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Spaceship control scheme suggestions
Jabberwockxeno6109Date: Wednesday, 16.01.2013, 17:37 | Message # 46
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Quote (HarbingerDawn)
This is not a "post all X feedback" thread, this is just about spaceship control schemes. If we had sickies for every single thread on every single topic, then every thread would be stickied and there would be no point. What you should do instead is use the search function as suggested in the forum rules.

That's what I mean, "post all X topic feedback here". In this case, X being spaceship controls.

Perhaps having 5 or 6 stickys for feedback relating to common subjects?

Just trying to help...
HarbingerDawnDate: Wednesday, 16.01.2013, 17:39 | Message # 47
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This thread is too specific and its topic not common enough to warrant making it a sticky.

All forum users, please read this!
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engelralfDate: Thursday, 13.11.2014, 13:05 | Message # 48
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I realy enjoy reading this thread smile
I'm getting better in flying around in (2) space ship mode, it's fun but as said before this mode is cool for space cowboys, but looking at our existing technology it isn't what will be used if we ever manage to fly in machines nearing the speed of light. And evidently in this game we will be flying (are already biggrin ) at speeds thousand times that of light, and we can steer, biggrin , but it's tough, and judging slow down times and wheeling down accelleration just at the right time is a ride with the devil was it real surprised

Don't know who, if any of you, believes in extraterrestrial live intelligent enought to build vehicles that can actually travel beyond the limits of the hollistic/real universe limitations, I think they do exist given the unlimited extension of the universe, thus by logic, everything exists, let's imagine for a second how those machines would function.
Probably steered by thought control, either with a kindof helmet or just straight away sensoring the driver's mind and executing the orders. These machines would need some kind of wormhole or gravitational drive, like a mini black hole that can be put anywhere around the ship to vector it, and this would be the only way to avoid certain death of the driver cry

On some youtube videos I saw UFO's that can change direction within the blink of an eye, imagine the grey in there bumping against the ships wall with 1x10exp20 g's cool

So I imagine a kindof a flight model that is like a VTOL on a planet but with onboard computers that level you off and keep altitude or speed vectors, just like the fa-18 in fsx has an autopilot that holds your flight vector. So, we take off, nice and safe, then depending on shield strengh we can accellerate to a certain speed till we leave the atmosphere, there we change the flight model to gravi-drive vectoring, which could be relationed to your energy available/money spent on gravi-drive quality. This would vector you towards your target, calculating the perfect accel-travel-decel times so we get there in not more than (in game 5 minutes) an hour or two.
Nice would be to plan a route, like gravi-drive entry point, gravi-drive exit point at safe distant from target.

Enroute issues, like enemy/friendly vessels, rocks, suns should be detected by hyperfield scanners biggrin and make us drop out of gravi-drive. That way we get to shoot a bit or we found a resource rich unknown planet/sun.

Space battles (I don't think that et's who can come here have that) flight model could be something like a very fast fa-18, with centrifugal force stabilizers that have considerable drift, so the faster we go the larger our turning radius is, that way we have to learn well what our machine can do and what not. Of course this would be fake, just for fun of the game reasons, since we got the gravy drives, that keep us exactly on our flight path and basically no enemy could escape our nozzles except entering into hyperspace and escaping certain death biggrin

Of course our ship can be steered completley without any electronic assitance just for fun sake but maybe it should have a distress recovery button so if we loose it we hit tha panik button not to loose our 10.000.000 credit vessel on takeoff after having mined asteroids for 2 months to collect the necesary credits.

These are just thoughts, no suggestions nor petitions at all, but I'd like to hear what you think about them.
pedrosuraDate: Sunday, 30.11.2014, 10:45 | Message # 49
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First of All, What an Incredible Program!!!

I would like to offer a different suggestion. I used to be an orbital analyst for Hughes Soace and Comm now Boeing Soace Systems and what I want to suggest is way on the side of simplicity. I want to suggest using keyframes for spacecraft control. Let me explain...
While we may think that in Space we would want to grab a joystick and fly around, in reality, I would think that all space motion would be computer controlled given what we want the spacecraft to do. So I would suggest a method for saying at Time T1 spacecraft is here, pointing in this direction, at time T2 spacecraft is here pointed in this direction and so forth. You can do this for a whole set of spacecraft. Finally you say "fly all vehicles" and the you use the camera to record or view the action. This would allow you to fly complex space maneuvers like you see in any movie such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien.
It would be great to have a method of telling the spacecraft how to point itself ( point at the earth, moon, sun, velocity vector, tangential to surface, acceleration vector, nadir, zenith, at another spacecraft and which axis, etc..)The speed is already taken into account by specifying time. Perhaps another option is to allow to record your flying and then play it back while you fly a different spacecraft so you can fly formation with yourself or others online. This would allow users to make really impressive space movies and quickly create complicated and coordinated space scenes for videos and movies.

People have suggested attaching the spacecraft to the camera. That is a great idea. I do think that there should be an ability to record spacecraft movements and also camera movements in a quick render way so that you get smooth moves and then the ability of render the whole coreography with full graphics.
Just a suggestion..

Edited by pedrosura - Wednesday, 03.12.2014, 01:25
SalvoDate: Sunday, 29.11.2015, 10:22 | Message # 50
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I want to come back to life this thread, because SE is getting way more players, and a lot of them are complaining about Spaceship commands.

Right now it's pretty a nightmare getting used with SE commands for spacecraft. I've got the hang of it, but for new user it's very complex.

They're very similar to "free mode" commands, with WASD and RF for RCS translation, mouse for rotation and mouse scroll-wheel for throttling up/down. You can also use numpad for rotation, but I've discovered that recently since my previous keyboard had no numpad at all!

It sounds easy, but as soon as you want to do orbital maneuvering or you want to fly on the surface of a planet, it kind of becomes uncomfortable. Even if I admit that WASD/RF for translation becomes very userful when you want to do docking or complex maneuvers.

So... I thought it would be a good idea to completely change default commands, to make them a little more "noob-friendly", what do you think?
We could take KSP or Orbiter as inspiration source.

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(still don't know why everyone is doing this...)
UngardDate: Saturday, 02.01.2016, 05:12 | Message # 51
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Quote Salvo ()
Right now it's pretty a nightmare getting used with SE commands for spacecraft. I've got the hang of it, but for new user it's very complex.

I have to agree with Salvo. People in this thread have been complaining about the keyboard controls but I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick to control ships in SpaceEngine. It's still really difficult to do anything with the ships although in patch 8 of, there were a few additions made to the ship hud that makes it easier than before to create stable orbits with your ship.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Spaceship control scheme suggestions