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Historical comets
DeathStarDate: Wednesday, 18.12.2013, 00:51 | Message # 1
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I was recently experimenting with SE's catalog of comets, and decided i would add a few historical comets.

Please keep in mind that some of these comets passed perihelion over 100 years ago, and getting any solid info on their parameters was nearly impossible. Even the more recent ones have quite some unrecorded data.

Anyways, the addon currently adds only 5 major historical comets, and I plan on adding more.

NOTE: Unfortunately, SE currently doesn't simulate sungrazer tails very well. This has resulted in 2 of the major comets (Ikeya-Seki and 1680) being completely unimpressive post-perihelion. There is nothing I can do about it, hopefully the comet system will be upgraded soon to support sungrazer tails.

The ones added:

Here is the download link. Just copy it to catalogs/planets and replace the existing one.

If you notice wrong data (which there is probably going to be) you can report it here.

Added (18.12.2013, 03:51)
So I have modified Kirch's and the Ikeya-Seki comet. What I originally thought was a problem with SE itself was a problem with me. I just changed their SlopeParam values to make them look better after perihelion, and it is much, much better than before.

I haven't changed anything else yet, I'm going to mainly change the properties of current comets to get results closer to reality.
Anyways, here are the pictures of Kirch and Ikeya-Seki now.

I am going to need to make it's apparent mag larger- right now it is only -1 or so at peak.

Kirch from the south pole on the picture above.

Edited by DeathStar - Wednesday, 18.12.2013, 00:53
BatbombDate: Friday, 20.12.2013, 19:20 | Message # 2
Space Tourist
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This is quite usefull. Thank you wink
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