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Gameplay Proposals
NeonDate: Saturday, 18.06.2011, 15:37 | Message # 1
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
Status: Offline
I have been thinking about this for quite some time now, and
have a bunch of ideas of where I'd like to see the directon of
this program head.

Firstly, when you look at other explorer based space games, such as
Celestia, or Orbiter. Both were purely explorer based games. Moreso
with Celestia. Neither gave the user any real interaction with the
universe of the game. Celestia was purely a go and look program.

Orbiter's level of interaction was restricted to the ship only. The
player could take off, dock, land, pick up or drop things; but there
was no way for him/her to interact with the orbiter universe. Moreso,
the only reward for playing them was initially curiousity, then later in
Orbiter, a developed interest in the mechanics of space navigation.
Both of those programs have pretty much passed their maximum usage
levels. I think the reason is the total lack of interactivity and any reason
to do it, other than the manual control of the ship. The reason for this I
think is basically because the developers weren't interested in providing
that extra level of interest in gameplay.

Here; well here in SE it's different. Here we have a developer interested in
gameplay. This is the main reason of my interest in SE, and what holds me
to it. It's possible future.

So, I propose the following things for the future of SE, to not only have it
as an exploration based game, but one which will hold the user for the
long haul, hopefully.

The gameplay should have 3 main elements to it. First and foremost
of course is exploration. The 2nd is resource collection, and the 3rd
is technology. The main aim is of course exploration; but the resources
provide the technology that allow the player to reach deeper into the
galaxy/ universe. This keeps the user interested, and drives him on.

When we finally do make these steps into explorting the galaxy in RL, we will do
it for those reasons. Resources, Technolgy, and Exloration. Eventually
in RL, that will lead to trade between civilisations.

What excites me so much of SE is it promises the possibility to show us
what our future could be like. So, how does this work for the player.

The new player joins the game. He is provided with a basic ship, basic
ship whose engine is capable of traveling up to 1-2 pc / sec. This opens
up the local neighbourhood, and further afield if he puts the time in to
explore and gather resources. His ship is also equiped with a basic ships
computer, and some scientific instruments, ie simple telescope, and ability
to find some resources (ie Asteroids gathered with tractor beam, gather
materials from nebulae). This provides his means of getting a quick tech
upgrade to either:

Engines (high speeds to reach deeper into space), Computers, Science tech & scanners.
Shields for gathering resources in dangerous environments such as Stars, Supernovae,
Gamma bursters & Black Holes. The last 3 provide exotic materials. Of
course, also weapons tech for PvP and whatever other purpose they can
be used.

The different scanners married to the computer can find more n different
resources, and even predict supernovas, gamma bursts & find black holes.
The game shouldn't just tell the player of a future event, as crystal balls
don't exist. Better way is to provide the player with the tech that can predict
these things from experiments (behind the scenes on computer).
ie, Supernovas would be detectd by the computer studying the spectograph
of stars to find out how far along it's evolution it is, and marry that to
how stable it's variability is. Now the player never see's that, the computer
just reports it's detected a supernova event about to occur at x coords, and
may show him a variability chart & spectogram.

First phase of gameplay development is simply the ship + resources and some initial
tech with some upgrades. The second phase expands on this. The final phase
introduces first contact.

Trade. Later in game developement, it'd be smart to add this. It'd add so much
to the longevity of the game and open it up to a much wider audience. Sure, it'd
be nice if aliens were nice 3D models, but that's probably a bit hard to do. So
it could be as simple as an animated image on a screen, to even just text; but it
really should be there. It doesn't need to be complicated. Just some simple interaction
rules that determine relations. So how does that work?

Trade is very simple. Say we were a civiilisation capable of explorting the galaxy,
and we made first contact here on Earth with some visitors. They would have to
stick to certain rules we defined that if broken, they could lose trade rights,
visitation rights, to open hostility.

This idea, is good since there wouldn't be too many civilisations out there in a galaxy,
so it's in the players interest to stick to their rules. So, what happens if they end up hostile?
Well, you don't need complicated AI combat for them. Since you don't want it to end up
in a shootemup game. So you make it so the dumb ai just mob the player with numbers
he can't hope to win. All they need to do is fire a weapon. Players only choice is run or die.
There could also be downright xenophobic (isolationist) aliens out there, whose territory
is too dangerous to enter. Nice to have dangerous places smile

The gain is trade, and possibly diplomacy (???). Which opens up a whole lot more tech,
and adds a whole new reason to play and to explore.

