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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » An epic sun effect
An epic sun effect
KvikiDate: Friday, 22.06.2012, 17:15 | Message # 16
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Hey all. I've known about replacing the flare.png already, but the flare still doesn't look as good. Here I've made a comparsion image of the flare I made, *exactly* how it looks in spaceengine, and how I expected it to look like.

Attachments: 3597753.jpg(124Kb)

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anonymousgamerDate: Friday, 22.06.2012, 17:47 | Message # 17
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It all depends on which star you are looking at. Brown dwarfs give off an orange-red glare, Red dwarfs give a light orangish glare, Orange dwarfs give off a lighter orange flare, White stars give off a pure white flare, and Blue stars give off a beautiful blue glare.

For enhanced redness, color your flare a slight yellow. Then you will get what you wanted.



EDIT: Actually there wasn't that much of a difference, maybe I should've made the flare a deep orange. You must have been looking at a yellow dwarf in the screenshot, an orange dwarf will look more like your Photoshop example.

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BlackArkDate: Sunday, 24.06.2012, 11:45 | Message # 18
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I want that Sun effect anonymousgamer! biggrin
HarbingerDawnDate: Sunday, 24.06.2012, 16:44 | Message # 19
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BlackArk, the textures and code for it are posted on the previous page.

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Hasforjs97Date: Monday, 09.07.2012, 14:19 | Message # 20
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Well, I don't totally like the red circle ghost, maybe I will leave the original ghosts, but the central sprite looks really good. This is the kind of flares I like more happy

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RoswellDate: Tuesday, 27.12.2016, 05:08 | Message # 21
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I wish they're put back the old flare like that

Attachments: 5056543.jpg(27Kb) · 4953081.jpg(14Kb) · 3334881.jpg(77Kb)
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