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Scripted Orbit
laiodDate: Monday, 05.05.2014, 02:43 | Message # 1
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Is there a way that I am able to script a certain object such a a shuttle to orbit a random planet if I know a certain amount of information about it? I know that there is code for the ISS to orbit Earth no matter what, and I was wondering if there was a way I could do that with any ship.

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HarbingerDawnDate: Monday, 05.05.2014, 04:32 | Message # 2
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I put comments next to the parameters that matter.

Spacecraft    "Hubble Space Telescope" // spacecraft name
   Model       "addons/Real/HST2.sss" // file path of the spacecraft
   SystemID    "-1.-1.-1.-1.-1.-1.-1.-1.73569.5" // object it's orbiting
   UnivPos     (+00000000000000000000493F9BFF46BA +000000000000000000001FC1F4A3B3E2 -00000000000000000000050200E56669)
   Orientation ( 0.136643218940178 -0.018656809053250 -0.516808283855777  0.844919967767163)
   Velocity    (-3.698928254083097e+000  2.466875719818328e+000 -2.363574341495870e+001)
   AngVelocity ( 0.000000000000000e+000  0.000000000000000e+000  0.000000000000000e+000)
   HUDMode      2
   PhysMode     1 // force orbit mode
   Orbit // same orbit parameters used by planets
    Period          0.00018198878163
    SemiMajorAxis   4.6330873344443e-005
    Eccentricity    0.0002744
    Inclination     28.4705
    MeanAnomaly     292.1557
    AscendingNode   103.1212
    ArgOfPericen    221.0309
    RefPlane        "Equator"

SystemID is the number next to the object's name in debug more (press * on the Numpad).

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