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Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine
SpaceEngineerDate: Thursday, 16.04.2015, 22:59 | Message # 1
Author of Space Engine
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Please post here all of your reports about bugs or crashes in SpaceEngine. Before you post any bugs, please follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure you updated your video card drivers. This may solve 99% of all isues.
  • Read the Fixing common issues section below. It is possible that your problem can be solved there.
  • Read the List of known issues section below and make sure that your bugs are not on in it. You can use your browser's word finder to help search the list.
  • If the bug is not on the list then please post it in this thread. Attach to your message a screenshot (if possible) and a log file (it's called the se.log and is located in the SpaceEngine/system/ directory). Only the log file will help us to understand your problem and find a solution!

    Fixing videocard-specific issues

    If you do not know which videocard do you have, open the system/se.log file in the text editor and read the Vendor information in the beginning:

    [MT] Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.

    Then look for a solution for you:

    Nvidia: Major lag spikes

    Nvidia: Water missing on terras, clouds are below the surface

    ATI/AMD: Crash on approaching to the black hole, neutron star or white dwarf, on using ship's hyperdrive, or when enabling the Oculus Rift mode or the Fish Eye mode

    ATI/AMD: Crash on Startup on Windows 10

    Intel HD: Glitchy landscape and textures on planets

    Intel HD: Red clouds on Earth

    Fixing common issues

    1) Obsolete or incompatible drivers

    2) Weak system

    3) System with hybrid graphics (NVidia/ATI + Intel HD)

    4) Artifacts on procedural planets

    5) Frequent crashing while generating planetary surface

    6) Spaceship disappears when far from a star

    7) Blurry textures on Solar system planets

    8) Problems with very high resolution displays

    9) Problems in Windows 10 + AMD/ATI

    List of known issues

    Green items have been fixed for the next release

    Not real bugs, but effects caused by limitations in the engine:

    Real bugs:
    AndroverseDate: Tuesday, 19.04.2016, 05:45 | Message # 451
    Group: Newbies
    United States
    Messages: 8
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    Quote JackDole ()
    open the 'user.cfg' in an editor and change

    'ClipHeight              0.001'

    'ClipHeight              0.002'

    or maybe something higher.

    The 'user.cfg' is in the folder '[SpaceEngine]\config'.

    Didn't work, also tried updating the drivers.

    Attachments: 1470738.log(544.9 Kb)

    Edited by Androverse - Tuesday, 19.04.2016, 05:46
    HarbingerDawnDate: Tuesday, 19.04.2016, 12:05 | Message # 452
    Cosmic Curator
    Group: Administrators
    United States
    Messages: 8717
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    If I had to guess I'd say it's yet another issue with AMD drivers not playing nice with SpaceEngine.

    All forum users, please read this!
    My SE mods and addons
    Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 3584 MB VRAM
    JackDoleDate: Tuesday, 19.04.2016, 13:36 | Message # 453
    Star Engineer
    Group: Local Moderators
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    Quote Androverse ()
    Didn't work,

    Sorry, I thought you meant something like this here.


    Attachments: 8899060.jpg(165.5 Kb)

    Don't forget to look here.

    AndroverseDate: Thursday, 21.04.2016, 06:53 | Message # 454
    Group: Newbies
    United States
    Messages: 8
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    Quote HarbingerDawn ()
    If I had to guess I'd say it's yet another issue with AMD drivers not playing nice with SpaceEngine.

    Dang, I hope that's not the case and can be corrected in the main configuration file. But it's looking more towards that direction. It happens in also. This hasn't happened before, I thought I might've messed up the settings somehow and caused that to happen.

    Quote JackDole ()
    Sorry, I thought you meant something like this here.

    It's fine, I should've posted a pic before. Also gas giants glitch out by the same thing, but the artifacts are round, not square.
    Utlimate_SaturnsDate: Monday, 25.04.2016, 22:48 | Message # 455
    Group: Banned
    United States
    Messages: 8
    Status: Offline
    angry When I fixed the files for glitch surface and textures when I tried both files it still dident work

    Added (25.04.2016, 22:48)
    Oh sorry I accidently added the quotes on one of my posts

    HarbingerDawnDate: Tuesday, 26.04.2016, 00:20 | Message # 456
    Cosmic Curator
    Group: Administrators
    United States
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    Utlimate_Saturns, your lack of proper spelling and punctuation makes it difficult to understand you. What are you trying to say? Also, please include your log file as described in the opening post.

