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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Help for textures and things (Need help with how to mod textures.)
Help for textures and things
Atheist101Date: Wednesday, 19.11.2014, 03:22 | Message # 1
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United States
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I have no idea how to make anything look better then the actual game itself. What are the ways some of you guys get these amazing pictures? What do you use? Is is a photo editing afterwards? Or is it something you do editing the files for the game. I would love to take the spectacular pics you guys have, and i have tried but it doesnt feel like i get anywhere close. Also i have no idea what some good mods would be. For maybe nebula, galaxies or planets making them look better. I have no idea how this works. Didnt know where to put this so mods please move if you have a better place for it.
anonymousgamerDate: Wednesday, 19.11.2014, 05:41 | Message # 2
World Builder
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I don't use any mods. I simply put the LoD to 2, and find a pretty looking place. Lowering FoV a bit in screenshots also looks good, imo. Some people downsample, where they take screens at a higher resolution then shrink it down to the desired size, which removes jaggies and increases overall fidelity (I just leave it at the original res).

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FastFourierTransformDate: Wednesday, 19.11.2014, 07:17 | Message # 3
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This may be relevant to you:

For another thread that developes around the same issue:

For my considerations about taking pictures and having certain mods:
Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Help for textures and things (Need help with how to mod textures.)
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