So now you have a game, where the player can gather together some serious
wealth. So what does he do with it? Well quite simple really. It opens up the
ability for the player to buy Planets, Systems, Stellar regions, even galaxies.

I hear what you are saying. They'll just make clans n turn it into an EVE
style game of winners & losers. Not so. Why?

Well, Eve sucked. The reason is EVE is one dangerous universe because it
is so small. Here, in SE; we have massive scale. You could have a million
clans in SE each having 100 players, and they would rarely run into each other.
EVE is a world of victims. Allowing players to own systems, in such a mindbogglingly
large universe would never be a problem, because of the scale.

On PvP, I don't mind PvP, I think it should be there. Worst thing with EVE
was it was a game of victims. New players felt like victims. The new game black prophecy
has a great idea to deal with this. When he player dies, he respawns either at
home, or some default location (his choice) and is given back his ship and
his cargo. This turns PvP into a pureful sub game, where all you lose
is a bit of travel time.

So; that's my idea. To create a Galactic Trader game. It opens up so much
potential for SE, I think it'd be really sad for it not to see it.

The way I see it, SE has great commercial potential as an Engine for space based
games, which would revolutionise Space Games. I also think it has the potential
to create a whole new genre of space based game. The ability play in an environment
which reflects the most probable future of mankind (if we survive that long).

I can even see this game, as a hugely successful MMO. What star wars fan
wouldn't kill to be able to play in a real star wars galaxy, or Star trek. Hell,
this game is so big, it allows all those. It has so much potential, I'd hate
to see it fall down, by making the same mistakes Celestia & Orbiter
made, by not providing what the players really wanted.

So I say, take the extra time, n make it fooken fantastic smile Think Big is my motto. lol

What you all think?
PandurDate: Saturday, 18.06.2011, 20:20 | Message # 2
Group: SE team
Messages: 42
Status: Offline
I totally aggree.
Combining this awesome simulator with your already mentioned gameplay features would raise it to a level that has never been there before in a space exploration game.
I can imagine it also would be funny to simply start with a single planet, being only able to explore your home sol system. By gathering more and more resources and developing better technologies, you finally leave your system - and later on your galaxy.

That's what I wish to be included in the future:
- Scanning space and objects (perform life scans or scans for recources)
- Sending probes
- Gathering resources ( on asteroids and planet surfaces, nebulaes or even gas planets, suns, black holes)
- Carthography of systems ( maybe tradeable)
- Planet landing
- Leaving ship ( to fly in a shuttle/fighter/vehicle/walk on planets -> like Battlecruiser)
(- Walking inside your Ship would be really awesome)
- Colonization of planets (Cities, Space Ports, Mining Facilities, Research Complex, Orbital Stations)
- Trading ( Resources, Ships, Space maps)
- Ship Building ( different components like drives, scanner, weapons, ship systems, energy cores and generators, hull, shields, hangars)
- Ship Design (Painting)
- Alien races
- Diplomacy
- Conquer/destroy planets/colonizations or build an alliance...

That could be the game I spend the rest of my life in! If this will ever be released, i'm going to live very long!

Think superior is my motto biggrin cool
NeonDate: Saturday, 18.06.2011, 21:40 | Message # 3
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
Status: Offline
That's a nice list. I don't know if any or how much he would do.

I tried to keep it so alot of it is not difficult to do. As much
as I'd like full walking talking aliens, n that, I could just
as easily live with a much simpler thing.

I was simply thinking of trying to come up with a great
gameplay, that isn't too difficult. Of course we'd love
it to be the best it can be. But I think we have to accept
it's just one man.

That's a helluva list, n I'd be happy with 1/4 of it. I think
one of the essential in the late development tho is trade,
to maintain user interest for longevity. smile

Definitely not interested in Conquering. I think the
Universe is just too big, and it risks turning turning
into a shootemup. I to some extent in the ability
to buy systems etc would open some element of that,
but not so much as to turn it into a shootemup.

Very interested to hear what Vova thinks smile
PandurDate: Sunday, 19.06.2011, 00:37 | Message # 4
Group: SE team
Messages: 42
Status: Offline
Well, I listed all the things that I'm interested in. It's a bit of a dream that I'm sharing here. I know it's not really the answer to your first post.
But here it is:

I also prefer having more gameplay elements ingame. The reason is simple.
The "only" thing you have to do is to travel through a universe and visit planet after planet after planet...
That keeps you busy for while... but not forever.

