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Troubleshooting and bug reports - SpaceEngine
SpaceEngineerDate: Thursday, 16.04.2015, 22:59 | Message # 1
Author of Space Engine
Group: Administrators
Russian Federation
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Please post here all of your reports about bugs or crashes in SpaceEngine. Before you post any bugs, please follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure you updated your video card drivers. This may solve 99% of all isues.
  • Read the Fixing common issues section below. It is possible that your problem can be solved there.
  • Read the List of known issues section below and make sure that your bugs are not on in it. You can use your browser's word finder to help search the list.
  • If the bug is not on the list then please post it in this thread. Attach to your message a screenshot (if possible) and a log file (it's called the se.log and is located in the SpaceEngine/system/ directory). Only the log file will help us to understand your problem and find a solution!

    Fixing videocard-specific issues

    If you do not know which videocard do you have, open the system/se.log file in the text editor and read the Vendor information in the beginning:

    [MT] Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.

    Then look for a solution for you:

    Nvidia: Major lag spikes

    Nvidia: Water missing on terras, clouds are below the surface

    ATI/AMD: Crash on approaching to the black hole, neutron star or white dwarf, on using ship's hyperdrive, or when enabling the Oculus Rift mode or the Fish Eye mode

    ATI/AMD: Crash on Startup on Windows 10

    Intel HD: Glitchy landscape and textures on planets

    Intel HD: Red clouds on Earth

    Fixing common issues

    1) Obsolete or incompatible drivers

    2) Weak system

    3) System with hybrid graphics (NVidia/ATI + Intel HD)

    4) Artifacts on procedural planets

    5) Frequent crashing while generating planetary surface

    6) Spaceship disappears when far from a star

    7) Blurry textures on Solar system planets

    8) Problems with very high resolution displays

    9) Problems in Windows 10 + AMD/ATI

    List of known issues

    Green items have been fixed for the next release

    Not real bugs, but effects caused by limitations in the engine:

    Real bugs:
    Markush100Date: Thursday, 06.08.2015, 09:50 | Message # 256
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 4
    Status: Offline
    why does Space engine say "Space Engine has stopped working" when i open it?

    Added (06.08.2015, 09:50)
    Problem Event Name: BEX
    Application Name: SpaceEngine.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 549da900
    Fault Module Name: SpaceEngine.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 549da900
    Exception Offset: 000abcc2
    Exception Code: c0000417
    Exception Data: 00000000
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 3cc3
    Additional Information 2: 3cc3e5e140f18763c6f3bd3e34639414
    Additional Information 3: b7d9
    Additional Information 4: b7d9da6ecd26bf9014f7664e01e55a0a

    Here is the info

    Edited by Markush100 - Thursday, 06.08.2015, 09:50
    BambusmanDate: Thursday, 06.08.2015, 14:16 | Message # 257
    Group: SE team
    Messages: 408
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    Markush100, post your log file please.
    Natester2013Date: Friday, 07.08.2015, 01:54 | Message # 258
    Space Tourist
    Group: Users
    United States
    Messages: 26
    Status: Offline
    When I explore through large nebula, it sometimes causes my graphics display driver to crash, although not causing a blue screen of death. The graphics (APU) on my computer is A4-5000 (Kabini 1.5 ghz quad-core) with AMD Radeon HD 8330 (512 MB). Other than that, no problems with SpaceEngine. Could it be with the APU I'm using? I didn't have any problems on my old computer. I had hard disk drive troubles on my old computer, which is why i got a new computer. Thank goodness I got everything backed up.

    FYI: The APU on my old computer was A6-3620 (2.2 ghz) with AMD Radeon HD 6530D (512 MB). Never had any issues on this APU.
    Markush100Date: Saturday, 08.08.2015, 11:40 | Message # 259
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 4
    Status: Offline
    Im sorry but how do i access log?

    Edited by Markush100 - Saturday, 08.08.2015, 11:40
    spacerDate: Saturday, 08.08.2015, 19:26 | Message # 260
    Star Engineer
    Group: Users
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    Markush100, press pick a file. than go to SpaceEngine 0.972\system
    the log should be there. for me the name of the log is "se"

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    iTzDate: Saturday, 08.08.2015, 20:40 | Message # 261
    Group: Users
    United States
    Messages: 49
    Status: Offline
    I tried doing the Intel HD fix for a glitchy landscape, but I'm still getting the problem among other things like boxes over lens flares. Does anyone know how I can fix it?
    Attachments: 1060109.png(397.6 Kb) · 3867747.png(140.4 Kb)
    NolDate: Sunday, 09.08.2015, 09:04 | Message # 262
    Space Pilot
    Group: Users
    Messages: 97
    Status: Offline
    davidmegatron2096, Have you tried deleting the atioglxx.dll file in the system folder? It worked out for me.

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    little_ponkDate: Monday, 10.08.2015, 16:02 | Message # 263
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 2
    Status: Offline
    hi guys,

    I got a little poroblem... I just DL se and I can't open it. When I try to start it nothing happen, and I don't even have the se.log file on the system folder. Any idea??
    VoekoevakaDate: Monday, 10.08.2015, 23:04 | Message # 264
    World Builder
    Group: SE team
    Messages: 1016
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    If it is in the program files folder, move it on another folder.

