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several assumptions
MAKDate: Thursday, 13.03.2014, 19:53 | Message # 1
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Hello. My name is Mak Blinov. I am Russian. 26 years. I'm not a scientist. I badly know English, so I hope that online translator will accurately convey the meaning of my words. The City Of Tula. Below I will share with others your own assumptions, concerning video releases BBC, which I looked: What reality/ Seven ages of stellar light/ Nothing and everything/ end of God ?/ through infinity/ what was before the big Bang. I will say in advance that EVERYTHING written below are just MY assumptions, which I do not want to offend ANYONE. The purpose of written - for your life you want to know about what surrounds me as much as possible, so I tried to think about what he heard and saw these issues, and to Express their ideas, which, if not will prove to be correct, I hope that it will be at least a small chance to touch someone on the right path. I would be glad if someone from scientists will allocate some of your time reading through these assumptions and will give at least a brief answer. Could something, of written, to be close to the truth or not.
1. Infinity.
Heard in one of the editions of the BBC about the opinion of some scientists that: "in an infinite universe, everything happens all the time, but in the infinite universes impossible is happening right now."
I think for most people the meaning of this phrase is unclear, as it is difficult to grasp at least some certainty and try to comprehend it. I think logically, which put in the phrase, you can answer any question, and not about what not to think. For example, you can answer any question, "because of the infinite - infinite" and, based on this theory, it will be the right answer. I don't think that the theory of infinity wrong, like any other theory, until then, until it can be proven or disproven. And, in my opinion, the more theories, the closer we come to the truth. Need only to select the most probable, and their primary checking.
Now return to the phrase, which began this item. What if, according to this theory to imagine that there is a universe in which ants dominate intellectually, or the life of man and his intelligence infinitely large. I think it's even harder to conceive.
Make a small digression. In one of the editions BBC heard the conversation between scientist and Director. The latter asked: "is it possible to live forever?" the first said, "Do you need it?". If to imagine that the life expectancy of 65 years, including intellectual and physical peak (together) this ~ from 18 to 45 years in General, humans have 20-25 years to "actively" to know the world in which we are like a grain. What if the person lived, on average, 65, and 40 or less. Would know about as much about the world around us? Can't say I wish I could live indefinitely. But, for example, in the course of their lives, to fly to another planet, to build a house there, then the other, and so on. I think that our "house" huge, but we can't use it fully largely due to the limitations of our active peak" of life.
Go to the main issue. According to the theory, I will assume that there is a universe in which infinitely many people know not only about their universe, but all the rest. Why then they do not come into contact? Maybe, because it's impossible. But the theory says that everything is possible. Or we are the universe, which has not been in contact, and entered with another, and that in turn may come in contact with another and so on to infinity. So, we are one of the endless exceptions?
Generally if you cannot restrict infinity, then you can use all kinds of things, then do not want to think of it as a real one. ( in one of the universes people can live in contact with the other races of the same universe, or among the infinite number of universes there is the universe that does not exist and so on).
2. Universe.
At this point, my fantasy beyond my knowledge.
My guess is based on the processes occurring in an absolute vacuum. "Large explosion" could happen when the annihilation of the electron- antielectron hurt neighboring electrons and antielectrons. The result was a sticking with subsequent conversion into a neutron and antineutron. Perhaps the released energy enough for our explosion or the process became more complicated.
The expansion began matter of our universe in four-dimensional space, while expanding our matter inside another matter, that which existed before our "big Bang". The black hole and is a slice of this matter, it appears to patch itself, gathering our matter back, then it ceases to be seen. This matter is in the form of glue, which extends our matter.
It is known that our matter is expanding, and the farther it is from us, the more this process faster, and that extends its "dark energy" that is located between the planets, galaxies. But it is unclear why, the farther faster. My version of that energy, located between the planets, galaxies, does not play a role in the extension. And the faster it becomes when approaching unaffected areas of matter-glue. "The matter is glue" high speed distributes itself our matter, and the nearer edge of our matter, the more the speed. Therefore, we will assume that the antielectron and electron appear not simultaneously, and the electron appears on some fraction of a second earlier. Possibly infinite punctuation electrons and antielectrons are our fourth dimension - time.
Is it possible to know the locations of the planet earth, in relation to our universe (the center, the region)? Maybe if I would be able to measure all sides, relative to the planet earth, the speed of expansion of our matter, it would be possible to determine its approximate location in the universe.
In my assumption moments that I can't even understand. I think the "matter " glue" three-dimensional. How can then the black hole to be flat, two-dimensional? How will the expansion of our matter? How many there was a big explosion? Don't want to answer these questions in a word for hours, but nothing else can come up with.
In General, I personally, at the moment, it is easier to accept the version that we are the experiment higher beings, something like aquarium fish, than the version about the infinity of something.

