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General suggestions
VeteinDate: Tuesday, 10.03.2015, 01:29 | Message # 511
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So, i was looking some videos and tought that you guys, makers of this game should use this technology if possible. Its very interesting. Sorry if you guys already use it this program, but if not you should, it looks very cool! And sorry again if its have nothing to do with the game.
Here is the name of the company: Euclideon.
(here is a video of their tech)

Please, watch this!
FastFourierTransformDate: Sunday, 15.03.2015, 20:28 | Message # 512
Group: Local Moderators
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I want to suggest the addition to of the new nine dwarf satellite galaxies of the milky way discovered. smile
sinsforealDate: Sunday, 15.03.2015, 21:31 | Message # 513
Space Pilot
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I think that in there should be a way to tweak the generatoe settings.

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3designartDate: Friday, 20.03.2015, 22:22 | Message # 514
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would be possible to add more import formats? FBX, Collada, etc.

SalvoDate: Sunday, 22.03.2015, 23:45 | Message # 515
Star Engineer
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I looked in he whole forum but no-one seems to have ever asked this, so here is my suggestion:

Will SE have eclipse shadow on rings too? Because now it doesn't as far as I know.
That would be a nice add, but I'm not sure if it's easy to implement...

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

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(still don't know why everyone is doing this...)
QuontexDate: Monday, 23.03.2015, 02:12 | Message # 516
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Quote Salvo ()
I looked in he whole forum but no-one seems to have ever asked this, so here is my suggestion:

Will SE have eclipse shadow on rings too? Because now it doesn't as far as I know.
That would be a nice add, but I'm not sure if it's easy to implement...

Your part of the SE team, go do it yourself :D.

Jokes aside, This I thought was already in there. It shouldn't be that hard I feel due to shadows already being displayed on rings from their parent.

DoctorOfSpaceDate: Monday, 23.03.2015, 03:08 | Message # 517
Galaxy Architect
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Really Salvo?

That sort of thing is on the Todo list.

And then of course
Quote SpaceEngineer ()
Anyway, I should note: as long as SE is a scientifically accurate Universe simulator, then one day it will implement ALL space objects and phenomenon that are known to modern astronomy (if this would be possible to implement on the personal computers). So you may not bother yourself with questions like "will SE one day have meteor rain implemented". I guarantee that it WILL.

Quote Quontex ()
Your part of the SE team, go do it yourself :D.

Only SpaceEngineer has the code so only he can add features.

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SalvoDate: Monday, 23.03.2015, 15:34 | Message # 518
Star Engineer
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Quote DoctorOfSpace ()
That sort of thing is on the Todo list.

Quote SpaceEngineer ()
The shadows of the satellites and other planets on rings and vice versa

Oh... Well, I totally missed that sentence, or... I read it without paying attention tongue

If SpaceEngineer didn't implemented it yet it's probably because it's very complex.

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 GPU: ASUS Radeon R9 270 RAM: 8 GBs

(still don't know why everyone is doing this...)
Destructor1701Date: Monday, 23.03.2015, 15:55 | Message # 519
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Something that may or may not be of interest to SE: http://on-demand.gputechconf.com/gtc/2015/video/S5398.html

It's a talk by members of the SpaceX simulation team, they use fluid dynamics sims to improve engine and heat-shield designs, but the talk is mostly focussed on how they implement these sims on single GPUs over a weekend- where prior techniques took processor-farms months to do.

The commonality that struck me between their technique and Space Engine was the multi-scale detail compression, and how they are able to perform calculations on that dataset on the fly. I have only the barest understanding of it, but I thought perhaps it might shine a light down a pathway to active terrain erosion and evolution of objects over time in Space Engine?

SpaceEngineerDate: Monday, 23.03.2015, 20:32 | Message # 520
Author of Space Engine
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Russian Federation
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Quote Quontex ()
Jokes aside, This I thought was already in there. It shouldn't be that hard I feel due to shadows already being displayed on rings from their parent.

No, it's not easy. Shadow from the parent planet is calculated in the rings rendering shader, it is not a usual shadow map technique, which could render shadows of any objects on any others.

