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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Problems with velocity/acceleration scaling for timespeeds
Problems with velocity/acceleration scaling for timespeeds
Gondor2222Date: Saturday, 29.06.2013, 01:30 | Message # 1
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In an attempt at non-relativistic realism, I decided to multiply timespeed by about as times my velocity was above c (for example, multiplying timespeed by 100x for travelling at 50c to pretend to be avoiding relativistic effects). Such calculations become much more difficult once the engine switches to displaying velocity as x AU/s, because of which I suggest:
1: An option to hold true velocity constant by multiplying the display velocity and timespeed by equivalent amounts when accelerating. (E.g. a player moving 100 m/s accelerates in free mode at 1x time speed, bringing their display velocity to 1000 m/s and the timespeed to 10x). This option should be easily toggleable so that a player can alter their in-game velocity
2: Changing the displayed velocity or acceleration so that it displays the "raw" velocity or acceleration divided by the timespeed. For example, the player in (1) that moves at ten times the speed with ten times the timespeed would now have a displayed "in-game velocity" of 100 m/s in any reference time.
2b: Not as important, but allowing showing the original display velocity and acceleration separately so that the player can see the distance they are moving per second using real life seconds. For example, the player above has a new display velocity of 100 m/s while the old velocity is now labelled "apparent velocity"
3: Allowing the player a wider range of options for the points where km/s becomes AU/s, AU/s becomes pc/s, etc. The most important options not currently available that I can think of are "km/s regardless of velocity", "ly/s regardless of velocity", "pc/s regardless of velocity" and "lightseconds/second"(or its current expression as a multiple of c) regardless of velocity. These options should be able to be set for both apparent velocity and in-game velocity, with a different setting for each of the two if the player prefers.
4: Creating a toggle and a mechanism that can display the target's orbital velocity and rotational velocity, so a player can adjust their in-game velocity to allow for the now important drift of the planets on larger timespeeds.
Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Problems with velocity/acceleration scaling for timespeeds
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