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Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » Space Engine and Google cardboard
Space Engine and Google cardboard
Spock1108Date: Monday, 15.02.2016, 13:39 | Message # 1
Space Tourist
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Space engine offers breathtaking views of the universe ... I wanted to take advantage of the VR mode to expand the beauty .... but they do not have an expensive Oculus Rift wanted to try a Google cardboard ... What softwere do you advise me to connect PC to mobile phone?

Sorry for my English! ;)
Destructor1701Date: Wednesday, 17.02.2016, 01:50 | Message # 2
Group: Users
Messages: 533
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You could try Intugame.

I gave it a go, but I didn't really have the hardware to support it.

admiralsirjohnDate: Friday, 01.07.2016, 06:24 | Message # 3
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You could also try TriniusVR. I've used it with a couple of games, and it seems to keep up pretty well.

John H. Harris
Lightwave user, Trekkie, and wannabe Hugo Award winner.
(Ah, who am I kidding...?)
morganxDate: Wednesday, 05.10.2016, 18:06 | Message # 4
Group: Newbies
United States
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That would be awesome on vive or cardboard however, are we saying space engine would run on a phone !! Maybe, almost but the interface is pretty complex to adapt to a phone running cardboard on the same screen etc. etc. I have a crazy Idea, how about like, a android app that can connect to space engine and run in the map mode! constant gps for space!! this is similar for like flight sims, x plane can use a phone as the gps showing your locations, trajectory, distance to target etc etc
Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » Space Engine and Google cardboard
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