Okay it was easy. I updated the rings shader by inserting the shadow code into it, the same code used in other shaders (planets, clouds etc).


fbDate: Sunday, 05.04.2015, 12:58 | Message # 521
Group: Newbies
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New here, dedicated to 3D interaction. I'm using passive polarized twin projector setup with huge screen.
My observations:

- when video resolution is entered directly into the cfg file, it's not read back and shown by SE user interface (in Display config),
- 1280x720x50Hz selectable from SE UI pop-down menu is actually 60Hz when selected
- the middle 3D setup parameter (stereobase or so) is static, so no way to find a value good for both planet and galaxy type objects.
When 3E21 used for galaxy, or 1E18 for a globular cluser is used to goto a Saturn, the planet is actually invisible, as it stays between 'the eyes'. My conclusion - this parameter should be dynamical for object size (or something like that). In other words - 3D here is too real - so Universe is flat as sky to human eye. To make it exciting You need a F/X 3D attitude - variable base for different objects.

And a question, if I may - how can I make autopilot landings slower ? Preferably configurable speed.

Edited by fb - Sunday, 05.04.2015, 17:09
opticalDate: Sunday, 05.04.2015, 13:10 | Message # 522
Space Tourist
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Weird suggestion, I know but:

Adding a voice for the spaceships would be pretty cool. Something that announced locations, planet / star classes and such.

Currently travelling at 237 parsecs a second, destination 237 Centius, time until arrival: 2 MINUTES, 15 SECONDS.

Could be implemented with a TTS + some vocoding. I'm sure there are some APIs avaliable for doing this, even a voice bank could be used.
XaxX-0Date: Monday, 06.04.2015, 05:51 | Message # 523
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Dear friends, Dear SpaceEngineer,
(translated from french)

I had this on my heart since a few long years now, and I woke up this morning, and I imagined myself that I had won millions at some random lottery lol. It's been a whole year now since I haven't played any video games because since I know SE I find them all way too small lol wink And since I'm a 40 years old dumb kid, I would gladly pay a million dollars for this game if I could!!

So let's say I would be committed to entirely fund your project, in exchange of the possibility to make my own game out of it after, starting up my own studio with some friends I know that I would rip out of Ubisoft lol

It's just rambling I know, I know...

But meanwhile, I would gladly help you out with your project, but I'm only a building inspector who knows nothing about computing and I still have to pay my taxes lol

Nonetheless, here's what my million dollars dream Space Engine's base MMO would be, please tell me if there's things in there that are not at all possible to do with this program!

Enjoy the dream!



Thousands of years has passed since Earth was invaded and the human race reduced to slavery
by the (Let's say Reptilians, but insert name here) and their (Grey) allies.
But one day, the (Felins), coming from the center of the galaxy, made contact with humans
and offered humanity their help, their science, and technology to defeat the invaders.
With the help of the (Felins), Humans defeated the (Reptilians) and wiped them out of the
now shattered, plundered, over exploited Earth. At the end of the war, Men used (Felin) technology
to explore the galaxy for a new planet, as everyone thought that the enemy had been destroyed.
But the horrible truth is that the enemy is alive and well, dominating over a large part of the
galaxy enslaving all other sentient species they can find.

And then starts the ultimate war for the survival of the human race. Are humans going to get over
their sworn enemy, so dominant in the galaxy?

Which race, from the 6 known intelligent race will become the dominant life form of the galaxy?



-Space flight, Space fight, Explore, Harvest, Build, Colonize, Develop, Dominate, Destroy

-Procedural galaxy counting over 250 billions stars (Space Engine's Milky Way)

-Procedural life form generation from hundreds of base models

-Realistic space environment and scale of distances (Space Engine's standards)

-Automatic speed adjustments for every manual piloting speed level scale

-Many both handmade and procedural planets (storyline, major worlds), and millions of procedural planets to

-Crazy and epic storyline, with lots of black humor, (Space Quest like, mixed with some GTA wink

-Various game play environment: ground, space, underwater, underground, low gravity, zero gravity...

-1st or 3rd person character view, with smooth and seamless changing from walking to driving to piloting

-15 levels of leveling that does not change your stats, but allows you to use gear and ships that will.

-Possibility to choose one of 3 specialization skill tree, depending on class and faction

-Possibility to choose 3 among dozens of crafting skills, depending on class and faction

-Possibility to choose among hundreds of fighting skills, depending on class and faction

-PVP conflict zones (whole systems, single planets) between the Army and the Pirates, and Pirates can also attack Civilians

-Character stats are relative to gear (procedural gear, no PVP gear), high facts (medals) and successful researches

-Large possibilities of character customization, with procedural spacesuits models, weapons, droids and ship skins

-Possibility to paint and tag spacesuits and ships

-Build an army of droids, up to 10000 individual units, that you control by giving them orders (go to, attack,
defend, guard, destroy, build, patrol, formation...)

