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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Staying in orbit around objects without dragging the mouse. (Suggestion for a different Orbit Mode)
Staying in orbit around objects without dragging the mouse.
catyak2005Date: Sunday, 11.12.2016, 18:57 | Message # 1
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Never in my life have I had such a weird mixture of feelings about any computer program before. My level of excitement is through the roof! My level of frustration is astronomically higher though. I am literally pulling hair out of my head. I'm screaming at family members trying to bring me food, kicking the pet dog, and I think I broke my pinky finger bone slamming the desk with my fist.

I must say this simulator has taken over a large part of my free time, and I enjoy most of it. This is something I've wanted to see since I was a young kid programming Radio Shack tape decks to draw a curve on a black and white TV. Anyway, Mucho Props to Space Engineer, the designer and anyone else involved. If we were to meet in person I would hug you, then kiss you, and then body slam you.

That aside, the controls for moving the camera suck pretty hard. They are however, usable, and I can position myself wherever I need to get a view of what I want, explore the universe as I like, and make it back home to Earth in time for dinner. The frustration I feel though becomes a knot in my gut whenever I try to orbit a planet to make a movie or just coast through the clouds. My question is: WHERE THE HELL IS THE ORBIT "EASY" BUTTON!?!?!?

Having poked around the forum and not finding a recent solution I could understand, I've written this newer question in hopes there is something I am missing, some easy solution I just can't grasp. I'm not going to calculate escape velocity, mass of planets, distance from the center, or oblateness of planets to find the sweet spot where I don't slam into the ground or blast off for a different solar system. I really don't have the time to calculate this for a billion billion billion planets. Using Tracking just points my nose in the ground, and rotating the camera clockwise or counter clockwise while tracking is utterly useless. Space-craft and air-craft modes have me fiddling with a flight simulator with nut-ball keystrokes and I, again, end up crashing or slinging off the planet into space.

Then we get into binding to objects, which I assume is done automatically whenever approaching a selected object. You can bind by Following an object (binding to its center point) or you can bind to an object with the Sync Rot Mode (binding to the surface of an object). I don't know what difference there really is between the two, but I think I can notice when it switches automatically if I have landed on the surface or if I am some distance away from it.

What I want is an Orbital View mode that is hands free, rather than dragging the mouse while holding down the right button, causing a horrible drifting and other odd movement directions that are no where near what it is like being in orbit. Pick a planet, pick a direction to face on the horizon and an altitude, press some tagged button, and Wham-o, you are in orbit, tied to the object so you never fly away, and no random miss typed button sends you into a nose dive.

SO, now the BIGGGG question I have is... How did I make this video?
This is a shortened 30 second version cut down from 3 minutes, which showed more of the left right camera panning in the beginning of the clip. At the very end you can see I tilt the view downward without losing altitude.

I am in orbit, at a stable altitude, I am able to turn to the left and right without veering off course, even though it is a bit jerky when I try that. I am obviously not Tracking since I am not pointed downwards to the surface. I am sure I am not just hovering at a point and the time sped up, since turning left or right is kind of difficult, not smooth like normal. This developed accidentally for me when I hit some wrong keys, so I took a video, I was so excited! My only guess is I am in Space-craft mode (pressed button 2) and then Shift - F, but I can not repeat this "accident" anywhere else.


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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Staying in orbit around objects without dragging the mouse. (Suggestion for a different Orbit Mode)
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