3. Experience Jung.
The experience gave an unusual result and, in my opinion, the experience is quite simple. And as I thought, was not particularly zealous attempts to try to understand him through modification of the constituent experience or add new ones. For example, if we cannot see, and to put the appropriate sensors in the zone of separation photon, then maybe there are other ways to recognize this process. To put parallel to the photon what he could to cooperate closely: sound wave to spend a metal wire through both holes and put him on the current, to create opaque barrier between the two holes, without changing other parameters of experience. Or, without changing the distance from the laser to the Board with holes, increase the distance between the two holes.
I assume that if the photon beam wave propagation and single photon can also strives to this effect: distraction, as can in a larger area. If we release the light, normal light, having directed on these holes, it is unlikely that someone will surprise was the result. But what if we don't fully know the structure of the photon, for example, it was once thought that everything consists of indivisible atoms that if this experience was achieved the necessary threshold of photon splitting into 2 smaller particles. For example, if you start to increase the distance between the holes, not changing the distance from the laser to the shield, will continue this division? Perhaps when we are not looking at an object and there is no direct effect of light, the photon in their quest to spread as possible on a larger area, does not feel the presence of those most micro particles on the dashboard it bores you fly up to the panel. And begins maximum, self-propagating wave in the environment, and where the waves reach the border of one hole, when you consider that he is closer to another hole, it produces involuntary separation into components. Perhaps if the distance between the holes is a little more, his wave motion will not touch the edges of the second hole and will not happen involuntary separation. I suppose that when we try to see this process, the transmission of these invisible particles in experience and including the accumulation them on the flap between the holes. When approaching the photon feels their presence and there is no need for further distribution.
Maybe you should start to do some experiments not only in absolute vacuum, but in absolute darkness.

4. Black holes.
There are theories about infinitely large number of parallel worlds mainly resulting from the results of Jung. In these theories, as I understand it, they say that everything that exists in our universe multi copy. But as the photon will copy a black hole, if in contact with the boundary of the horizon, if not before, will lose their structure and will be absorbed.
About holographic theory. That our universe is a hologram, imprinted on the boundary of the horizon. But if we take the example of a hologram, a man standing in the room, created out of the whole structure containing successively created in the course of this person's life and surrounding facilities, information. For example, except when approaching the black hole 2 people, do not know in what condition will the information they think they will split into small components, and suppose that mixed together. Does the boundary of the horizon, taking such congestion, will be able to recreate it (moles, warts). If necessary, you can skip forward or back to speed up browsing. And if we hologram whether our lives and move forward, backward, to accelerate and so on.
If to describe, for example, the dimensions of the table (height, width, length) and every single digit to write on a separate card, put it all in sequence. And then stir all cards with numbers, as applied to the boundary of the horizon, if it's possible to do, whether this area is to recreate and preserve the information image of the table. Maybe the information is saved, but modified.
I have a couple of questions.
If I had the opportunity to collect all the matter that exists in the universe, and send in some black hole. She would have absorbed all, or there is some threshold capacity? May be to the black hole and is treated as a means and not as a subject!?
Or if you imagine the opportunity to shrink the universe, as the newspaper in his hand. Connect if the black holes in one and absorb the universe? And what can this lead may be the beginning of something?
5. The concept of information.
There is a view that information in our world cannot be destroyed.
For example, the dead animal, buried in a coffin. I think it will gradually decay information, the process will be joined by new types of information (worms), partially created from the initial information, and eventually they will start to disappear, leaving behind only a skeleton, which will also disappear later, leaving only the information smell, when the lid is dissipating in the environment. As later on you can restore such detailed information. And if all information is retained, then it seems quite strange that the humanity is still not found a reliable factual information about time of occurrence of the people as a race.
I wonder why not close to us as a species - parrot can simulate not only our individual sounds, but also word combinations. But the most close - chimpanzees, many of them do not experiment the scientists can't even separate the sound to pronounce quite clearly. And the answer here is not that the parrot has suitable equipment and structure for this simulation, and the chimpanzee has not.
Rather, why are we still can't find information about a pretty great, in my opinion, the jump from the chimpanzee to the human. If we assume that we have more highly developed brain, thus it's all in the brain) that has allowed us to create more advanced language unlike monkeys. Then why parrots have enough mental capacity to simulate and chimps, even during prolonged exercise, assume that there were, " no. Or why dolphins are considered to be the closest to us in the intellectual sense, do not show any evolutionary development.
Once, in some scientific transmission, heard that our nature exists on the principle of self-replication : people gives rise to man, monkey copies monkey tree branches copy your trunk, the seed of the banana tree-creates a tree of the same species. We can assume that the copy itself is a normal system operation, and evolutionary leap - crash. It is difficult to imagine that once chimpanzees gave birth to a new type, a type of modern man. If chimpanzees evolved itself over time, changing his biological species, why not found traces the evolution of chimpanzee does not happen with us...
If the information is saved, transformed in our world, it means that it is infinite?

