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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Ideas: Surface rocks, Atmosphere distortion, better nebulae
Ideas: Surface rocks, Atmosphere distortion, better nebulae
RodrigoDate: Sunday, 17.07.2011, 19:13 | Message # 1
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Hi guys,

First, let me tell you that I'm really amazed by this piece of software. And I got happier when I heard that it could be turn into a noctis-style game. I loved that game and I still play it anyway, I have some suggestions:

When you land on a planet with a thick atmosphere in noctis, there's an effect that distorts the looks of the star. I found that pretty clever, and think it might look good on space engine

Second: procedural rocks in the surface would look awesome. I know vegetation its a little more difficult, as it would look very different from earth's

One more thing: i think the procedural nebulas look unnatural. I have only found planetary nebulas and they're all round. I guess they could be a little different from one another, like, irregular in shape

ps: sorry about the broken english

Added (17.07.2011, 22:13)
Is there any way to use orion nebula model with different colours instead of current planetary nebula one?
Maybe changing some data files or something?
RobbieDate: Sunday, 17.07.2011, 19:30 | Message # 2
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United Kingdom
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With regard to nebula: Something is under discussion here in this post

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NeonDate: Sunday, 17.07.2011, 22:13 | Message # 3
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great idea smile +1
SpaceEngineerDate: Monday, 18.07.2011, 01:16 | Message # 4
Author of Space Engine
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I put an answer to your question in this thread: http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/17-85-616-16-1310948136


VoekoevakaDate: Monday, 16.07.2012, 17:53 | Message # 5
World Builder
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That's an interesting point you noticed. I miss rocks when I explore worlds. Maybe it is possible with procedural rocks to have a similar result :

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metalozDate: Saturday, 28.07.2012, 20:48 | Message # 6
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Sorry to resurrect this post
but I came up with a good idea (so I think)
you could mix or blend colors in parts of the sandy and rocky planets procedural.
looked something like this really cool site
Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Ideas: Surface rocks, Atmosphere distortion, better nebulae
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