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Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Adding Earth cloud map to all Terra planets
Adding Earth cloud map to all Terra planets
Buster89Date: Wednesday, 09.05.2012, 01:22 | Message # 1
Group: Users
United States
Messages: 73
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I'm just Wondering if its possible to add Earths Cloud map to all the Terra planets...if this is possible please let me know smile
werdnaforeverDate: Wednesday, 09.05.2012, 03:54 | Message # 2
World Builder
Group: Users
Messages: 897
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Indeed, it's a nice cloud map- especially the high-resolution version, which looks indistinguishable from reality in some cases!

Even if it's possible, it might be a little weird or unnecessary. If you really wanted to do it- that's not something I could answer.

Indeed, the procedural clouds aren't the most convincing things I've seen. Spaceengineer has some nice ideas about clouds on the To-do list. Convincing cloud patterns are detailed, and detailed cloud patterns would help make the procedural worlds more convincing. The current procedural cloud patterns in space engine don't really have the "sharpness" of the Earth clouds- especially the smaller clouds.

I think animated weather patterns and more will help fix this all... hopefully we can see some sharp looking clouds in .96 or 7 or 8 or whenever...
SpaceEngineerDate: Wednesday, 09.05.2012, 13:59 | Message # 3
Author of Space Engine
Group: Administrators
Russian Federation
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No, it is impossible. All planets will look identical with the same clouds texture... This is no what I want.
In the future, procedural clouds will be animated, and you will only remove the Earth's clouds texture and replace it with the procedural ones ;-)


Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Adding Earth cloud map to all Terra planets
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