-Build a galactic fleet (up to 200 units) and a communication network, mining mega corporations, ect

-Use diplomacy or lethal force to hire or enslave the conquered planets local populations (procedural) to exploit
resources, or do it with your droids or do it yourself!

-You may choose to share your discoveries with other players through the server's database, or not

-Hundreds of natural resources to exploit such as gas, ore, crystals

-Full gravity simulation, relative to the mass of the nearby objects

-Full temperature simulation, everywhere and all the time, as humans without a spacesuit must stay between
10c and 35c, or else they are in danger of dying

-Footprints and mess (holes, blast craters, fallen tree..) made by players or by AI stay forever

-Planet population does not respawn when killed, but worlds are growing with time at a certain rhythm,
until there is nobody left

-Fully automatic piloting functions for main and distant ships with commands such as; go to, dock, land
lift off, drop, pick up, attack, defend, formation...

-Distinct interfaces for ships and droids

-Fully researchable and interactive saved star and planet catalog

-Galactic map available when in the ship

-Interactive planetary maps, with zone filters, such as, population zones, urban zones, rural zones, military zones,
resources zones, temperature zones, vegetation zones, fauna zones, scientific interest zones ect

-Universal accelerated space-time x3

-Hyperspace, SLS and orbital flight speeds are available only in auto piloting, manual piloting is available
at fighting speed and below

-Character can leave his seat and walk around in the ship (if big enough) when traveling in auto pilot

-Character get in and out of every ships and bases, and from ground to space, and star to star seamlessly without load time

-Ships and bases interiors are 100% fully accessible with character, (both inside and outside object mapping)

-Pre made planets with story zones on it

-High level planets may have over millions of people in hundreds of population zones

-Possibility to capture, collect and tame animals and breed cattle

-Procedural urban, rural and nomad population zones with buildings, streets, vehicles and people, defined by the
level of technology: 1- Primitive (no technology, hut villages, stone temples), 2- Antique (stone cities, some
mechanical technology, 3- Modern (cities of concrete and glass, nuclear technology), 4- Advanced (cities made with
composite materials, gravitational technology)

-Procedural NPCs that you can hire to help you in your journeys, or that will give you procedural or side story

-Unique storyline for each class, but non-linear and repeatable, and counting over 350 scripted missions including in-game
animated video footage, plus all the side quests and the infinite amount of procedural quests

-Possibility to study many subjects such as biology, geology, archeology, ect



-Humans (0% chances of finding) (Divided in 3 player factions: Army vs Pirates vs Civilian PVP zones)
Allies: Felins
Enemy: Reptilians
Planet Type: Temperate Terra with Life (22c)

-(Felins) (10% chances of finding)

Allies: Humans
Enemy: Grey
Preferred Planet Type: Cold Terra With Life (8c)

-(Reptilians) (20% chances of finding)

Allies: Grey
Enemy: Felins
Preferred Planet Type: Warm Desert with Life (31c)

-(Grey) (15% chances of finding)

Allies: Reptilians
Enemy: Humans
preferred Planet Type: Temperate Terra with Life (24c)

-(Insects) (5% chances of finding)

Allies: None
Enemy: All races
Planet Type: Cold, Temperate, Warm Terra with Life

-(Aquatics) (10% chances of finding on Oceania)

Allies: None
Enemy: None
Planet Type: Cold, Temperate Oceania with Life (13c)

-(Machines) (0,001% chances of finding)

Allies: None
Enemy: All races


-Military (Pirate, Army)

-Trader (Civilian, Pirate)

-Scientific (Civilian, Army)

-Miner (Civilian, Pirate)

-Smuggler (Pirate, Army)

Main character equipment slots:

-Spacesuit with 6 upgrade slots (armor and hp) (Def +++)
-Backpack (Jetpack, Toolpack) (hp+ / Def+)
-Weapon/tool 1 hand (Dmg ++)
-Weapon/tool 2 hands (Dmg +++)
-Personal shield (Def ++)
-Blade/Knife slot (Dmg +)
-Earphone antenna (Com++)
-PC implant (Com+++)
-Cybernetic Implant slots x4

Range of Speeds, and relative height / distance:

Ground: 300 km/h - 0m
Hovering: 250m/s (600 km/h) - 1m to 25m
Air: 1 km/s (2500 km/h) - 25m to 12000m
Combat: 3 km/s - air/space
Orbital: 100 km/s - 12000m
Interplanetary: 25c (cruise) / 3 sec accel - 25000m+
Hyperspace: Speed depends of ship type and upgrades: 1 to 12pc/sec (cruise) / 10 sec accel -25000m+

