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Topic for music-lovers.
VoekoevakaDate: Wednesday, 26.09.2012, 23:24 | Message # 1
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Hi guys !

As everybody can guess, this is a topic where you can talk about music you love. I know there is already some topics about music, but they are about "music on Space Engine", but here, I want to make a more general discussion about all kinds of music.

You don't need to introduce music that everybody knows. Here you can talk about music that is more original, music that you want to share with the community.

And I will start with some of my favorite groups :

Nosfell is a french singer (even if he mostly sings in english), who tell us, through his magnificent songs, stories that takes place in his imaginary world, called Klokochazia. His style can be associated with rock, folk, even world music, and he plays with his differents voices, with his bandmate cello-player Pierre Lebourgeois. Some of his songs are wrote in Klokobetz, the mysterious language of Klokochazia.

Some songs :
- Sladinji the Grinning Tree (live)
- Gouz Mandamaz (live)
- Bargain Healers (studio version, with Joshua Homme and Brody Dalle)

An Lár, "the center" in irish, is a swiss band, playind traditionnal Irish music. All it's members met duting a trip to Ireland. They play both traditionnal songs, jigs and reels, and compositions.

Some songs :
- Deforster (studio version)
- Bold Doherty (studio version)
- Welcome Poor Paddy Home (live)

Thee Silver Mount Zion is a canadian band founded by members from Godspeed You ! Black Emperor. It is very common for they to play songs that takes more than 15 minutes. In they style, they mix the softness of the violins with Efrim Menuck's distorded electric guitar.

Some songs :
- Microphones in the Trees (live)
- I Built Myself a Metal Bird (live)
- Sow Some Lonesome Corner So Many Flowers Bloom (studio version)

Staff Benda Bilili is composed of musicians from Congo, playing a mix of rumba and reggae :
- Je t'aime (studio version)

Oneira 6tet cames from Marseille, playing various styles of world music, from Greek and Iranian traditionnal songs to Occitan songs :
- Σε δρόμους (live)

♦ This would be any surprise for russian users, but certainly a discover for the others : АукцЫон (I discovered this band when I was playing to Sudden Strike !) :
- Спи солдат (studio version)

Hope you'll enjoy it, and I will certainly post other groups I like here ! Do not hesitate to post here your music you want to make us discover.

Want some music of mine ? Please go here !

HarbingerDawnDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 03:18 | Message # 2
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Great thread, I've been wanting something like this but never made it myself smile

By far my favorite artist is Pink Floyd. Lately I've also listen to Solar Fields; his album "Leaving Home" is by far my favorite, an amazing piece of work.

I listen to a lot of different music, including a lot of soundtracks. The Star Wars soundtracks are among my all time favorites, especially The Empire Strikes Back ("Hyperspace", the penultimate song on the soundtrack, is probably my favorite piece of Star Wars music ever made).

To list every artist that I like would take forever, and could never be all inclusive, but I'll name some of the more noteworthy ones, along with genres not well represented by artists mentioned since I'm more familiar with Rock artists:
Joe Satriani
Johnny Cash
John Williams
Fleetwood Mac
David Gilmour
Led Zeppelin

Ambient music, notably Tetsu Inoue's album "Ambiant Otaku" and Steve Roach's album "Structures from Silence"

Jazz, especially Contemporary Jazz, as well as James Darren's Sinatra-style lounge music from his album "This One's From the Heart" (mostly comprised of songs from his time playing Vic Fontaine on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Various other forms of electronic music; I tend to like House music more than most

Classical music, composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, etc, including also some 20th century composers as well. On a related note, Vanessa-Mae has done some nice modern interpretations of classical pieces.

John Boswell's work with Symphony of Science and his melodysheep remixes have also been quite good.

A friend of mine has also made some pretty good music in the past, mostly Techno. Some songs of his worth listening to are 18 Again, Blood Price, Mediterranean Dream, Unspoken Words, I'll Still Be There When I'm Gone (his best song IMO), Gloomy Night, and Mr. Cofsky.

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j0KeRDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 06:42 | Message # 3
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I listen to a lot of kinds of music like Drum'n'Bass , Nu Metal , Rock , Electro/House etc.
Some of my favorite bands are

Linkin park
Limp Bizkit
Massive attack
The Prodigy

"Novus Ordo Seclorum"

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Antza2Date: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 08:36 | Message # 4
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I don't listen to music very much, but Poets Of The Fall is quite good.