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    little_ponkDate: Tuesday, 11.08.2015, 22:41 | Message # 265
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 2
    Status: Offline
    Thanks, I run it using the administor mode, but I've got an other problem now, it shuts during the initializing phase. This in the se.log

    SpaceEngine Version beta

    Loading script "config/main.cfg"
    [MT] Loading script "config/universe.cfg"
    [MT] Loading script "config/user.cfg"
    [MT] Loading image "textures/common/splash01.jpg"
    [MT] 19 localizations found

    [MT] Vendor: Creative Labs Inc.
    [MT] Renderer: Software
    [MT] OpenAL Version: OpenAL 1.0
    [MT] OpenAL Extentions: EAX 2.0, EAX 3.0, EAX Unified, and EAX-AC3
    [MT] ALC Default device specifier: DirectSound3D
    [MT] ALC Device specifier: DirectSound
    [MT] ALC Extensions:
    [MT] Loading default sounds
    [MT] Loading sound "music/sounds/default_button.ogg"

    [MT] Number of CPUs: 2
    [MT] Loader threads: 1
    [MT] RAM granularty: 4 kb
    [MT] Total RAM: 4095 Mb
    [MT] Available RAM: 3941 Mb
    [MT] Physical VRAM: ERROR
    [MT] Available VRAM: UNSUPPORTED
    [MT] Max. used VRAM: 1536 Mb
    [MT] Searching for pak files
    [MT] Loading "catalogs/Catalogs0973.pak": 2 folders, 9 files
    [MT] Loading "catalogs/CatalogsSE.pak": 5 folders, 24 files
    [MT] Loading "locale/Fonts.pak": 0 folders, 8 files
    [MT] Loading "models/atmospheres/Atmospheres.pak": 0 folders, 10 files
    [MT] Loading "models/spacecrafts/ShipsModelsSE.pak": 2 folders, 110 files
    [MT] Loading "system/shaders.pak": 1 folders, 121 files
    [MT] Loading "textures/common/CommonTex0973.pak": 0 folders, 15 files
    [MT] Loading "textures/common/CommonTexSE.pak": 0 folders, 16 files
    [MT] Loading "textures/galaxies/GalaxiesTexSE.pak": 0 folders, 177 files
    [MT] Loading "textures/nebulae/NebulaeTexSE.pak": 0 folders, 53 files
    [MT] Loading "textures/planets/PlanetsTex0973.pak": 56 folders, 5114 files
    [MT] Loading "textures/planets/PlanetsTexSE.pak": 362 folders, 33958 files
    [MT] Loading "textures/spacecrafts/ShipsTexSE.pak": 3 folders, 35 files
    [MT] Total: 39650 files in 13 paks
    [MT] Initializing the filesystem data

    [MT] Oculus Rift HMD not detected, using virtual debug HMD
    Erik3EDate: Tuesday, 18.08.2015, 00:07 | Message # 266
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 6
    Status: Offline
    Alright, this will be my first post on this forum. Awesome game, got it 2 days ago and have been playing around quite a bit.

    Now I am not sure if this is bug or something but I have this problem where the Orbital red circle for spaceships disappear randomly. Not sure if it is a bug or if I am pressing some button that activates/deactivate it. If it is some button I am missing please feel fre to move my post to the appropriate thread to ask the question.

    /Thanks in advance smile
    jkirchmanDate: Saturday, 22.08.2015, 00:58 | Message # 267
    Group: Users
    Messages: 18
    Status: Offline
    Halp, my whole solar system is not found! I added a bunch of galaxy mods but have no clue when I would have altered the solar system in anyway. If anyone knows how the catalog works or has catalog code for the solar system I would greatly appreciate it cry
    quarior14Date: Sunday, 23.08.2015, 11:21 | Message # 268
    World Builder
    Group: Users
    Messages: 649
    Status: Offline
    I have a problem I can not explain. Before, the system showed good day and night on the planet but since I added a star (however far (0.576 light years) and is a Wolf-Rayet) in this system, it appears more light is that I put too much of a star?
    PS: This is my famous Sanctsystem system and now has 15 stars in all and it is from Sanctsun it no longer shows the day of the planets.

    This system and the star :

    Edit :
    I removed 4 stars and it works be committed.

    Attachments: 2428426.jpg(40.2 Kb) · 2583554.jpg(135.5 Kb)


    Edited by quarior14 - Monday, 24.08.2015, 10:22
    Atheist101Date: Saturday, 29.08.2015, 02:25 | Message # 269
    Group: Users
    United States
    Messages: 47
    Status: Offline
    Not sure if this has been addressed before or if its a bug, but if found a warm oceanic planet with life near a red dwarf. On the back side of the planet, which is land locked, its all land. I thought oceanics were supposed to be all ocean, no water. I know that it being land locked and all would make the back side a lot colder but the water would be constantly churning. I know that water can remain liquid in very cold temps from the movement and possibility of salt. I have pics aslo.

    macefieldtparkerDate: Saturday, 29.08.2015, 13:38 | Message # 270
    Group: Newbies
    Messages: 1
    Status: Offline

    When i tried to run SpaceEngine.exe in the system folder, i get this error. (see attachment)

    I have tried re installing it from a different mirror, and i still get the same problem.

    Wondering if there is a fix?

    Also i dont quite understand this error, never seen it before.

    Edit: had a look around in the forum and found the fix!

    Attachments: 5707835.jpg(149.3 Kb)

    Edited by macefieldtparker - Saturday, 29.08.2015, 14:30
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