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Forum » SpaceEngine » Off-topic Discussions » Existential concerns after playing Space Engine
Existential concerns after playing Space Engine
planckepochDate: Friday, 28.02.2014, 18:19 | Message # 1
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Einstein once asked “Does the Moon Exist Only when Someone is Looking at it?"

- In Space Engine, the gaming engine doesn't bother to render objects that are not directly in the scene.

On the most granular level, the universe fundamentally does not and can not keep precise track of where its particles actually are (heisenberg uncertainty principle / quantum entanglement / quantum tunneling / etc ) and on such quantum levels the particles themselves are in a super-positional and probabilistic "wave function" it exists as mere "probabilities" until an observation is made and a measurement is taken.

- In SimCity, the precise characteristics of individual citizens are take in a statistical "average", and it is not until the user actually zooms in enough and makes an "observation" of some sort that the observed citizen take on actual/exact attributes as opposed to mere abstract "probabilities". Likewise in GTAIV/V, sprites pop in and out of existence, and people, cars, etc exists as demographic and traffic density probability wavefunctions and aren't instantiated into existence until the user/gamer "looks at where they are supposed to be" thus making a measurement and observation.

The universe seems to be discrete at the most fundamental levels, with Planck units being the theoretical minimum, below which the notions of space, time, etc no longer exists at all.

- In Minecraft the virtual player inside the game cannot determine or manipulate lengths or units smaller than one block length/unit. If our universe is a vast simulation, is the plank length a "pixel" and the speed of light c the refresh rate?

Fundamental particles like electrons, etc are indistinguishable from one another and may very well be one and the same particle.

- Perhaps the universe is a program that uses object oriented programming and overloading and merely instantiates different instances of the one same class of particles, making pointer references to the same particles in memory to save computation cycles and for efficiency sake?

EPR paradox and the new updated twin slit experiments can only be explained by assuming 'a priori' that the human brain is also a quantum computer and is inexplicably in a state of quantum entanglement with the quantum experiments that it is trying to measure/observe. Quantum receptors are recursive and awareness has to be aware of itself, and hence the Spooky action at a distance, really isn't spooky at all.

- Will the simulated /emergent consciousness/qualia in something like the BlueBrain project eventually become aware of the fact that it is living some sort of virtual existence, much like we are in the holographic universe?

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DoctorOfSpaceDate: Friday, 28.02.2014, 21:20 | Message # 2
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Forum » SpaceEngine » Off-topic Discussions » Existential concerns after playing Space Engine
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