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Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » What about Space Engineering Space Engine ?
What about Space Engineering Space Engine ?
AlgalonDate: Tuesday, 25.11.2014, 21:52 | Message # 1
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Hello. First I would like to congratulate with a cosmic intensity the author of this engine. It just makes our deep dream of exploration, beyond any frontier, become true. Which is not negligible. I encourage it to keep the efforts and the development going.

Let us focus on the main topic now.

The title may seem a little bit confusing at first, but maybe for some of you it may not appear so extraneous as it looks.
Yes, I'm referring to Space Engineers.

Sandbox games (minecraft) brings, according to me, a revolutionary concept into the principle of gameplay. In fact, the player is allowed to modify his environment, completely, thanks to tools. Which means, the player is invited to build structures, static, or not, by using the elements constituting the same environment. It's like exploiting the available land and altering the beauty of nature, which is sad in real life, but not really in a digitally generated - so infinitely regenerable - terra; OR, it's like using the existing components of a variably detailed "plan" to allow the player to develop his own gameplay.
Space Engineers is huge (sorry to promote but this is true), but it have an observable lack : planets. Which makes it huge, in my opinion, is the fact that you are controlling a character, an explorer, an engineer. 1rst person view is like an amplification of this enteterning side of subjectivity gameplay. YOU face SPACE.

The only counter balancing element is of course, the threat. There must be a reason why the explorer builds spaceships and stations, or camps or anything like this. Hazard. This could be the boring part of the developpement... And when it enters the registry of video game, complexo-procedural scripts for realism can easily be put apart. It is useless to search for an algorithm to make aliens generated from cellular developpement or something like this... some artworks can be enough. Meeting always the same bad does may just not matter, in a ever changing ... universe. In maps size of a planet. I of course encourage the merit ful search of Space Engineer in developing a realistic and accurate universe. I just take the precise case of alien foes.
And for the objects inside the planets... It is always the same thing : rocks. We have the proof with the Curiosity pictures of Mars. Objects to put on planet to make the landing not boring are variable rocks, with ultra variable placements, size... and some vegetation maybe. Or some other stuff the great Space Engineer thought before me.

This could also include a way to build our own ships. Own bases.
Multiplayer would witness the birth of a pluri-gameplay cosmic game, for everyone : jet propulsion shuttle race on over the Jupiter's skyline, epic interstellar pvp (above planets, or atmospheric cruisers fight, or even assaults on ground positions...), card games, ect... I clearly cannot be exhaustive. Of course all this material would have to be produced due to ressources collected, processed, ...

Here there's an example of what if the space engine could include the view inside a spaceship... Going on a visit to a friend's base for example, or helping him by bringing some material he needs...Imagine this with the render quality of SE...

Of course this is surely not meant to be read in a absolute way, I'm just sharing ideas... I don't exige it in the next release or some madness like that, this could be a mod or anything; I suggest those mainly to debate about the development itself, and the direction it takes.

To sum up the main questions would be
-Terraforming ?
-Building in kind of pattern-ish template ?
-1rst person ?
-Does the engine would reach this procedural level at one time ?

Keep it Up ! With all my support !!
DoctorOfSpaceDate: Tuesday, 25.11.2014, 22:11 | Message # 2
Galaxy Architect
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Quote Algalon ()
Terraforming ?

Yes, it is already partially implemented to some degree if you use the editor. Although it is a bit primitive, it does work and you can save your edits by exporting.

Quote Algalon ()
Building in kind of pattern-ish template ?

There is an editor currently out and the game in the future will eventually have a more advanced editor.

Quote Algalon ()
1rst person ?

Maybe eventually. SHW released a small tech demo for what ships might look like inside.

Quote Algalon ()
Does the engine would reach this procedural level at one time ?

It will eventually. Anything that happens in nature will eventually in some version of the program be implemented, so this means higher quality generation will eventually happen.

Quote SpaceEngineer ()
Anyway, I should note: as long as SE is a scientifically accurate Universe simulator, then one day it will implement ALL space objects and phenomenon that are known to modern astronomy. So you may not bother yourself with questions like "will SE one day have meteor rain implemented". I guarantee that it WILL.

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kalaeonDate: Monday, 29.12.2014, 16:10 | Message # 3
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I'd love seeing engineering to make space mirrors, that use particles to create different strenths of reflections. Imagine getting a big enough array built over time to become a weapon, like the Troy Rising series SAPL. If this becomes a space empires game, I'd love seeing building unique real science based items in it.
AzirphaeliDate: Monday, 29.12.2014, 17:27 | Message # 4
Space Tourist
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I think if anything, No Man's Sky would be closer to what a game made with Space Engine's tech would be like.

quarior14Date: Saturday, 14.11.2015, 10:02 | Message # 5
World Builder
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Now Space Engineers planets and the surface of the latter can be used for the suggestion : Water, Clouds, Trees although for now, the water is still liquid, just a solid surface and clouds are not yet volumetric.

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