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Unique Celestial Objects
TalismanDate: Thursday, 08.09.2011, 02:37 | Message # 1
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United States
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I really love how there are rare things to find in the engine so far like life planets, quintuple star systems, supernova remnents, planetary nebula etc etc.

There should be more! Like pulsars, quasars, exotic stars, diamond planets and many more different types of planets, perhaps desert or ice planets with a very very small chance to have life(somewhere under the surface) instead of only terra's having life, brown dwarfs, white dwarfs, also there needs to be rogue stars and other objects procedurally generated inbetween galaxies, right now it's completely empty even if you slow down to a really slow speed far between galaxies, but theoretically there would be very old stars and some asteroids and such around, also more variety for star size, giant stars should be findable but very rare, I haven't found anything bigger then 12 AU diameter when stars can theoretically reach sizes of 25 AU across. (There should be like 2-4 of those per galaxy or something like that)

I've also read that procedurally generated nebula's could be coming, that would be awesome and being able to find many many different looking nebula's would be great instead of just the same red and blue ones.

What do you guys think?

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RobbieDate: Monday, 10.10.2011, 16:51 | Message # 2
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United Kingdom
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I agree with you Talisman, smile

...and now I'm going to put your post under 'feedback and suggestions' and who knows, you may just get some replies to your questions now that I've bumped your thread. wink

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Unique Celestial Objects
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