    All forum users, please read this!
    My SE mods and addons
    Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 3584 MB VRAM
    AndroverseDate: Saturday, 30.04.2016, 04:46 | Message # 457
    Group: Newbies
    United States
    Messages: 8
    Status: Offline
    Thanks for the help by the way, got a new gtx 950 card and everything is working fine in Space Engine now, and it's looking beautiful, I also don't see those artifacts anymore. So it indeed looked like a driver issue.

    Edited by Androverse - Saturday, 30.04.2016, 04:48
    Utlimate_SaturnsDate: Sunday, 01.05.2016, 16:57 | Message # 458
    Group: Banned
    United States
    Messages: 8
    Status: Offline
    Hey I have my game crashing everytime its starting and I cant fix it because I don't have atioglxx.dll file I need help! cry
    HarbingerDawnDate: Sunday, 01.05.2016, 17:33 | Message # 459
    Cosmic Curator
    Group: Administrators
    United States
    Messages: 8717
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    Utlimate_Saturns, as I've said before, you need to upload your log file, as indicated in the opening post.

    All forum users, please read this!
    My SE mods and addons
    Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 3584 MB VRAM
    Utlimate_SaturnsDate: Sunday, 01.05.2016, 17:42 | Message # 460
    Group: Banned
    United States
    Messages: 8
    Status: Offline
    What do you mean harbinger I don't know how to post the log and what is it where is it? dry

    Added (01.05.2016, 17:42)
    HarbingerDawn this it what my log file says: SpaceEngine Version beta

    Loading script "config/main.cfg"
    Loading script "config/universe.cfg"
    Loading script "config/user.cfg"
    Loading image "textures/common/splash00.jpg"

    Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Renderer: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics
    OpenGL version: 4.5.13399 Compatibility Profile Context 15.201.1151.0
    GLSL version: 4.40

    KexittDate: Sunday, 01.05.2016, 17:43 | Message # 461
    Group: Users
    Russian Federation
    Messages: 398
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    Utlimate_Saturns, log is the text files located in the system folder

    HarbingerDawnDate: Sunday, 01.05.2016, 18:26 | Message # 462
    Cosmic Curator
    Group: Administrators
    United States
    Messages: 8717
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    Utlimate_Saturns, please UPLOAD your log file, don't just copy text from it.

    All forum users, please read this!
    My SE mods and addons
    Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 970 3584 MB VRAM
    Utlimate_SaturnsDate: Sunday, 01.05.2016, 19:03 | Message # 463
    Group: Banned
    United States
    Messages: 8
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    HarbingerDwn could this be why? MZ   ÿÿ ¸ @ Ø º ´ Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

    $ 56ßûqW±¨qW±¨qW±¨Hº¨pW±¨òK¿¨fW±¨H»¨HW±¨qW°¨0W±¨H¢¨rW±¨wt»¨sW±¨Žwµ¨pW±¨RichqW±¨ PE L Où7= à !  ` ` .  p      Ð         z  v ( À P p Ì .text ÊZ  `  `.rdata b p  p @ @.data ¤5 € 0 € @ À.reloc  À  ° @ B V‹t$‹Î3Àh  ‰‰A‰A‰A ‰Aè ƒÄ‰F‰F Æ ÇF  ^А‹L$¸ +Aƒø} Pj Qè† ƒÄ А‹D$‹H‰H Æ Ç Ç@ АV‹t$‹FPèÆ 3Ƀĉ‰N‰N‰N ‰N^А‹D$3ɋЉ
    ‰J‰J‰J ‰J‹L$‰H ‰H‹L$ ‰HАSUV‹t$W‹‹FƒÁ;È|(‹V  PRè" ‹~‹ƒÄÇ  ȉF‰~‰N ‹|$‹D$‹n‹½0€ ‹Í#‹V ŠØýÒãŠ

