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[v0.9.6.2b]Terrain mesh holes
SolarLinerDate: Saturday, 15.09.2012, 22:15 | Message # 1
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So, everytime I get close to a planet, I get holes, especially when I capture videos (using "F9" pic-by-pic mode). Tried all three loading modes, and when I delete the cache it works for one or two planets and holes comes again. This is a picture example:

custom landing page to share: http://bit.ly/spaceengine

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smjjamesDate: Saturday, 15.09.2012, 22:40 | Message # 2
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Have you tried any of the things listed here http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/4-706-1 (starting with part 5)? Its the only thing that I can suggest to help you without more details about what your ingame graphics settings are.

You can also try setting VM startup and dynamic detect in the config to false.

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Troubleshooting and Solutions » [v0.9.6.2b]Terrain mesh holes
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