troubleshooting forum.
If you found that this version is loading planets too slowly, try to reduce planets detail in graphics settings menu. Hit F4 and set Planets LOD slider to -3. This reduces amount af memory consumed by planets and also reduces the loading time.

That's new

  • Triple and multiple stars
  • Procedural planets around barycenters of multiple stars (i.e. planets orbiting two suns simultaneously)
  • Changes in the naming rules of procedural stars, planets and moons
  • Changes in the Solar system browser
  • Localization to Russian and possibility of localization to other languages
  • Fonts with different-width characters
  • A description of stars spectral classes
  • Various interface changes
  • The possibility of inversion of the mouse
  • Removed the prefix notation in the configuration files
  • The new stars motion blur mode: only when moving
  • Calculation of the density and pressure of the planetary atmospheres
  • Calculation of the greenhouse effect on the planets
  • Improved stars colors
  • Planets with highly eccentric orbits
  • Changed the sign of the LOD of planets: 3 for max detail, -3 for min
  • Gravitational lens effect of a for black holes and neutron stars
  • Supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies and globular clusters (so far without accretion disks and jets)
  • Stars nearest to supermassive black hole are orbiting it
  • Procedural asteroid belts (at this time limited to 3000 asteroids per system)
  • Pointer to the selected object in the form of cross and arrow

  • Bug fixes

  • Eliminated the main cause of crashes (wrong calculation of used memory)
  • Fixed memory overrun due to the use of textures with a non-power-of-two resolution
  • Reduced the minimum distance to the galaxy twere generating of procedural stars begins
  • Reduced excessive density of stars in small galaxies
  • Fixed bug with writing extra spaces in the coordinates in the user config
  • Fixed bug with nebulae selecting
  • Fixed incorrect brightness of the nebula in Auto exposure mode
  • Fixed incorrect reading of the scripts with Linux-style end of line
  • Fixed slowdown with catalogs of thousands of asteroids and comets in solar system
  • Fixed a bug with the Bloom effect affection on the interface
  • Fixed displaying information about the number of planets around star
  • Fixed incorrect drawing of a marker of barycenter
  • Fixed cloud density on dry terra planets
  • Fixed display of Greek abbreviations instead of the Greek characters in the autopilot journal and locations dialog
  • Fixed flashing on the planets with atmosphere if sun comes into view field
  • Fixed incorrect determination of the temperature class of the planet while creating the system
  • Fixed bug with choosing of wrong body in the Solar system browser if there are several bodies with the same name present in catalog
  • Fixed a line break and reset of the register of font in table cells
  • Eliminated changing the direction of flight when switching between Spacecraft and Aircraft modes
  • Reduced z-fighting on the red giants models
  • Fixed bug with incorrect removing of duplicate stars in the script (text) stars catalog
  • Reduced z-fighting on the planets when seen from afar and through a telescope
  • Eliminated the loss of accuracy in the transformation of the vertices in very close to the surface of the planet
  • Fixed glare brightness on icy surfaces
  • Fixed disappearing of landscape tiles if camera turns qiuckly
  • Category: Old versions | Added by: SpaceEngineer
    Views: 104166 | Comments: 37 | Rating: 3.0/2
    Total comments: 351 2 3 4 »
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    35 catykopmuex  
    "error": "Service Unavailable"

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    34 latelyn  
    you please niot use torrets that just makes harder space engine

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    33 cyanghost109  
    This app is awesome! The only downturns are:
    1. There is no Linux port.
    2. Some of the planets are badly rendered (though I understand it's in beta)
    3. This one is for me personally, but it lags on my Radeon 4770. :( Great card, but time for an upgrade! :)

    Otherwise, good job! I am willing to see how the first version will turn out!

    For those who are curious:
    My CPU is a Core 2 Quad Q9550 and I have 4 GB DDR2 RAM.

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    32 Sbeast  
    Whenever I try to open it, it gives me the message. "Critical extensions missing: GL_ARB_vertex_array_object"

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    31 manuel  
    It Works Great With My Specs : 4 GB Ram , GPU: His HD 5830 Cooler V Turbo 1024 MB GDDR 5 , And CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1055t 2.8 Ghz. but i don't like jupiter's surface do it more REAL :)

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    30 kilad  

    You have fulfilled a lifelong dream for me.
    When i got to see the milky way from the outside i smiled as a madman.
    Thank you :)

    if you need another mirror don't hesitate to ask.

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    29 AERO  
    If there was a way to incorporate this to a game, it would totally destroy the market

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    28 NotTarts  
    Old torrent I posted before not working, here's a new one:


    It also seeds from the available mirrors if there are no user seeds avaliable.

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    27 mike  
    hell yeah! my hero program!

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    26 André Wesley  
    I getting a Black Screen when i Start the Program
    PC Specs:
    Geforce 9500 GT 1 GB
    1 GB Ram
    AMD 1.6 GHZ

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