    |j‹n¹ +Í‹ÐÓê‹N ƒÿˆQ|Q‹n¹ +Í‹ÐÓê‹N ƒÿˆQ|8‹n¹ +Í‹ÐÓê‹N ƒÿ ˆQ|‹V…Òt¹ +Ê‹V ÓèˆBë‹F Æ@ ‹Ç‹N ™ƒâƒç‹ÁøÐȉ~‰‰N _^][А‹L$‹T$SU‹‹,•0€ V‹qW‹yX×;Þ|ÂÁæ;Æ~_^]ƒÈÿ[Ëq ŠI3ÀŠÓèƒú~Y3ÉŠN‹Ù¹ +ÏÓã Ãú~B3ÉŠN‹Ù¹ +ÏÓã Ãú~+3ÉŠN‹Ù¹ +ÏÓã Ãú ~…ÿt3Ò¹ ŠV+ÏÓâ Â_#Å^][А‹L$‹‹Q;Â|ƒÈÿËQ ŠI3ÀŠÓèƒàА‹L$V‹t$ q‹Æƒæ™ƒâ‰q‹Q ÁøÐ^‰Q ‹ЉА‹D$‹HAƒù‰H~‹H Ç@ A‰H ‹A‰АS‹\$UV‹t$‹k‹KW‹µ0€ õ‰D$‹P;Ñ|
    ƃÏÿÁá;Ár‹C ŠK3ÒŠ‹úÓïƒþ~[3ÉŠH‹Ñ¹ +ÍÓâ úƒþ~D3ÉŠH‹Ñ¹ +ÍÓâ úƒþ~-3ÉŠH‹Ñ¹ +ÍÓâ úƒþ ~…ít3ÉŠH‹Ñ¹ +ÍÓâ ú#|$‹Æ‹K ™ƒâƒæ‰sÁøȉK ‹ Á‰‹Ç_^][А‹T$V‹2‹B;ð|ƒÈÿë‹B 3ÉŠ‹ÁŠJÓèƒà‹JAƒù‰J~‹J ÇB AF‰J ‰2^А‹L$‹AƒÀ™ƒâ‹ÁøÂА‹D$‹‹PÊА‹D$‹@А‹D$‹3ÀŠAА‹D$‹ŠAƒàА‹D$‹ŠAƒàА‹D$‹ŠAƒàА‹D$SVW‹03À¹ ŠF
    ™èg ‹ø3ÀŠF ‹Ú™ ø Ú¹ ‹Ç‹ÓèK ‹ø3ÀŠF ‹Ú™ ø Ú¹ ‹Ç‹Óè/ ‹ø3ÀŠF
    ‹Ú™ ø Ú¹ ‹Ç‹Óè ‹ø3ÀŠF ‹Ú™ ø Ú¹ ‹Ç‹Óè÷ ‹ø3ÀŠF‹Ú™ ø Ú¹ ‹Ç‹ÓèÛ ‹ø3ÀŠF‹Ú™ ø Ú¹ ‹Ç‹Óè¿ ‹È3ÀŠF‹ú™ ú È‹×_^‹Á[А‹D$3É3Ò‹ ŠhŠPŠHÁá Ê3ÒŠPÁá Ê‹ÁА‹D$3É3Ò‹ ŠhŠPŠHÁá Ê3ÒŠPÁá Ê‹ÁА‹D$3ÉV‹3ÀŠJ‹ñ3É…ö~
    ÿs@A;Î|ó^АV‹t$…ötTW¹Z 3À‹þó«h @ ÇF @ èZ
    h  ‰ÇF  èG
    ‹L$ƒÄ ‰F‰ŽP _3À^ÃÈÿ^АW‹|$…ÿt8‹…Àt PèŸ ƒÄ‹G…Àt Pè ƒÄ‹G…Àt Pè ƒÄ¹Z 3Àó«3À_АV‹t$…ötVè¡ÿÿÿVèO ƒÄ3À^А‹L$3Ò;Ê„’ SUV‹1W3ÀˆV‹1ˆV‹1ˆV‹1ˆV‹y3ö;ú~!‹)3Ò‹ØŠ.Áë3ÓÁà‹•´€ 3ÂF;÷|ã3Ò‹y 3ö;ú~ ‹i3Ò‹ØŠ.Áë3ÓÁà‹•´€ 3ÂF;÷|ã‹_ˆB‹1‹ÐÁêˆV‹1‹ÐÁêˆV‹ Áè^]ˆA[АSU‹l$¸€€€‹\$ V‹M÷éÑÁú‹ÂÁèt‹C …À‰t$t#‹K+ȉK‹Ñt‹ RRQèé ƒÄ ÇC ‹EWPSè VSè- ‹{‹‹M‹u ú‹ÑÁéó¥‹Ê‹T$(ƒáƒÄó¤‹E‹sðBÿ3ɉs…À~/‹S‹sÑÇ–ÿ ‹S‹s‹»` ÑA;ȉ<Ö‹»d ‰|Ö|Ñ‹E¾ÿ ™÷þ‹C‹sÁ‰†‹S‹C‹uщ4Ћu‰tЋC‹SÈ‹4ʉ³` ‹LÊ‹S‰‹d ‹ ‚‚€Í‰‹D$‹{‹³X ø¸ ð‰{‰³X ‹“\ ƒÒ _‰“\ ‹M …Ét‰ƒH ^]3À[А‹L$V‹t$‹V‹FÑ;„  ‰FP‹PèÝ ƒÄ‰^ЋL$V‹t$‹V‹FÑ;Â-D ‹N‰FÁàPQè¬ ‹V‰F‹FÁâRPè™ ƒÄ‰F^АQSV‹t$W‹~ÿÿ ~¿ÿ ‹N3Û;û‰\$ ‹‹Q‰\$u_^3À[YÃU‹®L ;ëu(3À3Ò;û~R‹N‹)åÿ ýÿ |
    CƒÁ;ß|èë5Cë2;û~.‹l$ý  "‹FƒÁ‹˜‹Åâÿ ‹Qü‰D$‹AøC;ß|Ò‹
    ´„ n(ÆF, ÆF- ‰M ‹N÷  uÆF-‹ŽL …Éu€N-‹ŽH …Ét 9^u€N-džL  ¿ ¹ ˆ/èÆ Gƒÿ|í‹ŽP ¸ ˆ (Áù@ƒø|ôƒ¾T ÿu
    džT ‹ŽT ¸ Q‰–T ˆ (Áù@ƒø|ô3ÉÆF> …ÛÆF? Æ[email protected] ÆFA ˆ^B~‹F‹|$ŠˆˆDC%ÿ øA;ˉ|$|â‹|$C‰/‰†D ‰G‹‹n Í‹l$‰O‰o ‹V‹F+ӋʉV  ˜RQPè ‹F‹VÁ⍠ØRQPèy ‹V WÕ‰V è‹ûÿÿƒÄ¸ ]_^[YА‹D$‹ˆH …Ét‹H…Éu,‹H‹P +ʁù  ‹Hùÿ }…Ét
    ‹ˆL …Ét3ÀËT$RPè´ýÿÿƒÄËD$‹€H АW‹|$…ÿt ¹ 3Àó«3À_АV‹t$…öt‹…Àt Pè ƒÄVèÂÿÿÿƒÄ3À^АV‹t$…ötVèÁÿÿÿVèï ƒÄ3À^АV‹t$‹F …Àt"‹V+Ð…Ò‰V~‹RÁPQè\ ƒÄ ÇF ‹F‹V‹L$ +Ð;Ê~3W¼  ‹W…ÀtPèb ‹NƒÄ‰~‰_Á^ÃèØ ƒÄ‰~‰_‹‹NÁ^А‹D$‹T$‹HÊ‹P;Ê~ƒÈÿÉH3ÀАƒì3ÒSUV‹t$ W‹F ‹>‹^ø+Ø‹F;ÂuPƒû}
    _^]3À[ƒÄ˸´„ ;…‰ 3ÉŠOi;Ý}
