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Appendix 2: Database Script BBCodes

Object descriptions in the database can make use of special BBCodes which allow the input of some special symbols and allow the modification of the appearance of the text. A complete list of codes is contained below.

Note: codes are not case-sensitive.
Text modification codes
[SMALL][SMALL]example text[/SMALL]example textsmall font
[BIG][BIG]example text[/BIG]example textbig font
[HUGE][HUGE]example text[/HUGE]example texthuge font
[COLOR][COLOR=FA05C7]example text[/COLOR]example textspecify text color (in hex format, like HTML)
Symbol codes
[ALF]α (Alpha)[PSI]ψ (Psi)
[BET]β (Beta)[OME]ω (Omega)
[GAM]γ (Gamma)[DEG]° (degrees)
[DEL]δ (Delta)[ADEG]° (degrees)
[EPS]ε (Epsilon)[AMIN]' (angular minutes)
[ZET]ζ (Zeta)[ASEC]" (angular seconds)
[ETA]η (Eta)[ASECD]". (angular seconds with dot)
[TET]θ (Theta)[YEAR]y (years)
[IOT]ι (Iota)[DAY]d (days)
[KAP]κ (Kappa)[HOUR]h (hours)
[LAM]λ (Lambda)[MIN]m (minutes)
[MU]μ (Mu)[SEC]s (seconds)
[NU]ν (Nu)[MIND]m. (minutes with dot)
[KSI]ξ (Ksi)[SECD]s. (seconds with dot)
[OMI]ο (Omicron)     [MAG]m (magnitude)
[PI]π (Pi)[MAGD]m. (magnitude with dot)
[RHO]ρ (Rho)[INF]∞ (infinity)
[SIG]σ (Sigma)[SUN]☉ (Sun sybmol)
[TAU]τ (Tau)[EARTH]? (Earth symbol)
[UPS]υ (Upsilon)[JUP]♃ (Jupiter symbol)
[PHI]φ (Phi)[MOON]☾ (Moon symbol)
[CHI]χ (Chi)[TAB]tabulation