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Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Brown dwarfs catalog. Updated 4-Aug-2014 (Adds like 2000 browns to SE. Current version 0.16b)
Brown dwarfs catalog. Updated 4-Aug-2014
ciraxDate: Tuesday, 08.04.2014, 15:41 | Message # 1
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This catalog adds more than 2000 substellar objects called brown dwarfs, that are bigger that a planet (more than 13 jupiter masses) but they are unable to start the protium-protium nuclear chain reaction of a typical star (less than 0.08 solar masses).


Forget previous warnings, now I properly write the isolated brown dwarfs in the stars folder so there is almost 2000 browns with procedural planets orbiting them. Also loading times for SE has improved a lot. Thanks a lot Spaceengineer !. If you downloaded the first version remember to delete the archive BrownsProcPlanets.sc from the planets folder, there is no longer in this version.


The source for this catalog is this web site Jhonston Archive Browns and the date January 2013 (sadly they updated it this last march)notice there is lot of brown dwarfs there surprised . Most of them are isolated and some easy to write in SE code with the help of excel, but the multiple brown or brown as orbiting planets were a lot of more difficult because I had to use SIMBAD database and in a few cases the wikipedia. Also I didnt include browns that appear as planets in SE because its a lot of difficult to change that. For more details about my criteria writing the catalog check the folder called documents and the text file called criteria.txt.

You wont see only browns, I also detailed a lot of binaries or multiple star systems, including some real neutron stars and white dwarfs, which around them orbits the brown. And of course binary, triple and even quadruple systems with only browns. In SE press F3 and type WD to see a list of white dwarfs or PSR for neutron stars.

You can download the catalog down here, dont forget to read the Readme Before Installing.txt to install:

Brown dwarfs v0.16b

Current version changes

-Short names for binaries and multiple brown dwarfs systems.
-Disabled all browns in the catalog already as planets in SE within next 50pc.

Previous changes from v0.1

-Added shorter names to objects names based in julian coordinates.
-Added WISE 0855-0714, second brown (in fact a sub-brown) closest to earth.
-Disabled some browns already present in SE as planets.
-Updated data of all isolated browns with the March 2014 version of the catalog.
-Updated data of Luhman 16 system.


Please dont be shy to make any suggestions/corrections. Thanks.


My other catalogs and texture threads: Saturn Moons Textures, Uranus moons and Triton Textures, Brown Dwarfs Catalog, Black Holes Catalog

My work for SE: Click here
Textures for Venus surface in color and the moons of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Catalogs of binary stars, brown dwarfs, black holes and neutron stars.
Proxima b (3 versions).

Edited by cirax - Wednesday, 06.08.2014, 12:57
SpaceEngineerDate: Tuesday, 08.04.2014, 21:10 | Message # 2
Author of Space Engine
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Russian Federation
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Very cool! Thanks for work! Few notes:

-With the catalog installed SE will take more time to start. One minute or two depending of your computer.

This is true, script engine in SE is very slow. I plan to make an alternative - using CSV files for catalog. Objects like stars, which have small number of parameters (coordinates, stellar class, luminosity, mass, radius and name) can be effectively saved in a text table and quickly loaded in SE. Text table is very easy to edit in CSV editors (or even in notepad), so you can quickly fix incorrect data or add new stars. No more binary star catalog will be required.

-Unfortunatly SE cant generate procedural planets around objects in external catalogs like this one.
I added manually a few procedural planets in the nearest browns.

Not correct. SE do generate procedural planets for any catalog stars, if you did not describe any object in planet catalog for this star. But you described many brown dwarves there as stellar objects orbiting barycenter. You can fix that at least for solitary brown dwarves by describing them only in stars catalog, but this also disables custom mass and radius (currently SE didn't read Mass and Radius data in stars catalog, they simply ignored).

Also, I noticed that you used RemoveStar command in the planet catalog (BrownsMain.sc). This have no sense, this command is for stars catalog only.


StarMaxAppMagn 10.0
StarRelicMinDist 3.0

and change their values to

StarMaxAppMagn 100
StarRelicMinDist 20000

This is too hard values! They disables procedural star generation in entire Milky Way galaxy! And even in Magellanic clouds!


and change the values of this lines:

ProbBinaryStar 0.50
ProbTripleStar 0.11
ProbQuadrupleStar 0.22
ProbStellarRemnantSys 0.02
ProbStellarRemnantBin 0.05
ProbBrownDwarf 0.025

all of them to 0, the final result should be this:

ProbBinaryStar 0
ProbTripleStar 0
ProbQuadrupleStar 0
ProbStellarRemnantSys 0
ProbStellarRemnantBin 0
ProbBrownDwarf 0

And this disables generation of multiple stars and stellar remnants in entire Universe! If you want to disable procedural bifurcation of catalog stars, you must use StarProcBifurcation false instead of.

Also, did you set StarSilentLoading false when you made your catalog? This helps to track any catalog errors.

ciraxDate: Friday, 11.04.2014, 16:44 | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 43
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Thanks for all your comments Spaceengineer. I will try right now writing the isolated browns only in the stars catalog for procedural planet generation, even with radius and mass ignored, and put them in a separate archive, it think it wont take my a lot of time because I have all of them in excel so its pretty easy modify that. It would be really nice that in next versions can we add more data in the stars catalog smile .

About the universe.cfg settings its my personal config to see in the star browser just the real cataloged stars, take that all of you just a very personal suggestion. Also I used StarSilentLoading false, it helped me a lot!, its a really nice option.

Finally, can you add in next versions the Y brown dwarf class? also it would be nice to change the look of this browns to this: Y Dwarf Picture, just giving the option of changing the color of the "star", something I cant edit right now. Also unlocking temperature edition in this objects would be really interesting because there a lot of this objects with this data but I was unable to add it sad .

Added (11.04.2014, 19:44)

New fixed version of the catalog. Now all isolated browns have procedural planets. Look at the first post for more details. Thanks.

My work for SE: Click here
Textures for Venus surface in color and the moons of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Catalogs of binary stars, brown dwarfs, black holes and neutron stars.
Proxima b (3 versions).

Edited by cirax - Friday, 11.04.2014, 16:44
Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Brown dwarfs catalog. Updated 4-Aug-2014 (Adds like 2000 browns to SE. Current version 0.16b)
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