Difficulty Levels of enemy planetary occupations and chances to find on planet with life in %:

lvl 1-5 60%
lvl 6-10 30%
lvl 11-15 10%

1 - 2000 units = 10 zones x 200 units 15%
2 - 3000 units = 20 zones x 300 units 14%
3 - 12000 units = 30 zones x 400 units 12%
4 - 24000 units = 40 zones x 600 units 10%
5 - 50000 units = 50 zones x 1000 units 9%

6 - 150000 units = 60 zones x 2500 units 8%
7 - 245000 units = 70 zones x 3500 units 7%
8 - 496000 units = 80 zones x 6200 units 6%
9 - 1000000 units = 90 zones x 11100 units 5%
10 - 2500000 units = 100 zones x 25000 units 4%

11 - 4950000 units = 110 zones x 45000 units 3%
12 - 12480000 units = 120 zones x 104000 units 3%
13 - 25025000 units = 130 zones x 192500 units 2%
14 - 49980000 units = 140 zones x 357000 units 1,5%
15 - 99990000 units = 150 zones x 666600 units 0,5%


Planet: Fingol - RS 8409-1391-8-8239961-57 4.4
Class: Temperate terra with life (Discovered by Feanor 9/9/2013)
Difficulty lvl: Major Command Center (Military - lvl 12)
Race: Reptilian
Population: 12 millions (Advanced)

Height/Distance: 1,2 pc
Diameter: 10077,487 km (0,79 D+)
Mass: 0,26224 M+
Orbital Period: 1,294 days
Rotation Period: 1,294 days
Gravity: 0,63 g
Atmo Pressure: 1,25 atm
Av Temperature: 22,7 C

-Population zones disappear when completely depleted, as smaller worlds can slowly grow
to reach a higher lvl of difficulty with time.


Upgradeable unit types example from level 1 to 15:


Slave Droid
Mining Droid
Repair Droid
Spy Droid
Combat Droid
Heavy Combat Droid

-Ground Vehicles types:

Freight Transport
Troop Transport
Mining Machinery
Construction Machinery
Train and Rail

-Air/Space Vehicles types:

Light Fighter
Heavy Fighter
Heavy Bomber

-Spaceships types

Mining Cargo
Freight Cargo
Passenger Transport
Admiral Ship (max 1)

-Factories space/ground (Sold in Kits):
Unit Production x/hr

Droid Factory
Mining Machinery Factory
Ship Components Factory
Ground Vehicle Factory
Firearms Factory
Fuelcell Factory
Food Factory
Consumers Good Factory
Nuclear Warhead Factory
Missile Factory
Research Labs


+ Research Lab 1
+ Production Wing 1
+ Production Wing 2
+ Class A Equipment
+ Research Lab 2
+ Production Wing 3
+ Production Wing 4
+ Class AA Equipment

-Bases types(Sold in do-it-yourself Kits):

Mothership (ground or space)
Energy Plant
Trading Outpost
Listening Cache
Com Relay

Ground Buildings type:

Guard Tower
Canon Tower
Coms Tower
Radar Tower
Power Plant

Ship Equipment (Variable):

Gun Turrets
Missile and Grenade Launchers
Nuke Launchers
Shield Generators
Hull Armor
Engine Blocks
Power Generators
Repair Droids
Counter Measures Devices
Tractor Beams
Electronic Warfare Devices
Cloaking Devices

Droid Equipment:

Weapon/tool (3 slots)
Armoring (6 slots)
Shields (2 slots)
Power Generator (2 slots)
Cloaking Device (Spy droids Only)

AND SO ON AND ON... smile cool

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sterrreDate: Sunday, 19.04.2015, 21:12 | Message # 524
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After reading this:Speculative Evolution

I would like to suggest a greater variety in the types of life. I would like there to be more than just organic and exotic. I'd like to see Silicon life, methanogens, ammonia based life etc. as additional categories.

I'd like to see life described a little bit more than the three catagories they have now. Perhaps 5 or 6 instead smile
HarbingerDawnDate: Sunday, 19.04.2015, 22:32 | Message # 525
Cosmic Curator
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Quote sterrre ()
I would like there to be more than just organic and exotic. Silicon life, methanogens, ammonia based life etc. as additional categories

Those are exotic.

All forum users, please read this!
My SE mods and addons
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