    _^]3À[ƒÄËo‰W‹F‹N‰D$T$ÇR‰l$(‰|$‰D$‰L$ èNùÿÿD$(ƒÄ‹‹G;Èt=‰o3ÒK‰V‰VSWjORè¦ ‹ÈƒÄ …Éu‹N‹È‹‹Á+ÉF ‹Ç_^]+Á[ƒÄË‹^ ‹L$(3ÒÃ;Êt‰‹~‰y‹~ø‰y‹F‰A ‹F‹~‹N ÇȉV‰N ‰V‰V_^][ƒÄАV‹t$W‹|$WVèŸþÿÿƒÄ…À t‹F…Àtëç_¸ ^Ã_3À^ÃÇF _ƒÈÿ^Аƒì,SUVW‹|$D3íW‹‹G‹w ‰\$ ‰D$‰t$è¹õÿÿW‰D$0è¿õÿÿW‰D$8èÅõÿÿW‰D$(èËõÿÿW‰D$DèÑõÿÿW‰D$L‰T$Pè£öÿÿW‰[email protected]èÉöÿÿ3ɉD$<ŠK‹\$\ƒÄ‰L$D‹C ‹{$…Àt#‹K+ȉK‹Ñt‹ RRQè² ƒÄ ÇC …ÿtZ‹K‹Á+Çt:‹C‹×Áâ+×э ¸ÁâRQPè ‹K‹C‹×Áâ+×э øÁâRQPèd ƒÄ‹K‹C +Ï+ljK‰C ÇC$ ‹T$$‹ƒP ;Ðt _^]ƒÈÿ[ƒÄ,ËD$(…À~ _^]ƒÈÿ[ƒÄ,Ë[email protected]èrùÿÿ‹ƒT ‹L$(ƒÄ;È„ ‹S ‹K;Ñ}‹C+ʍ‹8ƒÀçÿ ){IuT ‰Sƒøÿt‹KÇ‘  ‹K‹C [email protected]‰K‰C ‹D$,…Àt?‹|$DÇD$ …ÿ~3‹T$‹L$3ÀŠD*È+ð=ÿ ‰L$| E;ï|Þ‰t$ë ‰t$Eë‹|$D…öt5VSèŽøÿÿ‹{‹‹Î‹t$ø‹ÁÁéó¥‹ÈƒÄƒáó¤‹L$‹C‹|$DÁ‰CƒÊÿ;ï}~‹L$‹s3ÀŠD)‹K‰Ž‹K‹sÇÎÿÿÿÿÇDÎÿÿÿÿ‹L$…Ét‹K‹sÇD$  Ž  =ÿ }‹S‹KAE=ÿ ‰K}‰K ;ï|™ƒúÿt‹C‹L$4‰ ЋL$8‰LЋD$0…Àt!‹CǃH  …À~‹S‹L‚üD‚ü€Í‰‹D$ [email protected]^‰ƒT ]3À[ƒÄ,А‹D$3ɉH‰H ‰H‰H‰H3ÀА‹D$3ɉˆX ‰ˆ` ‰H‰H ‰H‰H ‰H$‰ˆD ‰ˆH ‰ˆL Ç€T ÿÿÿÿ‰ˆ\ ‰ˆd 3ÀАV‹t$Vè¥ÿÿÿ‹D$ƒÄ‰†P 3À^А‹D$‹L$jPQè ƒÄ А‹D$SUV‹X$‹H ;Ë^]3À[ËH,™‹ ™öÅt)‹X CƒÂ^‰X ‹ˆ\ ƒÑ ‰X$‰ˆ\ ]ƒÈÿ[Ët$…öu‹T$…Òu ^]¸ [ÃW‹ù‹Ñçÿ â  á  ÿÿ ‰T$‰L$u*‹UƒÅ‹ÊCáÿ öÆtÇD$  ùùÿ tÚ‹T$…öt6‰V ‹T$‰V‹H ‰‹X ‰V‹ˆ\ ‰N‹P‹ Ú‰N‹TÚ‰~‰V‹L$…Ét*‹p ‹X ÷CƒÂ‰p ‰X ‹ˆ\ ƒÑ ‰X$‰ˆ\ _^]¸ [А‹D$‹L$j PQè¿þÿÿƒÄ АW‹|$‹Pè· ¹ 3ÀƒÄó«_Аÿ5Ü® ÿt$è YYÃ|$àw"ÿt$è …ÀYu9D$tÿt$èø
    …ÀYuÞ3ÀÃU‹ìjÿhÐp hŒE d¡ Pd‰% ƒì SVW¡˜µ ƒøuC‹u;5µ ‡“ j èë Yƒeü VèÓ Y‰EäƒMüÿè ‹Eä…Àtmé† j è! YÃøuZ‹E…Àtpƒæðëj^‰u;5ì¤ w.j è• YÇEü ‹ÆÁèPè Y‰EäƒMüÿè
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    ¶Eý¶MüÁà Á_^[ÉËD$‹L$ È‹L$ u ‹D$÷á S÷á‹Ø‹D$÷d$Ø‹D$÷áÓ[ ÿ%Hp  y w .w :w Lw Zw nw „w žw ®w ¼w Êw Øw èw x x 4x Lx Zx fx zx Žx ¤x ²x ¾x Èx Øx æx öx y w &y 8y Ry ly ‚y šy ´y Ày Ìy Öy ây ôy z z 4z Jz Zz jz |z ÿÿÿÿ U$ ÿÿÿÿ ±$ ÿÿÿÿ ¨) ÿÿÿÿ ø* ÿÿÿÿ ¾+ ÿÿÿÿ , __GLOBAL_HEAP_SELECTED __MSVCRT_HEAP_SELECT runtime error
    TLOSS error
    SING error
    DOMAIN error
    - unable to initialize heap
    - not enough space for lowio initialization
    - not enough space for stdio initialization
    - pure virtual function call
    - not enough space for _onexit/atexit table
    - unable to open console device
    - unexpected heap error
    - unexpected multithread lock error
    - not enough space for thread data

