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Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » An idea for SEs Item and Crafting System
An idea for SEs Item and Crafting System
KheidenDate: Thursday, 30.08.2012, 04:10 | Message # 1
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General remarks:

- Open Crafting system based on technology (every item is unique, item statistics are based on players level of technology in the particular area and small amount of random chance)
- Starting Technologies based on level of technology from the beginning of XXI century
- Science Laboratory for improving current technologies and researching new ones
- Engineering Laboratory for preparation and improvement of technical documentation (blueprints) for factories and for reverse engineering of items obtained from other players
- Materials obtained through Surveying and Mining on Planets or Moons or gathered from their atmospheres using specialized ships or planetary infrastructure
- Material quality determined by the advancement of the technology used to extraction and processing of raw materials
- Items slowly decay over time at rate depending on the quality of materials used and intensity of use of the item


Lets say that the player wants to manufacure a power reactor for his ship.
Player has a technology of "nuclear fission" in his science list.
Player has a starting technology for a "Uranium Based Nuclear Reactor" in his engineering list.
First, player has to make a blueprint for the factory using his Engineering Laboratory.
Arter this process is complete player receives a bluepring for the "Uranium Based Nuclear Reactor" with the nominal characteristics (for example: Power output = 1.6 GigaWatts, Fuel Consumption = 80 units of uranium per hour, Weight = 5000 kg) and a bill of materials needed to produce the item (Material Requirements).
Now player has a choice, he can either use the blueprint in the Factory to make an item or research the blueprint to have a chance of getting the new blueprint for an item with better characteristics.
Production process in the factory can result in making an item slightly better or worse then nominal characteristics.
If an item that has been produced has better characteristics then blueprints nominal values, instead of normally using an item the player can research it to find out why the item is better then it should be and eventually to upgrade the blueprint for this item using this knowledge.
If player chooses to work on upgrading the blueprint he can point out which characteristic has to be worked on to improve and which of them can be sacrificed.
The more characteristics player points out to improve, the lower the chance of success of the research and obviously the more pointed out to sacrifice the higher the chance of success.
This way, taking an example of nuclear generator, player can choose to improve its power output in expense of its fuel consumption. Or choose to improve just its Material Requirements and leave everything else intact.
Chances of success of every such operation are to be determined to balance everything out.

Every successful action on improving current technologies has a remote chance of finding a New Technology (for example Working on Uranium Based Nuclear Reactor can lead to finding Thorium Based Nuclear Reactor technology and so on)

There are many possibilities based on players situation, needs and patience.
System such as this in my opinion leads to development of many different items with unique characteristics. It gives players freedom of choice and opens up possibilities of trade and the need for finding new resources in space.

There are also a few drawbacks like the complexity of the system and the need of storing data for each individual item within games database.
anonymousgamerDate: Thursday, 30.08.2012, 21:36 | Message # 2
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This will

a) Take a ridiculously long time to implement

b) probably never be implemented as this is probably not where SpaceEngine is headed or

c) remember the fact the SpaceEngine is nowhere near complete and proper gameplay elements will be added only in the far future.

But hey, this does sound very Minecrafty. Maybe there could be a Minecraft mod called "Minecraft Macro" :3

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » An idea for SEs Item and Crafting System
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