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Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » MOD - Creating custom textures for planets 0.97 (How to import NASA's textures for the planets)
MOD - Creating custom textures for planets 0.97
HarbingerDawnDate: Tuesday, 12.01.2016, 19:24 | Message # 91
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Quote robertdhow ()
And shouldn't planet textures be PAK files?

No, not unless you want them to be.

Quote robertdhow ()
I'm stuck at the RAW stage, when I run Cubemap the resulting images are just a streaky grey mess.

There's a mismatch between the parameters of the image and the parameters given in the cubemap config.

All forum users, please read this!
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ciraxDate: Thursday, 14.01.2016, 14:41 | Message # 92
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Robertdhow to convert images to RAW format the better way to do it using irfanview: http://www.irfanview.com/
The program it is free, just open the image with it and in the File->Save as, select RAW image.

As HarbingerDawn said the "strange" things in the out file happen because the input parameters in the config file in cubemap are not the same of the image.

For example in my experience most common errors are:

-InputFile is not in RAW format: convert it to RAW with Irfanview.

-InputWidth and InputHeight didn't match with the original image: if the original image is 2048x1024 the config file
must be:

InputWidth 2048
InputHeight 1024

You must change this EVERY TIME if the original dimensions change.

-InputChannels are wrong. Quite common error: to see how many channels have your image just open the original image with Irfanview. In the bottom left bar there is a description for your image, with dimensions and number of colors. If the image is RGB you must see at least a 24 BPP after the dimensions descriptions if your image is grayscale you must see less or equal 8 BPP and of course don't see any colors in the image. After that, just change in your cubemap config file "InputChannels 1" if your image is grayscale or "InputChannels 3" if it is RGB. I never used RGB images plus Alpha channel.

Another quite common error with channels is that some images apparently are grayscale (you don't see any colors) but in fact when you open it with Irfanview they are RGB images (24 BPP or bigger in the bottom left bar) to reduce them to grayscale format just go the menu Image->Convert to Grayscale in Irfanview and then save it in RAW format.

The other parameters Input16bit, InputByteSwap, InputUnsigned, InputLatOffset let them as default unless you know what are you doing (for example Input16bit is for 16 bit images something that I think photoshop can do but not GIMP 2.8)

Resuming, before running cubemap you MUST know the propieties of the image and change the config according to it EVERY TIME or make several config files with different names and propieties to drag them into Cubemap.exe (as I do).

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FaceDeerDate: Sunday, 14.02.2016, 23:10 | Message # 93
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Quote HarbingerDawn ()
You can only use a night light texture on a planet that also uses other textures for its surface. It won't work if you procedurally generate the surface.

Aw, nuts. I've been using Space Engine as a way to generate solar systems for a science fiction RPG campaign, and I was hoping that after I'd created the base uninhabited solar systems I could just "paint" some cities onto the maps and keep the full detail of the procedural terrain.

I don't suppose you know if this is likely to be a supported feature at some point in the future? It'd be really handy.
Captain_NemoDate: Saturday, 05.03.2016, 17:18 | Message # 94
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Is there a condensed tutorial for us non-programmers?


I want to make a planet texture so badly
pashdeadDate: Tuesday, 29.03.2016, 14:07 | Message # 95
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What am I doing wrong? It's stuck in creating base texture
# Parameters for CubeMap and Optimizer: the input file and output folder
InputFile       D:\Tellus\12.raw
OutFolder       D:\Tellus\out

# Parameters for CubeMap: input file
InputWidth      8192    # width  of the input image
InputHeight     4096    # height of the input image
InputChannels   4       # number of channels (Grayscale - 1, RGB - 3, RGBA - 4, etc.)
Input16bit      false   # capacity: 16 or 8 bits per channel
InputByteSwap   false   # for 16-bit: little endian
InputUnsigned   false   # for 16-bit: unsigned or signed values
InputLatOffset  0       # shift in longitude, degrees

# Parameters for CubeMap and Optimizer: output files
OutFormat       jpg     # output format (raw, tga, png, jpg, tif, dds)
SeparateRGBA    false   # for RGBA:   output RGB and Alpha channels as separate tiles
SeparateHiLo    false   # for 16-bit: output high byte and low byte as separate tiles
TileWidth       512     # resolution of tile (width and height)
TileBorder      1       # add the pixels from the neighboring tiles around the perimeter of each tile
Out16bit        false   # capacity: 16 or 8 bits per channel (only raw and png)
OutByteSwap     false   # for 16-bit: little endian
OutUnsigned     false   # for 16-bit: unsigned or signed values
OutInvertAlpha  false   # invert alpha channel for RGBA-image
OutJPEGquality  85      # JPEG quality
DoublePrecision false   # use double resolution of the input file for calculation