    abnormal program termination
    - not enough space for environment
    - not enough space for arguments
    - floating point not loaded
    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Runtime Error!

    Program: ... <program name unknown> ÿÿÿÿ üX ÿÿÿÿ …Y GetLastActivePopup GetActiveWindow MessageBoxA user32.dll ÿÿÿÿgc kc ÿÿÿÿd d ÿÿÿÿŸe £e H:mm:ss dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy M/d/yy PM AM December November October September August July June April March February January Dec Nov Oct Sep Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan Saturday Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday Sunday Sat Fri Thu Wed Tue Mon Sun SunMonTueWedThuFriSat JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Hv Žz p y w .w :w Lw Zw nw „w žw ®w ¼w Êw Øw èw x x 4x Lx Zx fx zx Žx ¤x ²x ¾x Èx Øx æx öx y w &y 8y Ry ly ‚y šy ´y Ày Ìy Öy ây ôy z z 4z Jz Zz jz |z ™HeapAlloc ¢HeapReAlloc ŸHeapFree Ê GetCommandLineA tGetVersion &GetModuleHandleA $GetModuleFileNameA GetEnvironmentVariableA uGetVersionExA HeapDestroy ›HeapCreate ¿VirtualFree »VirtualAlloc ªInitializeCriticalSection U DeleteCriticalSection f EnterCriticalSection ÁLeaveCriticalSection } ExitProcess /RtlUnwind žTerminateProcess ÷ GetCurrentProcess ú GetCurrentThreadId ¥TlsSetValue ¢TlsAlloc £TlsFree qSetLastError ¤TlsGetValue GetLastError mSetHandleCount RGetStdHandle GetFileType PGetStartupInfoA ² FreeEnvironmentStringsA ³ FreeEnvironmentStringsW ÒWideCharToMultiByte GetEnvironmentStrings GetEnvironmentStringsW ßWriteFile ¿ GetCPInfo ¹ GetACP 1GetOEMCP >GetProcAddress ÂLoadLibraryA ­InterlockedDecrement °InterlockedIncrement äMultiByteToWideChar ¿LCMapStringA ÀLCMapStringW SGetStringTypeA VGetStringTypeW KERNEL32.dll Où7= €|  , , Èz x{ (| #    ° À  Ð   €   ð ð   0 À " p#     °! " p  P  `  ! ð À ð ` @ p à   ð ° ` à @ €  ˆ| ™| ¦| ¹| Æ| Ú| ë| û|
    } } /} B} Q} b} r} †} ›} ±} Ã} Ö} ç} ~ ~ ~ 1~ ?~ P~ b~ q~ €~ Œ~ ™~ ¦~ ´~ Ç~ Ô~ â~ ï~ ý~   * = P        