That's what you've meant by talking of "Celestia". I've also played it for a while. But after a few days I lost my interest, cause there is nothing
more to do than "click and go". It's a true simulator, nothing more. There is no aim, nothing to win, nothing to gain - it's just looking.

Since years I'm hoping for a game that will be a mixture of celestia (wide open and r e a l i s t i c space) and some gameplay elements. I was really
impressed of "Infinty - the quest for earth", and couldn't believe there is another project, that seems to be even more better: Space Engine.

But you're right. It really needs gameplay. Some kind of simple stuff at the beginning, but gameplay.
People must be kept busy while testing and exploring. (and waiting for new stuff)
At the moment it is still a lot of fun to fly to different planets, suns or to the farest galaxies. But I already wish I had something more to do.

Trading is a good example. But that means it needs a functional network.

Scanning is another idea. Would be really interesting to scan for life by ourselves. You visit a new planet without any information about it (except planet class). Find a stable orbit and perform a planetary scan (for it's mass, resources, atmosphere and complex life forms). To scan for microbiological life (or to take probes?) you should go down (or land) at the surface.
At this way you have to visit each planet or object to collect information about it and you know where you have already been.

Make this information tradeable for example, and we can really begin to explore our universe. tongue
But one thing this game really needs: life!

Edit: I don't mean pvp when I speak of "conquer". I mean an alien race for example. The possibility to build a fleet with other players to defend a human sector or strike back an alien attack. I like it to have many aspects in one game (not only war, not only trading, not only politics) It's always good to have a choice.

Edited by Pandur - Sunday, 19.06.2011, 00:52
NeonDate: Sunday, 19.06.2011, 14:40 | Message # 5
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
Status: Offline
When I meant trading, I was thinking purely single player. It'd be
even better to eventually have it networked, but I think single player
is a good first step after initial gameplay is worked out.

This is the one thing I think is good about this in gameplay.
We don't have factions etc... there's simply humans making
their first ventures into interstellar space n beyond, n if
there was conflict, the players would all be on the same side.

I don'tknow... it's all just nice ideas... but since Vova is into
the idea of gameplay, probably less than this, but I hope
he's open to it smile
SpaceEngineerDate: Sunday, 19.06.2011, 20:18 | Message # 6
Author of Space Engine
Group: Administrators
Russian Federation
Messages: 4800
Status: Offline
Wow, huge post... smile

I have many discussions about gameplay. You can find them here (Warning: Russian! use google to translate) :

http://spaceengine.org/forum/11-6-1 - gameplay
http://spaceengine.org/forum/11-13-1 - war in space
http://www.gamedev.ru/flame/forum/?id=145292 - war in space

And here is the mothership concept: http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/14-69-1

The main idea for my game-play story is: Researching the universe, searching for planets with life and sharing information between players connected by a database stored on the server. This is similar to the game "Noctis." But it may be possible for players to meet each other for joint journeys, battles, information exchange, and so forth. This kind of connection takes place directly between player PC's passing though main server. This unloads the server and reduces data transference time through Internet between the players. The main server is only used to establish a connection between the players.

The player starts with a huge "mothership" or "base ship". It is several kilometers long, and will have powerful engines for interplanetary flight and some kind of hyper-drive (see the [url=http://en.spaceengine.org/forum/14-69-1]mothership concept[url]). The mother-ship itself cannot land on planets, so it will use on-board shuttles for this. The ship will use robotic on-board plants, where players can construct new shuttles or special modules for the mother-ship etc. There will be technology of 'nano-assemblers" - microscopic robots that can build anything from any material. So you can fire a "nano-egg" from your shuttle and look at how a new building will grow on the surface of the planet.

In the game I would like to use the idea of unlimited energy production from a vacuum, using "zero point module" of "vacuum energy converter." This is similar to "perpetual motion" as unlimited energy (but not infinite in power!). Spaceships requires only matter for the engines, propellant and robotic plants. But unlimited energy leads to possibility of nuclear synthesis of any element of Periodic table using particle accelerator, which destroys the idea of searching for material resources. With two exclusions - initial matter for nuclear synthesis plant and propellant mass for interplanetary rocket engines. This matter is Hydrogen, the most widespread element in the universe. The mother-ship would collect hydrogen from flying in upper atmosphere of gas giant planets, or use for a special harvester boat.

However, nuclear synthesis technology might be not available at the first stages of game. The player should first focus on upgrading the build of the mother-ship, or initially the technology could be made available on a planet to accommodate the particle accelerator's huge size. So a player could build these accelerators on some planet and never need the resources there. But it the player does need them, he could find those resources in other systems, if assuming he could not return to his home system for some reason.

