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Planet keep moving
PreliatorDate: Tuesday, 20.05.2014, 17:52 | Message # 1
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When I had installed SE and I looked a planet or a celestial body in general they were all stop. Now I don't understand why all celestial body are keep moving. Ok is the orbit but what I have to disable/enable to hold stop the bodies?

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spacerDate: Tuesday, 20.05.2014, 17:57 | Message # 2
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just pause the game (the time). press space.

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Destructor1701Date: Tuesday, 20.05.2014, 22:02 | Message # 3
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Or target them and press shift+R to rotate along with them (or shift+F to follow them without rotating with them).

Forum » SpaceEngine » Troubleshooting and Solutions » Planet keep moving
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