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KvikiDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 10:30 | Message # 5
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I listen to:

Archie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_k8Ektoqg8
Nightcored songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_TdnPG5-0o&feature=plcp
Any kind of calming ambient music.

HarbingerDawnDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 12:39 | Message # 6
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Quote (j0KeR)
Linkin park

I used to like Linkin Park, especially before Minutes to Midnight came out, but ever since then they haven't been making good music in my opinion. Hybrid Theory and Meteora were great though.

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SalvoDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 14:06 | Message # 7
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My favourite kind of music is Rock and Metal, and my favourite bands are:

- Sunrise
(Example: Love Will Set You Free)
- Dokken
(Example: Dream Warriors)
- Guns N' Roses
(Example: Don't Cry)
- Metallica
(Example: Master Of Puppets)
- The Beatles
(Example: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)
- Sum 41
(Example: With Me)
- Pink Floyd
(Example: Wish You Were Here)
- System of a down
(Example: B.Y.O.B.)
- Iron Words
(my own band LoL)

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Antza2Date: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 15:06 | Message # 8
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Nightwish is also cool.
The latter is kinda relevant right now, since polar night is approaching.

They are also making a movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDC5QgSOTvg

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CyberItalianDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 17:06 | Message # 9
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Les Rockets




AerospacefagDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 19:08 | Message # 10
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Hybrid (british band)

Paul Oakenfold



Ed Harrison (Neotokyo mod soundtrack)

Trifonic (too bad they have only one album)

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Blu3smanDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 23:50 | Message # 11
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The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Band started in San Francisco in 1990, their music spans across A LOT of genres: shoegaze, psychedelic, rock'n'roll, folk, blues, a bit of country, electronics, experimental stuff.
It's a shame I discovered them just a couple of months ago. Though they may be a little hard to get into.

Great song from '97 album:

Here's full latest album that I definitely recommend to listen, quite unusual sound:

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HarbingerDawnDate: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 23:52 | Message # 12
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Quote (Blu3sman)

Quote (Forum Rules)
Do not post any obscene or inappropriate language

^ For future reference

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Blu3smanDate: Friday, 28.09.2012, 00:12 | Message # 13
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^ Oh I apologize
ThursDate: Tuesday, 02.10.2012, 03:21 | Message # 14
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Quote (HarbingerDawn)
Joe Satriani

Right on

Okay I'm one of the few on the forums who likes nothing better than to mosh around with a bunch of other sweaty long hair dudes while I destroy my hearing on overworked speakers in some small converted-warehouse bare concrete venue. That's the stuff to live for. I've also been schooled in music my entire life and I play a variety of instruments...and I have settled on this kind of music to be the most interesting to my ears. At the right volume, it hurts in all the right ways. Sorry to my future 40 year old self smile

Way too few of the best of the most accessible of the best:
(also, the compression is awful....the lack of compression on emphasis features is an important and overlooked component of this style...and youtube destroys that.)

Alright I'm starting it off in the thick of it, this is cream of the crop but I can't imagine many people liking it right away (the vocals)...but this album is one of my all-time favorites:

Autopsy (USA '90s) - Hole in the Head
Genre: Death Metal (One of the genre originators)
Note: Drummer does the vocals, nice. The riffs...Autopsy is the solid foundation of early death metal riffing, they're fantastic.

See also: Destined to Fester, Dead

Okay now much more accessible:

ISIS (USA '00s): The Beginning and the End
Genre: Post-Hardcore?/Sludge Metal
Note: "Calmer." Listen carefully, this is a favorite of mine for it's captivating atmosphere and structure.

See also: So Did We, Altered Course (Instrumental)

Saint Vitus, great old school stuff (which means singing), pretty easy to get into, though it helps to be in the right frame of mind:

Saint Vitus (USA '80s): Born Too Late
Genre: Doom metal
Notes: Nice fuzz!

See also: Well anything, they pretty much all sound the same wink

Some more doom, this song is a classic and captures the aesthetic really well:

Electric Wizard (UK '90s): Return Trip
Genre: Doom Metal
Notes: Awesome

See also: I, The Witchfinder, Funeralopolis

Okay time for Boris, because who hates Boris? They do just about every genre, but they started off blowing ear drums away with drone metal, before skipping around a similar soundscapes with consistently impressive and unique works. Eventually they experimented further deep into other genres and constantly release albums, usually of very high quality.
They're really fun and always know what to do, and their shows should not be missed by anyone seriously interested in music.

Okay, we'll start off with the absolutely hardest to listen to, but most profound song ever created by them:
Boris (JPN '90s) - Absolutego
Genre: Drone metal
Notes: Your whole life has been building up to this moment. Also the youtube compression is particularly awful on this one.