The game will use realistic physics. The only sci-fi technology will be the hyper-drive and vacuum energy generator. All other technologies must use known physics and must be consistent. For example, your spaceship must use heat radiators to eliminate superfluous heat from energy generator, engines and weapon systems due to its limited efficiency. Small spaceships can not handle powerful laser arrays, because superfluous heat from those may melt the ship.

Of course, Newtonian physics will be used. No 'liqiud' physics like in EvE and other spacesims. Newtonian physics will be used for interplanetary flights, so player must calculate orbital transitions taking into account amount of fuel (better say, propellant mass for engines). Of course, players will quickly get tired of this, so these calculations should be done by the ship's computer. Velocities of ships for interplanetary travel will be up to 10000 km/s, limited by resistance to the interplanetary medium (see spaceship concept link above).

Space combat will be nearly impossible due to realism. When you fly at a speed ~1000 km/s relative to enemy, it would be impossible to manually control the weapons. The player must use a telescope to see the enemy ship, because at that speed a ship would fly millions of kilometers in 20 minutes! Only a computer can control weapons and ship maneuvers when you approach enemy at fire distance. Any combat between two ships would be done in several seconds!

The most destructive weapon will be kinetic. Imagine an iron ingot that hits your ship at a velocity of 10000 km/s. If its mass is 100kg, it will have kinetic energy of 500 terajoules, that is eqiuvalent to 1 MT nuclear explosion smile There would be no defence against that, except for maneuvering the ship away from it. All weapons (except homing rockets) have a limited range, due to lag in data receiving - remember that light has finite speed (300000 km/s). Lasers would be limited to several millions kilometers, due to lag and divergence of the beam. With kinetic shells, some several thousand kilometers due to the target maneuvering. So a battle will take one second. Lasers are a preventive weapon. They are not effective, but can slightly hurt the enemy from a huge distance (at about million kilometers). So if you have no lasers or anti-laser defence, you would lose the battle.

All ships must be as lightweight as possible. because they use jet propulsion engines. Remember the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation. So you cannot use massive shields. Military ships may have no shields at all, because no shield can defend against a kinetic weapon. They have only anti-laser reflecting shields. All military ships may be disposable, because their probability of survival in battle is nearly zero. So think of them as "smart missiles." No man-controlled ships, because a real pilot is a huge limit of ship capabilities (less acceleration, additional mass for life support system and radiation shield, etc). I only accept remote control of combat ships by player from a mother-ship, that are far away from the battle zone.

Here is a very interesting website about realistic spaceships and space combat : http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/spacegunconvent.php - These articles should be read before continuing the discussions about gameplay physics that include combat. smile

So, battles will be fast and boring. thus making battles meaningless: What is there to fight for? The universe is so huge, everybody can find thousands of players with the needed resources, and never need to fight with another player for a planet. All the more so if the nuclear synthesis technology is possible. The only unique resource in the game universe will be life. So only planets with life or suitable for colonization may be a cause of conflict. And in this conflict players cannot use super-weapons, like a planet destroyer for example smile This means that finding terra planets and colonization of them will be a big part of game-play. Of course, another reason for war - is for fun smile

Trading is possible, but for what reasons? Material resources will not be needed by anybody. It might only be for information or services: IE coordinate information about interesting objects, or new technologies, or scouting services, or transportation etc. Procedural civilizations would be the difficult part for game, with only lights on a planet night-side and with a text interface (as Neon suggested) is easy to do, but it is primitive. I would need some kind of creature generator like in "Spore" or consider something else...

BTW, gathering resources from nebulae is impossible: its density is too small, you must have a huge air intake, millions of kilometers in diameter, to collect noticeable amounts of gas. Moreover, it would consist mainly of hydrogen (90%) and helium (10%), and less than 0.1% of all other elements.


NeonDate: Sunday, 19.06.2011, 23:00 | Message # 7
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
Status: Offline
Well, I read all that, including the links and including the russian posts
on gameplay. I'm not bothered by combat, I can take it or leave it.
It's not what I'm really into.

I love this program, I really do. This sort of game, doesn't seem to
have a point? I love the idea of research, that's a big thing for me,
but again in your idea, there doesn't seem to be a reason for it.
To me, research was to gether knowledge (before networking), which is exchanged
with Earth scientists for tech upgrades, as well as resources. Then
the exploration & research has a goal. However with your idea,
I just don't see the point of doing it. Maybe I'm missing something
in the translation.

