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Space Games
cdmorris1971csDate: Friday, 17.07.2015, 16:37 | Message # 1
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What are your favorite space games? (Other than Space Engine and Celestia)

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SalvoDate: Friday, 17.07.2015, 19:55 | Message # 2
Star Engineer
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I don't play many space games, because I don't have a PayPal (or whatever) so I can't buy most of them, and also I'm not a big fan of space battles wacko Anyway, I actually play Kerbal Space Program and a lot of Indie games that... well, I don't really remember the names biggrin

What about you?

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SpaceEngineerDate: Friday, 17.07.2015, 20:39 | Message # 3
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Mine are Quake 1, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, StarCraft, HomeWorld 2. I am oldfag smile

masterchief117kdDate: Friday, 17.07.2015, 20:46 | Message # 4
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me elite dangerous
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anonymousgamerDate: Friday, 17.07.2015, 20:50 | Message # 5
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Quote SpaceEngineer ()
Unreal Tournament 2004

Ballistics Weapons Mod ftw.

My favorite actual spacey-space games would probably be KSP and EVE Online. Would add Star Trek Online to that list considering my playtime but it doesn't feel very spacey.

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JCandeiasDate: Saturday, 18.07.2015, 01:50 | Message # 6
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Quote SpaceEngineer ()
Mine are Quake 1, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament 2004, StarCraft, HomeWorld 2. I am oldfag

Heh. I miss playing Quake. sad

They let me use this!
Erik3EDate: Tuesday, 18.08.2015, 17:44 | Message # 7
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Oh dont even get me started,
I play Star Citizen in its developing state and it is also the game I am looking forward to play the most once it is out. I jut love the lore of that game and the visuals are stunning and the feeling one got from their gamescom gameplay is that you are so small in such a big universe. Something I feel Elite Dangerous have failed to do. Elite feels small even tho I know it is big. Star Citizens gameplay so far is pretty fun as well.

Second favorite game is atm this one "space engine". Now I am new to the forum and this game so I dont know where it is going but I hope it will eventually develop into or give an option to have randomly generated alien races and AI factions that develop like spore(without the cartoonish gameplay or player influence) from stone age till space age and where multiple countries might exist on same planets and the AI would handle all diplomacy trade and war by itself. Player would just be a "god" watching it all and maybe even be able to give "ideas" to factions it would like to succeed. Maybe even let the player take control of one random AI alien and travel around as that person(without having control of any faction) and be able to switch to god mode or switch alien whenever the player wanted to. Would be interesting foowing an alien race on a planet from stone age to modern age and maybe they got o space or maybe they destroy themselves before they even get to. Now that would be my dream game, but so far this game is pretty close. Love it! smile

I used to enjoy Space engineers but It has disappointed me lately with quite a few bugs. will probably enjoy it more when the planets and multiplayer is fixed.

My friend is also making a game of witch I am hyped about but it might be a while before it is done.

and many more but I think I have ben rambling for long enugh lol

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Off-topic Discussions » Space Games (Other than Space Engine and Celestia)
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