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Space Engine Online idea
butterarmyxjrblxDate: Sunday, 07.08.2016, 02:54 | Message # 1
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Space Engine online. It's a idea that many SE players think about, and those ideas range from simple to complex as any idea does. This post is an idea of SE online. Let's get out of the intro already.
Let's start with the servers. With the fame that Space Engine can reach, the servers for Space Engine online would have to be pretty powerful. Aand, that's it for the servers, short and simple. Onto gameplay, I made a few gameplay pictures in SE to show ideas, So, let's get started with the pics.

So, these Stations, represented by "SS Science" are basically where players spawn, All players are represented by a Skylone, which can be customized at trading posts in the stations. You can enter the stations by docking the ship. When inside the Station, it acts similar to The Tower from Destiny, here, you can trade, organize expeditions, and teleport to the surface of the planet the station orbits. I'll move to the surface now, and that has a screenshot as well.
(For whatever reason, the SIMAGE1 thing didn't show up. It's still attached, it's the first screenshot.)
So, on the surface, there are players there, and you can just explore the surface.
And finally, Expeditions. So, expeditions get a chat room (Text and voice) And they can explore the universe together. To start a expedition, invite someone to your group from the social menu. Expedition groups cap off at 12 players, but 2 Expedition leaders can group to form a Mass-Expedition from the 2 Expeditions the 2 who made the Mass were leading. You can either travel with everyone in their respective ships, But they can't get over 100 KM away from the group, or you can rent a ship for everyone. I hope you all like my idea, if you do, thank you, if you don't, that's ok. Anyways, goodbye.

Attachments: 6250232.jpg(155.1 Kb)

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » Space Engine Online idea (SE Online ideas.)
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