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SpaceX Missions Thread
midtskogenDate: Tuesday, 04.10.2016, 18:58 | Message # 181
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imagine earth will be in danger. instead of all humans die we will ever more humans on other planets.
imagine there will be humans in like 6 different planets, 1 planet being destroyed wont harm all of the humans but there will be survivors and lot of them.

The only thing that would make Earth less inhabitable than any other body in our solar system would be an impact of a dwarf planet, which is unlikely to happen within the next 5 billion and then Earth is doomed anyway. Your argument does not hold water. It doesn't matter much whether we go multiplanetary for this reason by 2024 or in a billion years.

Imagine Earth during the years after the dinosaur killing asteroid impact. It's a paradise compared to Mars or anything else in the solar system. And something like that only happens every 100 million years or so.

spacerDate: Tuesday, 04.10.2016, 19:29 | Message # 182
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i support your idea about ocean colonies but for my opinion we should first go to the stars and mars so we will have the chance of survival for sure. we dont know what can happen. even a small asteroid can make us all suffer and harm us alot so having humans on more planets are better option right now.

"we began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still"
-carl sagan

-space engine photographer

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JackDoleDate: Wednesday, 05.10.2016, 10:09 | Message # 183
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If an asteroid strikes on Earth, like the dinosaur killer, then there will be no more functioning infrastructure. If humanity survives such a thing, they will probably set back to the Stone Age.

As long as there is a functioning infrastructure on Earth, a Mars colony can at least be supported by the Earth.

I think it would be better, however, it would first a colony and an infrastructure built on the moon.
The way to the moon is not so far.

And if there is an infrastructure, where raw materials are obtained, it will be much easier from there to reach Mars. And other interesting objects in the solar system.

Regarding colonies on the ocean floor: I think mankind has ruined the earth enough.

Don't forget to look here.

Forum » SpaceEngine » Science and Astronomy Discussions » SpaceX Missions Thread (Post/read about SpaceX mission operations)