6. The concept of reality, or a little of..
At the moment mankind seeks the true reality of all that exists around us.
In my opinion, this reality can exist. But if we assume that ever true reality will be found and probably much of it people will not be able to see and feel. Then you are no longer there be our reality is what we see? Was there a reality in people, when they thought that the earth is flat and is on 3 elephants? And how much it differs from the existing reality? Here, written starting to look quite foolish, so go to my concept of a possible vision of reality.
To cite one example from history. Einstein said Bohr: " You believe that the moon when not looking at it? Rob: " And you can prove the opposite ? Can you prove that the moon is in place, when nobody sees? This is not possible.
But is it necessary to take the example of the moon. Why not take a closer and more distant, according to us, the object, and asked the same question.
-Can you prove that the earth is in place, when nobody sees? I think it can be done, because all it will feel under your feet.
-Can you prove that the sun is in place, when no one sees? The sensitivity of our skin cells.
It is therefore possible that between the sun and earth object, similar in nature, it can also exist.
Based on this, I can assume that there are several types of reality. One real and two of its similarity.
1-True reality. What's going on around us, regardless, understand, see, we feel it or not.
2-Racial reality (similar to true ). To start with, what if the majority of people living BC, and the majority of people living in our days were sure that they were not real. Would they die at any moment of his life is not his own death, or so they were hurt during all their life. Personally, I highly doubt it. After all, if man is not real, for himself, then nothing changes in the surrounding world with me my existence and after. But man does not want to die (even if it proves that it's not real) don't want to feel the pain and other negative factors. He sees, feels, and he sees that he is surrounded for the most part, being with the same peculiarities of life of the system. He understands that we are part of the reality of each other. Why racial? Do not exclude the possibility of the existence in our universe, other races, with its vision of reality.
3-Individual (similar to true ).
Example: the mentally retarded from birth people, without outside assistance in intellectual development is unlikely to be aware of what is happening in the world around him. Whether it is for us? I think - Yes, based on the above written. Whether it is for yourself? I think - Yes. For example, he cannot understand what he is holding a hammer in his hand, but can feel the pain from this hammer if I do a certain action. And can realize that in the future, it's not worth repeating.
Example: the person is born to feel his body, took an extreme example, I do not know whether there was it in medicine, I think not, as the consequences at age of a heart attack, can only see and understand. Whether it is for us? Difficult question, but I think - Yes. It can affect people may very small. Were in real life cases, when native people agree after a certain time disable the close of a person in a coma on life support apparatus. Why did they do this? Maybe knowing that he has ceased to be real to them? Whether it is for yourself?...
I can only assume that he loses two semblance of reality, when it ceases to see, to understand, to feel.
P.S: if someone would need Russian copy, can provide.
WatsisnameDate: Saturday, 15.03.2014, 20:25 | Message # 2
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Quote MAK ()
It is known that our matter is expanding, and the farther it is from us, the more this process faster, and that extends its "dark energy" that is located between the planets, galaxies. But it is unclear why, the farther faster.

It is not unclear. smile What you are describing is "Hubble's Law" which states that the rate at which galaxy clusters recede is directly proportional to their distance. This observation is a natural consequence of a uniformly expanding space, or a metric expansion.

Imagine a 2D analogue of the 3D universe as the surface of a balloon, with some dots drawn on it to represent galaxy clusters. Measure the distance between these dots by wrapping a tape measure across the surface. As the balloon inflates, the distance between any two dots increases, and the ones that are farther away will move away faster, yet the geometry and expansion are everywhere the same.

MAKDate: Sunday, 16.03.2014, 08:31 | Message # 3
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Russian Federation
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"Watsisname", thanks for the comments.
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