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Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Dutch translation project [Unfinished, help wanted]
Dutch translation project [Unfinished, help wanted]
TimDate: Tuesday, 15.01.2013, 21:18 | Message # 1
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Hi there, as some may have seen in another thread, I started making a Dutch translation.
The GUI file is finished and has been placed in the attachments. There are some things I need help with though. The first thing is one I can only ask other native Dutch/Flemish speakers, that is checking and correcting the GUI, pointing out mistakes, wrong translations or improvable translations.
I did make a list of some confusing translations. The astronoms that translated the first astronomical works must've been confused and messed a few terms up, which is why the apparent literal translation isn't the correct one. For those of you who have trouble with this, I made a short list of unobvious translations.

Dutch term - Literal translation - correct translation
Zonnestelsel - Solar system - (the)  Solar System
zonnestelsel - Solar system - star System
Melkweg(stelsel) - Milky Way - Milky way
melkwegstelsel - Milky Way - galaxy
sterrenstelsel - star system - galaxy

Now over to the practical help needed, where anyyone can help, since I have absolutely no photoshop skills:

1. I'm looking for someone who can succesfully implement the ï  symbol and edit the font.sc accordingly, so that I could use it. It is mainly necessary to translate asteroid in asteroïde.

2. I'm looking for someone who can edit the menu for me, as right now I'm still using the english menu and it's not working (I get grey rectangles over the words.)
I already translated the options, so that the enthusiastic volunteer just has to replace the words.

Advice on how to implement the menu correctly is also welcome. Option menu's are working, but not all words get translated.

Menu translation:
Planetarium = Planetarium
Single Player = Single Player
Multiplayer = Multiplayer
Settings =  Instellingen
Editor = Bewerker
Exit = Stoppen
Back = Terug
Loading... = Laden...
Export skybox = Export .skybox
Export system = Export. systeem
Export planet = Export. planeet
Edit planet = Bewerk planeet
Continue = Doorgaan
New game = Nieuw spel
Load game = Laad spel
Save game = Spel opslaan
Connect = Verbinden
Play offline = Offline spelen
Display = Display
Graphics = Graphics
View = Zicht
Sound = Geluid
Controls = Besturing

I'd be very grateful if someone would help me finish the translation, so thanks  in advance.

Attachments: ned-gui.cfg(20.3 Kb)

Edited by Tim - Tuesday, 15.01.2013, 21:20
Forum » SpaceEngine » Mods and Addons » Dutch translation project [Unfinished, help wanted]
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