The whole space combat system is fine by me, as I said, I'm not
really interested in combat, but more a reason to explore, and a
reason to play the game. First n foremost is fun, and curiosity.

Please do not misunderstand, I'm not one of those ppl that get
defensive of my ideas lol... I'm just trying to understand where
the fun is in this idea. I am having trouble seeing it.

This is how I see your idea of gameplay after reading your post.
Please tell me if I've misunderstood:

1. No manual control, you tell the computer where u want to go, and it takes you there.?

2. Nuclear synthesis creates all your resources, so you can't gather those.?

3. You tell the robots to build tech, and you just decide what to build?

4. You tell the robots to build cities, but you don't get to decide
where they go, or what they look like?

5. Space combat will be there, but combat system
it's not really much use?

6. Gather research (supposedly the computer will do that) and
exchange with other players. To what end?

I'm very confused. What is left for the player to do??? It
doesn't seem there's anything. Please correct me if I've

I love the idea of realistic tech, fitting within the capabilities of physics. +1
for that. It just seems the tech is getting in the way of the fun. I hope I'm

Very Confused.
ThursDate: Sunday, 19.06.2011, 23:55 | Message # 8
Group: Users
United States
Messages: 49
Status: Offline
1. No manual control, you tell the computer where u want to go, and it takes you there.?

Yes. Manual control would be very, very hard. But still an option, I believe.

2. Nuclear synthesis creates all your resources, so you can't gather those.?

He said you may be able to build those on a planet if you had the resources to build one. However, it is supposed to be a later upgrade, and at first and in new systems, you get fuel for your engines by flying through the atmosphere of a gas giant.

3. You tell the robots to build tech, and you just decide what to build?

Yeah. You can send these nanobots down to the surface to build a building, for instance.

4. You tell the robots to build cities, but you don't get to decide
where they go, or what they look like?

He didn't go into detail about this. He didn't mention cities at all, actually.

5. Space combat will be there, but combat system
it's not really much use?

The goal of space combat in this game design is to be realistic. Realistically, space combat is not very fun due to the huge scales involved. Every game with space combat is horribly unrealistic.

6. Gather research (supposedly the computer will do that) and
exchange with other players. To what end?

I would like to know :P

Basically, it seems most of the game play would be space exploration (awesome!!), improvement of your equipment (your ship and the ships you have docked inside), and build up of infrastructure (building up bases on planets, with huge hangars of automated fighter drones, perhaps). I assume that you might be able to spend a great deal of time designing what you want to create. For instance, Spaceway has a procedural space ship generator that you can harness to make your own ships.

Noctis ONLY had space exploration. It had absolutely nothing else. You would have to go to special stars to refill the fuel needed for inter-galactic jumps - besides this, you could only explore and explore some more. But because of the vibrant differences and possibility of procedural life on these planets, in couldn't have been more fun!

Edited by Thurs - Monday, 20.06.2011, 00:02
SpaceEngineerDate: Monday, 20.06.2011, 00:04 | Message # 9
Author of Space Engine
Group: Administrators
Russian Federation
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Quote (Neon)
1. No manual control, you tell the computer where u want to go, and it takes you there.?

Not for all. You can manually control your ship, but if you want to make fast flight, it will be better to use autopilot (computer). If you play Orbiter, you will know what I mean. Manual computation of orbital transitions are difficult, but interesting at the beginning of play.
Of course, you can manually fly your shuttle over planets, And even fly to your mother-ship while in orbit - but it is very difficult without calculation of orbital transitions.

Quote (Neon)
2. Nuclear synthesis creates all your resources, so you can't gather those.?

Yes, I think this is a realistic technology in the future. But in the game this may be available only on colonized planets - the synthesis plant is too huge to be on-board of spaceship. You must build a huge construction site on a suitable planet. In some other systems you may have to grab resources, then return to the system that uses the synthesis plant.

Quote (Neon)
3. You tell the robots to build tech, and you just decide what to build?

I think this is yet another realistic technology of the future. But in the game this will be just a simple animation of the building process. Remember, how the killed monsters disappeared in DOOM II? This will be similar to that effect, but will happen in reverse:)

Quote (Neon)
4. You tell the robots to build cities, but you don't get to decide where they go, or what they look like?

Why not? Why not tell robots where to construct buildings?

Quote (Neon)
5. Space combat will be there, but combat system it's not really much use?

The spaceship itself can be a weapon of mass destruction. Imagine 1 million tons of metal, crashing into a city at 10000 km/s. Iy would destroy half of the planet smile So I think space war would be nearly-impossible in reality, because any civilization that reached this level of technology must transcend all immortality.