# Parameters for CubeMap: normalization of the elevation map
Normalize       true    # for the 1-channel: normalize the output image (elevation map)
EnterNormData   false   # enter information for normalization or calculate it from the input file
NormMinValue    -10577  # data for the normalization: the minimum value (height)
NormMaxValue    8430    # data for the normalization: the maximum value (height)

# Parameters for CubeMap: a basic cylindrical texture
BaseTexDownSize 16      # how many times to reduce the original texture
BaseTexFormat   tga     # basic texture format

# Parameters for CubeMap: cache
MaxMem          512     # cache size in megabytes
MethodSide      Line    # mode of caching data for the side cubemap faces (NEG_X, POS_X, NEG_Z, POS_Z): Line, Quad
MethodPolar     Line    # mode of caching data for the polar cubemap faces (NEG_Y, POS_Y): Line, Quad

# Parameters to Optimizer
MinVar          20.0    # minimum variation of pixel's colors in the tile
Remove          false   # true - completely remove blank tiles, false - move to the temporary folder

# Parameters for CubeMap: choice faces to create
Create_NEG_X    1
Create_POS_X    1
Create_NEG_Y    1
Create_POS_Y    1
Create_NEG_Z    1
Create_POS_Z    1

# Parameters for CubeMap: stages
CreateBaseTex   1       # create a basic texture
DoConvert       1       # convert the selected faces (i.e. compute the faces of cubemap, stored in the temporary raw files)
DoDownSize      1       # compute the LODs of selected faces
DoUpdateEdges   1       # for AddExtraData = true: update of the pixels at the edges of the faces of these adjacent faces (the temporary raw files of all the faces must be calculated!)
DoTile          1       # split temporary raw-files of selected faces into the tiles of format OutFormat
DeleteTempRAW   0       # remove temporary raw-files

Added (25.03.2016, 19:45)
I've tried to convert another texture, but result still the same - it's stuck in creating base texture, no matter what values I enter
I even tried default one (I didn't change any values in deafult cfg file) and still this very problem occurs
Help! :fie:

There is no issue with .raw file, I've tripple checked this wink

Added (29.03.2016, 13:55)
Please, help

Added (29.03.2016, 14:07)
I figured this out
I haven't created output folder biggrin
Such a silly mistake tongue

Edited by pashdead - Friday, 25.03.2016, 19:56
eatthepathDate: Thursday, 21.04.2016, 18:10 | Message # 96
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Has anyone had any luck getting a 16bit greyscale image into game? My chosen image editor, krita, can produce them but SE doesn't like it's outputs for reasons I can't figure out. Irfanview solved all my problems there with 8bpp heightmaps, but every time I open one of the 16bpp images in it it becomes 8bpp, so it's not helping me any where. GIMP also doesn't seem to handle it any better.

Edit: Decided to try some trial end error, and krita's .tif saves work if you flip the InputByteSwap flag to false.

Edited by eatthepath - Thursday, 21.04.2016, 18:34
admiralsirjohnDate: Friday, 15.07.2016, 20:51 | Message # 97
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Anybody use Photoshop for this? Ultimately, I'd like to apply this texture to a planet:

I also have a bump map and city lights map with the same dimensions.

Any help you folks could provide would be extremely helpful. smile

John H. Harris
Lightwave user, Trekkie, and wannabe Hugo Award winner.
(Ah, who am I kidding...?)
robertdhowDate: Friday, 07.10.2016, 10:37 | Message # 98
Group: Newbies
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I've gone back to Celestia for a while as modding in Celestia is FAR simpler - Celestia must have this cubemapping process built into it as it automatically maps cylindrical textures onto spheres, so much easier. The only problem is, SpaceEngine is superior to Celestia in most other respects.

I found this app CubeMapGen which converts cubemaps, it's GUI and much more friendly to use. I'll see if I can get any better results with it. For modern users tinkering with config files and command line parameters is just horrendous.
Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » MOD - Creating custom textures for planets 0.97 (How to import NASA's textures for the planets)
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