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Forum » SpaceEngine » Science and Astronomy Discussions » *TIPS AND HELP*How to increase telescope magnification? (TIPS,HELP AND QnA's)
*TIPS AND HELP*How to increase telescope magnification?
sergejzivkovicDate: Monday, 13.07.2015, 14:10 | Message # 1
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My Telescope(Old and Low Specs):
Focal Lenght:360mm
WebCam:10x Digital Zoom
Barlow Lens:4x(Homemade)
Eyepiece Focal Lenght:4mm
Magnification:400x(4mm Eyepiece,4x Homemade Barlow Lens and 10x Digital Zoom)

1# What is the best way to increase magnification?
-Well,the best and the most ''free'' way is to create increasing instruments(eyepiece,barlow
lenses etc.)...I really did not think of any way to recreate some good eyepieces but
you have 'how to create homemade 4x barlow lens?' in question #3...Any way If you
really want to buy some equpiment,don't even think to go to optics store without
350$ or even more!

#2 You said you can make your own equipment. If I want to buy it,how much will it
cost all of it?(on example barlow lens?)
-Well,If you want to buy it all than like I said don't go to optics store without 350$ or
more! But If you want to buy barlow lens you will have the prices from 80$ to even
300$. The 4x barlow lens that ussualy costs 180$ you can make it home for free!
(Question #3)...You will get eyepieces together with a telescope! If you don't get
them with a telescope like I did,then consider to buy some eyepiece with small
focal lenght,but with a wide field of view!

#3 How to make 4x barlow lens?
-To create something like this you'll need an small tube(3cm),old camera and an
eyepiece(In this case I have eyepiece of 4mm). First you'll get that old camera and
tear it apart(That's what she said!).You'll get that last negative lens. Than you get
negative lens and put it on one side of the tube,and eyepiece on another.
To learn more about negative lens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens_(optics)
*4x FREE Barlow Lens!*

#4 Can you make your own telescope at home?
-Well,you can create amateur telescope,but If you consider recreating these PRO telescopes,then NO! (Im mean If you want
to spend your money on something that you can buy,instead of creating it,then you can do it!) To create an telescope you'll
need objective(main massive lens),eyepiece or regular small magnification glass(focal lenght needs to be small) and one tube
(Tube size depends on objectives lens focal lenght). To find out how big your focal lenght is,you just put your hand behind the
objective or lens(objective or lens need to be beside some light source(window or some lamp)) and you'll see reflection of
the light source in your hand(If it doesn't work then just move objective down or up and it will work). To recreate reflector
telescope you'll need 2 mirrors(one parabolic/concave) and you have desing here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reflecting_telescope

Reply If I helped you to increase telescope magnification for stargazing!
In this case I used the lowest specs telescope so you can see that you can increase
magnification up to 400x in a small telescope!
Im going to post results of the sky and planets tonight!

Edited by sergejzivkovic - Monday, 13.07.2015, 21:10
Forum » SpaceEngine » Science and Astronomy Discussions » *TIPS AND HELP*How to increase telescope magnification? (TIPS,HELP AND QnA's)
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