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Static rendering
TheDimakDate: Monday, 29.08.2011, 10:02 | Message # 1
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Wouldn't it be cool if there was an option to statically render a scene? By static rendering I mean stop the game completely and just render the scene in great detail: 32x anti-aliasing, detailed shadows, ambient occlusion and all that stuff.

Of course, rendering such detail in real time is practically impossible, so this could be used to make some pretty neat screenshots. A good example of such technique would be Gran Turismo's photo mode; when a screenshot is taken, soft shadows are applied and the resolution is increased greatly.
CaptainMagnetDate: Tuesday, 30.08.2011, 09:36 | Message # 2
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Brilliant Idea!
SpaceEngineerDate: Tuesday, 30.08.2011, 10:13 | Message # 3
Author of Space Engine
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Russian Federation
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I must first implement shadows, antialiasing, ambient occlusion, etc. By the way, more of it is possible in real time. Some kind of offline rendering is supported now: if you toggle FrameTime mode (Shift-\) and Immediate loading mode (Shift-/), and toggle all graphics settings to max (except LOD, +3 is too great for engine now), engine goes to offline rendering: it waits until frame is loaded/rendered before camera moves and begins render of next frame. I use it to record smooth and seamless video.


Forum » SpaceEngine » Feedback and Suggestions » Static rendering
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