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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » How to make Space Engine the Super Space Simulator (I am going to post the folowing suggestions on space engine:)
How to make Space Engine the Super Space Simulator
Tca_11aDate: Monday, 24.02.2014, 00:07 | Message # 1
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In what way would i improve space engine and what features would i add ?
I have a lot of experience when it comes to what a player wants and likes.
These are my suggestions for the game, bear in mind that these are just suggestions and neither something i demand, they are to be given time to be worked on and not something to be started working on currently.

- Add a flight view mode to the space engine, this would be in other words a path that the user programs the camera to folow so that they could do some awesome fly by's through the universe, which would choose path, time and speed and effects to be applied while moving.

- The ability to add in a workshop mode ( Steam Workshop, since this game is getting into steam would be a great idea ) spaceship models, image fly through the Universe with the Enterprise, Conestoga-Class, BC-304 and many other ships, all with their real speeds with source on the wiki's of the ships themselves and the ships would have their own speeddrives ( Hyperspace for the BC-304) etc...

-A multiplayer mode aside from planetary mode, with various gaming modes, examples:
Free Mode : Fly through space with friends!
Mission Mode : Get to certain locations to get resources and go back to base. Pick Passengers etc...
War Mode ( This is where stuff gets interesting ) : Battle with various ships with their arsenal ( Their weapons damage would be compared by watching their vídeos and Reading the wiki's ), destroy enemy planets and even suns!

Of course some of these modes can be ported into a singleplayer mode with AI, but there should be also a AI for multiplayer for those who want to do Co-Op.

All of this being hosted by private servers.

These are just suggestions, but it would be awesome for the game to have this, as it has so much potential already with the amount of things it has and the ability to send models to be ported into the game it would just be awesome to fly those ships in space.

To get more inside of what i want to say about the models it would work like this:
A User sends a model to the game staff with its details etc..
The game staff works on porting it into the game's data.
( If a gaming mode is placed, the ship in question should be researched, example: a user sends a BC-304 model to the staff, staff researches on the wiki about the ship, integrates its speed into the game, the weapons it has, the hyperdrive for travelling through long distances with it's actual speed not some speed made up, everything must be accurate in a way that it stays close to the canon of the ship, and ports the ship into the game.

This is something that should be thought in the future for the game, i don't want this to fill with messages of, but this is a simulator and not a game !
And i know its a simulator an awesome one if you ask me! biggrin
But it has so much potential and i don't want it to turn into a game, i posted that it could switch between those two functions, and the game having a multiplayer mode with those modes would bring a lot of people that would want to fly around the galaxy.

That is all. I want to make Space Engine more than just an Engine i want to make it the best Space Game ever! cool

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » How to make Space Engine the Super Space Simulator (I am going to post the folowing suggestions on space engine:)
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