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Forum » SpaceEngine » Development Status » [Contest] Main menu background
[Contest] Main menu background
SalvoDate: Monday, 17.10.2016, 11:52 | Message # 31
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Quote second-ich ()
redesign of the interface

Is the background behind the windows blurred? I love transparent windows with blurred background, they've used a lot this effect in Mirror's Edge Catalyst's interface.

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(still don't know why everyone is doing this...)
second-ichDate: Monday, 17.10.2016, 12:18 | Message # 32
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Quote Salvo ()

Is the background behind the windows blurred?

No. I made a new one with blurred background but I don't know how difficult it would be to implement this.

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sclarinvalDate: Monday, 17.10.2016, 16:40 | Message # 33
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Quote second-ich ()
Thx. Some time ago I made also a redesign of the interface

Wow, this looks fantastic! I do hope SpaceEngineer improved it to look more like that.
stewartIMDate: Monday, 28.11.2016, 23:27 | Message # 34
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Quote sclarinval ()
Are you going to choose multiple, then show then at random each time the menu is opened (similar to the loading screen), or are you just going to choose one? I personally think you should choose multiple so that it's not always the same.

I agree - the only potential pitfall I see is that too many menu backgrounds might take up too much space on the hard drive, so you probably couldn't have more than about 10 or so to choose from. Otherwise, I love the idea!

Maybe you could create a user setting so that they can choose whether to render a small cubemap at their current location or select one of a small number of default menu backgrounds.
Forum » SpaceEngine » Development Status » [Contest] Main menu background
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