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Addon Development Thread
loketuff7630Date: Sunday, 18.09.2016, 09:48 | Message # 406
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MosfetDate: Monday, 19.09.2016, 12:56 | Message # 407
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Quote Idgelios ()
Any tutorials on how context playing works for modding in new locations for songs to play? Say I want to have giant stars play a certain song, what would I use for the class?

Did a little search and DoctorOfSpace came up once with his customized context.cfg (the one in data/music folder).

You need to add some classes like
Class  "RedGiant"    
Class  "OrangeGiant"
Class   "YellowGiant"

to the existing context.cfg.

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RoswellDate: Sunday, 25.09.2016, 04:31 | Message # 408
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The scan is idling for 2-3 days or more, there is someone who can help me get rid slow my favorite game because before I never had a problem, today, yes I have angry . I hate slow.
MatsoftwareDate: Tuesday, 27.09.2016, 11:54 | Message # 409
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Hello, Community, I created a mod that adds a new solar system[DOT]
Download or watch some screenshots
If you have an idea please write to me in PM[DOT]
Types and numbers of the objects:
Stars: 1
Planets: 4
Moons: 2
Asteroid moons: 1
Asteroids: 0
Comets: 0
Black holes: 0
Wormholes: 0

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Addon Development Thread (Discuss new addons you're developing)