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Saving and Loading Locations

In SpaceEngine, it is possible to create a save entry which saves the camera's exact position and orientation, binding mode relative to an object, and the date and time in the program at which the save was made. In this way, you can save your location, and return to it later with everything appearing exactly as it did when the save was made. Saving is done with the Locations dialog box, which can be opened with the [F6] key, or with the flag icon on the left control panel. The Locations dialog contains a table where one column displays the description of the location, and a second column displays the characteristics (i.e. name of object and its parent, and the engine's internal date).

To save the current location, press the [Add] button. This will add a new row to the end of the table, with the object's name and the current time listed on the right. On the left is a text edit field containing an automatic description of the object. You can choose to use this description for your location save, or you can overwrite it with your own. When you are satisfied with the name, press the [Enter] key to save it, or press [Esc] to save it with the default name.

[Left clicking] on the buttons at the bottom of the table allows the player to: rename the description, delete the location, go to a location, select a location's reference object, copy the save code of a location to share with other users, or paste the code of a location into a new location entry. This is done by pressing buttons [Rename], [Delete], [Go to], [Select], [Copy], and [Paste].

Pressing the [Go to] button teleports the camera to that location instantly; this will also close the Locations dialog box. The camera will always go to the exact same position where that location was saved, and the time will also be set to the engine's internal time at the time the save was made. The [Pause time] checkbox controls the flow of time after the transition to the location: if checked, time will be paused. Pressing the [Select] button selects the location's reference body, but will not fly to that object.

Pressing the [Copy] button copies the full code of the location save to the clipboard. You can then paste this into a text field in a browser, messenger program, or document to share it with other users. When you have a location save code in your clipboard, pressing the [Paste] button will create a new location save from that code. These buttons allow easy sharing of exact locations, times, and camera orientations between users.

To close the Locations dialog box press [Close] button.

Default locations are stored in the config/places-def.cfg file. User-saved locations are stored in the confix/places-user.cfg file.

When exiting the program, the last location is automatically saved in the user configuration file config/user.cfg. And when the program is restarted the camera is automatically restored to that location. If the flow of time is suspended when exiting the program, time will be restored in a suspended state, else it will be set to the engine's normal time rate.