Okay, slightly easier, the last half is calm bliss:
Boris - Kuruimizu
Genre: Doom metal
Notes: Really bad quality youtube

And finally, Boris at an intensity your grandmother your respect:
Boris - Flood (Part 2)
Genre: Rock
Notes: Four parts on album, each quite different.

Full album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvCLhq8okxc

See also: Pink, Just Abandoned Myself

Okay, more great stuff from Japan:

Coffins (JPN '00s) - Under the Stench
Genre: Death/Doom
Notes: Great tone

See also: All of their splits

Alright, let's end it strong:

Black Cobra (USA '00s) - El Equis
Genre: Sludge
Notes: Only one guitarist and a drummer

See also: Everything

That's just a very small sample of the very best.

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SolarisDate: Wednesday, 03.10.2012, 01:52 | Message # 15
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I'm glad to see this thread, full of unkown (yet) songs.
Quote (Voekoevaka)
You don't need to introduce music that everybody knows. Here you can talk about music that is more original
I dont know what music everybody knows, same for original wink
Since there is many generation of peoples from many culture on this forum, I'll post lot of songs from more or less known artists of differents music styles.
A big meltingpot of great songs, click and enjoy.

I could enumerate my favs artists but it would take days, so I'll just say Pink Floyd & a bunch of classical composer.

Cymande - Crawshay
Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder - Ai Du
Helene Smith - True Love Don't Grow on Trees - You Got To Be A Man
King Crimson - Epitaph - Starless - Fallen Angel
Broken Flowers - soundtrack Dengue Fever - Ethanopium
The Specials - Ghost Town
Audio Lotion - Embrujado
Shirley Bassey - Something - Yesterday When I Was Young
Wendy Rene - After Laughter
Air - Moon Safari [Full Album] try the 1rst song.
Bonobo - Nothing Owed
BVSC : vinte anos
Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal- Chamber Music
Andrew White - Spanish Gentleman
beirut - prenzlauerberg - Gulag Orkestar
Norah Jones - My Dear Country
Murray Head - Never Even Thought - or the hit Say It Ain't sO
Blade Runner Blues - Vangelis
Rare Bird - Sympathy
Propellerheads feat: Miss Shirley Bassey - History Repeating
The Fugees - How Many Mics
RATM - Know Your Enemy
Death in Vegas -TheContinoSessions-01- Dirge
Noir Désir - Son style 1
Radiohead - I Will (Los Angeles Version) - Meeting in the Aisle
John McLaughlin & Remember Shakti - The Believer

Other big hits:
Sting - Englishman In New York
Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream
Rod Stewart , David Gilmour, John Paul Jones - In A Broken Dream (1992)
Janis Joplin - Work Me, Lord
Innuendo - Queen
Led Zep - Since I've Been Loving You
Dire Straits - Once Upon A Time In The West - Telegraph Road
david bowie - space oddity
Stevie Wonder - Sunny - Sixteen Tons
Joe Cocker - Inner City Blues
Supertramp - Bloody Well Right - From Now On
Jeff Buckley - Dream_brother
Santana - Aqua Marine
Joe Satriani - Midnight
Massive Attack - Antistar - Paradise Circus - Two Rocks And A Cup Of Water
Twin Peaks Intro

Nina Simone - Love Me Or Leave Me - Take Care Of Business
Ella Fitzgerald - when i get low i get high
Avishai Cohen - The ever evolving etude - Remembering
Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli - Minor Swing
Louis Armstrong - Hello, Dolly
The Mooche - Duke Ellington (1928)
Wynton Marsalis Eric Clapton - Layla
Cab Calloway - St. James Infirmary
Olé coltrane
Billy Taylor - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
Miles Davis - Shhh-Peaceful
Magma - Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (intro)


Philip Glass — Secret Agent - Madeira River
John Williams - Schindler's List theme
Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass - Ragas In Minor Scale!
Mussorgsky - The Old Castle - Pictures At An Exhibition
Nikolayeva Ich ruf zu Dir ,Herr BWV 639
Beethoven - Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 - II, Allegretto
Shigeru Umebayashi - Yumeji's Theme
goran bregovic - underground tango
You can also see this other post

Just for fun : Echoes - Acoustic Version Hidden Track - David Gilmour - Live from Abbey Road
( hum I've just failed to not post any pink floyd songs.. )

Few friends who have a Website/music online :
Duostina (sort of "geek" album happy )
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