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Dreams you've had
Thomas988Date: Wednesday, 02.11.2016, 14:28 | Message # 106
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Quote midtskogen ()
My sleep and dreams were messed up last night by high fever. I dreamt about an insight that changed all of science and philosophy so fundamentally that only feverish delirium can do the experience some justice. Humankind discovered how to choose a preferred path through the many-world interpretation of quantum mechanics. That is, everyone would, in their world, be the successful, make the right decision, win the lottery, etc. But ultimately, the implication of this was that life in that world would become pointless.

How exactly this was discovered is a bit blurry, but I recall advances in quantum computing. As we got experience with quantum computers, the more problems they could solve, and in the end there was a generalisation and the door to omnipotence was wide open.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like an awesome idea for a movie. Psychological sci-fi thriller, maybe? smile

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SalvoDate: Wednesday, 02.11.2016, 15:26 | Message # 107
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What is your experience with Lucid Dreams? smile

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AlekDate: Wednesday, 02.11.2016, 17:01 | Message # 108
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Quote Salvo ()
What is your experience with Lucid Dreams?

Lucid dreaming is a really weird thing for me. I can't really describe it in much detail because I haven't woken up during or right after many dreams lately so I haven't gotten really to remember any that I might have had, but in general when I'm able to force conscious thought into my dreams, it always seems to be what the dream wants me to do anyway, that is, I have free will and can do basically whatever I want but I almost always do whatever the dream hints to me that I should do. Whether this is a sign I'm not actually fully lucid or if it's just that within the dreams what the dreams want me to do just seems normal and logical, I'm not really sure.

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WatsisnameDate: Wednesday, 02.11.2016, 19:55 | Message # 109
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In my case I sometimes trigger lucid dreams with the WILD technique, where you maintain conscious awareness throughout the process of falling asleep and entering the dream. It's a pretty crazy ride and useful if you want to go into a specific kind of dream setting and do certain things. Usually I turn them into dreams about flight and exploring other worlds.

Occasionally I also have random moments of lucidity in an otherwise 'normal' (whatever that means) dream. Something will just trigger me to ask if I'm awake or not, and then I'll do a reality check and find that I'm dreaming. These are cool experiences, because it's like "oh wow, it's amazing that this looks and feels so real and I had no idea that it wasn't". I usually have a very hard time maintaining lucidity from that, though. Subjectively, maybe it lasts a few minutes, and only upon waking up and trying to remember the dream do I realize I fell back into non-awareness. Or sometimes I'll try too hard to change something about the dream, and it fades out and I wake up.

What I really should do more often is just "go with the flow" of the dream, and use the lucidity to explore aspects of the setting and characters that I would otherwise not have noticed or thought much about. Using lucidity-powers to do whatever you want is cool and tempting, but there's more to the dream world than that. smile

On a different subject -- this is (IMO) the best dreaming movie: (Paprika)

Many things in Nolan's Inception drew inspiration from this film. Notably, the elevator scene.

BananaDate: Thursday, 03.11.2016, 22:31 | Message # 110
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Lucid dreaming is downright fun. If I become lucid during a boring dream, I can just teleport over to a more interesting environment. I remember that, when I was young, I had a special 'dream center' I would visit where I could teleport to any dream environment I liked. If I am already dreaming about something exciting, I can give myself some handy superpowers to improve things even more. The only downside is that sometimes it can be outright difficult for me to alter the dream's environment. I will have to spend quite a while concentrating to change something, and even then it rarely goes as expected.

I've recently started attempting to tell characters in my dreams about their nonexistence, but I almost always wake up before I get a chance to observe their reactions. I imagine they wouldn't be too happy to hear such a thing, though!

HornblowerDate: Friday, 25.11.2016, 16:08 | Message # 111
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I dreamed that I was visiting a race of aliens that lives on the sun in a city called "Sun City". They can't live without being attached to the gaseous surface of the sun, which makes space travel a bit more complicated for them. Also in my dream, the sun had a day/night cycle for some reason...

The night before, I had a dream where I was flying my plane in circles about 200 feet above a construction site near my house.

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