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Solar system HD
30.07.2016, 10:52

This Solar System HD addon contains hi-resolution maps of some planets, moons and asteroids of the Solar System. It increases level of detail of some Solar System's worlds many times compared to default SpaceEngine installation (see comparison gif below), or replaces default low-quality jpeg textures with the hi-quality png ones.

For terrestrial worlds (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon and Mars), there is even more improved textures available - the Solar System Ultra addon. Note what it requires this Solar System HD addon to work properly.

To get information about resolution, sources and credits please read this pdf document.



These textures will not make the level of surface details on Earth or other worlds similar to a procedural planet. They have a limited resolution (up to 200 meters per pixel), and this will be the maximum level of detail for their worlds.

Download torrent

1) Download the torrent file.
2) Open the torrent in any BitTorrent client.
3) Set up the SpaceEngine/addons/ folder as a destination and start downloading.
4) When the download is complete, please don't delete it from your torrent client - seed it for a few days :)

Direct download of individual files

Download these files into the folder SpaceEngine/addons/SolarSysHD/ (create it if this folder does not exist).

3.2 GB
Mercury-Bump-HD-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2183 MB
Mercury-Bump-HD-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2468 MB
Mercury-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2211 MB
Mercury-Surface-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2574 MB
Mercury-Surface-PBC-64k.pakMirror 1Mirror 21580 MB

3.6 GB
Venus-Bump-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2158 MB
Venus-Bump-SE-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2453 MB
Venus-Bump-SE-64k.pakMirror 1Mirror 21860 MB
Venus-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 265 MB
Venus-Surface-JVV-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2212 MB
Venus-Surface-JVV-64k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2932 MB

4.2 GB
Earth-Bump-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2177 MB
Earth-Bump-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2463 MB
Earth-Bump-PBC-64k.pakMirror 1Mirror 21520 MB
Earth-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2129 MB
Earth-Surface-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2296 MB
Earth-Surface-PBC-64k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2943 MB
Earth-Clouds-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 267 MB
Earth-Clouds-SE-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2154 MB
Earth-Clouds-SE-64k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2473 MB
Earth-Lights-HD-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 29 MB
Earth-Lights-HD-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 220 MB
Earth-Lights-HD-64k.pakMirror 1Mirror 262 MB

1.5 GB
Moon-Bump-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2193 MB
Moon-Bump-SE-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2493 MB
Moon-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2224 MB
Moon-Surface-JVV-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2634 MB

944 MB
Mars-Bump-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2155 MB
Mars-Bump-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2384 MB
Mars-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2136 MB
Mars-Surface-PBC-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2318 MB
Mars-Clouds-HD-2k.pakMirror 1Mirror 21 MB

Ceres and Vesta
1.5 GB
Ceres-Surface-HD-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2225 MB
Ceres-Surface-HD-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2479 MB
Vesta-Bump-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2100 MB
Vesta-Bump-SE-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2163 MB
Vesta-Surface-HD-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2178 MB
Vesta-Surface-HD-32k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2420 MB

Jupiter and moons
744 MB
Jupiter-Surface-JVV-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 245 MB
Io-Bump-fake-SE-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 213 MB
Io-Surface-PBC-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 238 MB
Io-Lights-SE-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 21 MB
Europa-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 268 MB
Europa-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2175 MB
Ganymede-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 254 MB
Ganymede-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2136 MB
Callisto-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 257 MB
Callisto-Surface-JVV-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2158 MB

Saturn and moons
800 MB
Saturn-Surface-BJ-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 27 MB
Mimas-Bump-fake-SE-4k.pakMirror 1Mirror 23 MB
Mimas-Surface-PBC-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 229 MB
Enceladus-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2180 MB
Tethys-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2156 MB
Dione-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2134 MB
Rhea-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2151 MB
Titan-Bump-fake-SE-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 214 MB
Titan-Surface-SE-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 231 MB
Hyperion-Surface-JVV-2k.pakMirror 1Mirror 24 MB
Iapetus-Bump-fake-VO-2k.pakMirror 1Mirror 21 MB
Iapetus-Surface-PBC-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 291 MB

146 MB
Triton-Surface-DI-16k.pakMirror 1Mirror 2146 MB

Pluto and Charon
32 MB
Pluto-Surface-HD-8k.pakMirror 1Mirror 228 MB
Charon-Surface-HD-4k.pakMirror 1Mirror 24 MB

Category: Addons | Added by: SpaceEngineer
Views: 53020 | Comments: 27 | Rating: 5.0/6
Total comments: 271 2 »
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27 cristobal_leal  
I have a problem. I paste the files in SpaceEngine/addons/SolarSystemHD. The game charge the files, but i dont see any improve. Why?
EDIT: I dont see any improve because I need glasses. Sry.

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26 arnechanneltw  
HD material installation path



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25 bewareTHEdog  
i am having trouble downloading the torrent file. i get a 'timeout' error when i click on the torrent link and save-as.
is there a way around this other than downloading the texture packs individually for the different objects?
thanks for any help on this. love space engine so far, cant wait to get all the addons installed.

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24 arnechanneltw  

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23 jakeski100  

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22 eli198327  

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21 M3rlin  
I have downloaded both solar HD and solar ULTRA as apk files in ADDONS directory, and it doesn't work.
none of the planets got improved graphics. is there a way to install those apk files or what?

0 Spam
20 tathagata559  
how would i install the HD package ....? i mean where should i put them ? please help

0 Spam
19 Lazarus  
Hi, are torrents still working (Solar system HD et Ultra) ? 2 days and still "pairs connecting" the others site torrents work fine. TY for the job done !

1 Spam
18 rdavidcf77  
how do I install it? I put the files inside the folder in addons, or just the "solar system hd" folder?

1-10 11-19
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