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Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Kerbal Space Program solar system addon (All the KSP planets now in Space Engine! [v1.5])
Kerbal Space Program solar system addon
quarior14Date: Monday, 26.09.2016, 18:35 | Message # 91
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RockoRocks, OK, no problem.

Otherwise, there is the changelog included, and also the textures of the planets, the music of the game and of course the content Kerbol system.pak.

Version 1.6 liftoff !


Download Kerbal Space Program Version 1.6 !

We can rename the thread Kerbal Space Program addons and in description Version 1.6 update for Space Engine and superior smile .

Edit : Damn, I forgot to put the oxygen to Laythe, so I put the same atmosphere as Kerbin. Also, Space Engine does not read mass and height for atmosphere I put, I hope there will be a fix for this...
KerbolSystem.sc (replace one that is in pak or put on addons/catalogs/planets)

If you see another error, thank you for the posted. Remember to compare the script and what appears Space Engine.
Note that I did not touch the textures, I just changed the catalogs files.

Attachments: 9716011.txt(4Kb) · 2572927.txt(9Kb) · 2642072.jpg(109Kb) · 0129683.sc(19Kb)


Edited by quarior14 - Wednesday, 28.09.2016, 10:05
JackDoleDate: Tuesday, 27.09.2016, 13:38 | Message # 92
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Quote RockoRocks ()
While it certainly runs SE at an acceptable framerate and without errors, the only problem is this: after a mere ~15 minutes of playing, my laptop usually overheats to such a degree it automatically thermally shuts down to prevent any hardware damage.

RockoRocks, I also had the problem with overheating.
And I have found a solution for me.

I do not know if this works with every laptop!

But I start my laptop without mains.
It is then in power saving mode.

Only when it is completely booted and the desktop is fully there, I connect the laptop to the mains.

The laptop then goes in the normal power mode, but something seems to be different. Then for me the laptop no longer overheated!

As I said, I have no idea why, and if that works with any laptop!

Of course, if the fan is broken, or the vent clogged with dust, this method will not work.

Don't forget to look here.

Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Kerbal Space Program solar system addon (All the KSP planets now in Space Engine! [v1.5])
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