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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Stars too densely distributed? (Possible need for tuning)
Stars too densely distributed?
MackTuesdayDate: Thursday, 27.03.2014, 20:41 | Message # 1
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United States
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I am *loving* Space Engine, but here's a little nitpick:

If you look at all the stars in Space Engine that are closer to Sol than 3 parsecs, a good half of them are imaginary. Several of these imaginary stars have higher apparent magnitude than most of the other real stars in this range. Wouldn't we have detected such stars if they were there? It would seem that Space Engine thinks stars are more densely distributed than they actually are.

I'll put it another way. Within 5 parsecs, we know of about 50 stars. Space Engine reports 248. What is the likelihood that we've missed about 200 of the stars within 5 parsecs, many of which are red dwarfs and therefore radiate in the visual spectrum, and many of which are easily bright enough to have been detected by now?

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ciraxDate: Monday, 31.03.2014, 14:27 | Message # 2
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You can just disable the procedural star generation changing some values in the universe.cfg file inside the config folder. Look for the comment inside the archive named "//star settings" and below it and change:


    StarMaxAppMagn   10.0
    StarRelicMinDist 3.0  



    StarMaxAppMagn   60
    StarRelicMinDist 200  

I also change other values below the commented line "// planetary system generator probabilities settings":


    ProbBinaryStar         0.50   
    ProbTripleStar         0.11   
    ProbQuadrupleStar      0.22   
    ProbStellarRemnantSys  0.02   
    ProbStellarRemnantBin  0.05   
    ProbBrownDwarf         0.025



    ProbBinaryStar         0  
    ProbTripleStar         0   
    ProbQuadrupleStar      0   
    ProbStellarRemnantSys  0   
    ProbStellarRemnantBin  0   
    ProbBrownDwarf         0

so I can know if the star is a real binary/multiple system or there are other real substellar companions. Notice this changes DONT DISABLE the procedural planet generation :P .

Using now the star browser tool should be now a lot of more realistic.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Stars too densely distributed? (Possible need for tuning)
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