                      ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + ogg.dll ogg_packet_clear ogg_page_bos ogg_page_continued ogg_page_eos ogg_page_granulepos ogg_page_packets ogg_page_pageno ogg_page_serialno ogg_page_version ogg_stream_clear ogg_stream_destroy ogg_stream_eos ogg_stream_flush ogg_stream_init ogg_stream_packetin ogg_stream_packetout ogg_stream_packetpeek ogg_stream_pagein ogg_stream_pageout ogg_stream_reset ogg_stream_reset_serialno ogg_sync_buffer ogg_sync_clear ogg_sync_destroy ogg_sync_init ogg_sync_pageout ogg_sync_pageseek ogg_sync_reset ogg_sync_wrote oggpack_adv oggpack_adv1 oggpack_bits oggpack_bytes oggpack_get_buffer oggpack_look oggpack_look1 oggpack_read oggpack_read1 oggpack_readinit oggpack_reset oggpack_write oggpack_writealign oggpack_writeclear oggpack_writeinit ó^       ?  ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ? ÿ ÿÿ ÿÿ ÿÿ ÿÿ ÿÿ ÿÿ ÿÿ? ÿÿ ÿÿÿ ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ?ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ ·Án;‚ Ù&C
    ÜvkkŲM†PG¸í&ðÉ"ÖÖŠ/aËK+d› 5Ó†Í1
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    Of course it can't biggrin

    HarbingerDawnDate: Sunday, 01.05.2016, 19:45 | Message # 465
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    Utlimate_Saturns, 1) why would you paste all of that gibberish? What possible purpose could it serve? 2) You STILL haven't uploaded your log like you've been asked to several times...

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