Quote (Neon)
6. Gather research (supposedly the computer will do that) and exchange with other players. To what end?

To what end would you share locations in SE with each other? This is for same reason, to add to gameplay, to find beautiful places or events, call-up friends, and share it all together. In the words of someone here on forum, "The universe is beautiful if no one shoots at you" smile


NeonDate: Monday, 20.06.2011, 17:51 | Message # 10
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
Status: Offline
Yeh I understand all that Vova, but I'm having a great deal of
difficult seeing where the fun is. Ok we have all this tech to build,
what does the player do with it? In research, does the player do
that or does he just ask the computer to do it?

This is my problem. It seems to me, to basically be the same
as it is now (with a ship added. I don't see where the gameplay or
the fun is? I love exploring, don't get me wrong. But eventully
it will get boring. I think I've seen all the different types of planets
out there, so at the moment, I spend my time looking for strange
& surprising night skies. If it's going down the road of sci fi tech,
then surely it should also have all the different types of strange
sci fi worlds. In a deeply diverse universe where there are alot
of different types of planets, I can see the fun in that. The surprise.

I don't know... it just doesn't sound like alot of fun once I've
been exploring SE for a few months n there doesn't seem to
be many surprises left.

Anyway... I guess it'll go the way it goes.
SpaceEngineerDate: Wednesday, 22.06.2011, 00:05 | Message # 11
Author of Space Engine
Group: Administrators
Russian Federation
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Sorry, I missed your message smile

I don't get your misunderstanding. Say again what it is you want to do in SE...


evantheoliveDate: Saturday, 25.06.2011, 04:16 | Message # 12
Group: Users
Messages: 18
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I read the changes for the future upcoming to the game and not to be rude but they sort of disappointed me sad I can understand how combat and trading would appeal to some players but for me I just like to explore. I don't like having to worry about economy and having enough fuel and being attacked by pirates and stuff. I just want to check out planets and I think a lot of people would agree with me. I'm in no position to speak for the community but I think there should be some sort of "free mode" put into the game where you can just do what you can in the current version (which is look around space) that way everybody wins. biggrin

SpaceEngineerDate: Saturday, 25.06.2011, 10:32 | Message # 13
Author of Space Engine
Group: Administrators
Russian Federation
Messages: 4800
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evantheolive, I agree with you. I like to explore too without gameplay restrictions (limited fuel, aggressive npc etc). To cater to all people, there will have to be two play modes: the free planetarium mode, where you can just explore the universe without spaceship and flight physics. And a game, where you can just fly around in any galaxy, far far away from other players, and explore it using a spaceship with flight physics, and without interacting with other players.


Deltawing777Date: Monday, 27.06.2011, 14:28 | Message # 14
Group: Users
United States
Messages: 11
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All of these are good ideas. Let me start by saying this. Firstly I am a orbiter sim fan since 2008. Next I would like to say what I dont like about orbiter.
1: Graphics engine (work in progress)
2: No collision detection
3: No water or liquid rendered in game
4: Planetary systems are boring
What I do like
1: The ability to take a SCI-FI or Modern Day ship (shuttle,apollo) And launch that baby into orbit or moon or wherever
2: The realisim of actuall spaceflight (recreating the apollo moon landings or space shuttle launches)

So I guess what I am saying is I am visualizing this beautiful SE eyecandy with the Orbiter Shuttle,XR-2,Deltaglider. And launching one of those babys from earth (or mars or moon). A earth that looks as awsome as SE does and getting to space. Taking a Orbiter Deltaglider and planet jumping in a SE Universe to me would be a Mind-blowing experience. Realism and immersion is what I am after. All those other things you guys are discussing are fine. But I would like the ability to go "REAL" if I choose to in regards to spaceflight itself. I want to see a vapor cloud surround the shuttle during launch. A sonic boom when I fly over your house at mach 2. Because in my opinion orbiter really hasn't done anything other then separating the graphics from the core. Everything else is addons made by the community which is fine but they are limited by the core and graphics,so any limitations there and you get limitations in the addons So you get your typical ships and bases and skins again with no water,no collision detection,etc. Same 'ol same ol' since 2006. But anyways thanks for letting me post and I will be following SE. Look forward to future releases and watching that "TO-DO" list closely

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I agree with you about Orbiter. A brillian program, but has serious limitations.
I also agree on the "getting real" idea, and I think that will be available under
the newtonian system to be implemented. smile
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