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Gameplay Proposals
SalvoDate: Saturday, 03.11.2012, 10:22 | Message # 31
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I do not want to be pessimistic, but if all your advices (i mean, all the posts of this forums about gameplay suggestions) will be implemented, you have to wait minimum 2020 biggrin (is not Space Engineer's fault, but he's alone, we can't pretend so much from him smile )

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.

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(still don't know why everyone is doing this...)
JafitDate: Saturday, 03.11.2012, 11:10 | Message # 32
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Quote (DoctorOfSpace)
And many people overlook the fact that by the time humanity has the technology to actually get to those places bio engineering and nanotechnology will be readily available for real time adaption to such harsh environments.

Humanity is approaching a point where things such as war will be considered menial. Space is vast, technology advances extremely fast, and there are trillions of worlds to be explored.

I agree that humanity would be unrecognisable by the time we actually attained this level of technology, but from what I've read of proposed gameplay, this game is going for 'realism'. It's basically us as we are now, in space with our current technology and ideas, plus a hyperdrive. It's rocketpunk rather than a vision for the galactic age humanity.

There's no point in arguing about each other's visions of humanity's future, you can pick whatever future you want, from your idea that we're going to suddenly forget about conflict and hit a technological singularity, to Warhammer 40,000: In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

I think that because it's a game it should be fun, conflict and competition are usually fun in games so from a pure gameplay perspective there's a reason to include conflict. The motivations and causes for conflict are quite easy to invent as the entire genre of science fiction has proven.

Quote (DoctorOfSpace)
Its a big universe it would be extremely hard to run into people. Also it doesn't bother me but vulgarity is against the rules

The 'size' of the universe would be dictated by a player's travel speed and visibility.

If you can't see anyone unless you're in visual range of them then there's no point in having a multiplayer feature at all. If you get a nametag hovering over every player on your server then all that separates you is distance. If you can't move faster than c then distance is insurmountable. If you can be anywhere instantly then distance is nothing.

Its all a matter of degrees, the universe can be as 'big' as you want it to be by adjusting some knobs. Adjust the knobs one way and each starsystem can be like an island full of wonders to explore, travelling to another island could be a pretty big deal. Turn the knobs the other way and a starsystem can be like a grain of sand as you walk across a desert where you stop only if something particularly interesting catches your eye.

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DisasterpieceDate: Sunday, 16.12.2012, 21:59 | Message # 33
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What there has to be is some extremely rare essential so you would have to fight people.

Added (17.12.2012, 00:59)
I don't think we should start on Earth. I think Earth should be discoverable and we will find the whole solar system destroyed and the ruins of cities and Earth should be in a very hot state. Mars should be terraformed but the civilization is collapsed there too and the water is poisoned. We should also be able to explore orbiting space stations that are abandoned and destroyed (procedurally generated). In other solar systems alien ruins and maybe even human ruins should be found. The story should be explained that everyone in the game is part of a human colony that was believed to have failed so it was spared from the civil war between all humans which led to total destruction of everything human except this colony.

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