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Planets from the movie "Interstellar"
sinsforealDate: Saturday, 21.11.2015, 17:45 | Message # 46
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Quote Inarius ()
@SpaceEngineer : For example, the Miller planet is completly impossible, a planet with such a time change (thus very close from the Black Hole) would be completely destroyed by the Roche limit, and, anyway, there couldn't have liquid water if so near from the Black Hole (not speaking about people on it considering the size and the color of the disk Black Hole , I think that it's probably not very safe to take a walk so near from it with all the Gamma and X Ray you would receive, even if it's not a big disk, there are supposed to be very. VERY VERY close from it.). All people and ships in the movie should be instantly carbonized by the heat and the rays, and the crushing gravity.

Also, the fact that they take off quite easily with their small starship from Miller planet, when they needed an enormous space rocket to take off the same way, from Earth (where gravity is lower than on Miller's planet, which is "only" 30% higher, when time is so changed...another contradiction). Unfortunately, it's only a part of the issues of the movie...Oh, and, at the end, seeing people playing baseball, in the Torus, I think, it's also a big problem on a physical point of view. Don't they know the Coriolis strength, and the fact that "gravity" will change quickly, while the ball take "altitude" ?

Last thing, how can planets form around Gargantua ? It doesn't seem there is stars, but there are planets ? Very strange.

Well, actually, there are so many scientifical issues...

There are also some very funny moment when people in the spaceship discusses very elementary physical things (for the audience, of course). I know that, if they didn't, there wouldn't make a movie, but it doesn't make a good story anyway...

The last moment, when he leaves the black hole and is alone in the void of the space and a spaceship comes to "rescue" him is...well...fun ? Only the Heart of Gold and its Infinite Improbability Drive of H2G2 can do this (really, think of it, in the infinity of space, there was a ship to rescue him ! Just there. Very lucky, indeed)

Anyway, even if it was completely exact on a scientifical point of view, i still find the scenario very bad...that's why I don't understand so many praise for this movie.

Well regardless of your opinion which I think everyone is entitled to one and I am also entitled to tell you your opinion is shit. Regardless of what I just said you changed my view and made me realize that interstellar is unrealistic but it is just a movie so it doesn't matter and I think that interstellar is one of the best movies out there

"Man once looked up at the stars and wondered, Now all we do is look at our hands and hesitate"
anonymousgamerDate: Saturday, 21.11.2015, 18:10 | Message # 47
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Quote sinsforeal ()
I am also entitled to tell you your opinion is shit.

Not really.

Quote Forum rules ()
Please try to avoid using profane language on the forum.

Let's tone down the hostility, thanks. And, you know, get back to talking about SE.

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SpaceEngineerDate: Saturday, 21.11.2015, 21:38 | Message # 48
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Inarius, read the Kip Thorne's book first, it is not very long. Film idea is belong to Kip Thorne, so science is on the first place there. The film have a lot of accurate scientific facts depicted (even 4-dimensional Tesseract have scientific basis). Film director was forced to change some things to make picture "more understandable for mass audience" (like removing the Doppler shif from the black hole's accretion disk, or moving Miller planet far from event horizon), but many features are left accurate. This is most scientifically accurate film to date in my opinion (I can remember only Carl Sagan's "Contact", where Kip Thorne was an advisor by the way).

The only hardly believable fact in the story is existense of such strange black hole system, with so weak accretion disk what it have no hard x-ray radiation, during geologically-long times, so planets are stabilized their climate. But this may be explained by presence of 4-dimentional entites: they found such place in the Universe to make other scenario things happen (black hole was needed to place Tesseract inside it to transmit data to the past, and probably to create wormholes).

Anyway, the book is interesting itself and said a lot about black holes, general relativity and multidimensional universe. I highly recommend it to all.

InariusDate: Sunday, 22.11.2015, 23:36 | Message # 49
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@Spaceengineer : Thanks for advising the book, I'll read it if I can (I suppose it wasn't translated in French...). I loved Contact, when I first saw it, and, as you said, it was quite accurate (and I know it was Kip Thorne, too !).

@sinsforreal : My commentary wasn't directed against anyone (unlike yours). I was really bored during the movie, i just didn't understand why so many people liked it, and the very loud and epic-every-second music from Hans Zimmer made it worse. I found the character quite dumb (the black man waiting in the ship for years, seriously ? Just to show the audience the effect of time relativity...or the evil guy who opens the unpressurised door...).
This summer, I saw a conference about this movie, and it lasted 2 or 3 hours, and what I wrote was only a part from it. And the speaker was an astrophysician.

On the other hand, there are many things true in this movie, and that's why I came for it, about relativity and black holes. And you are all true when you say that it's not supposed to be realistic. What really bothered me is that in all the media you see that it was.

Actually, I think i wouldn't be so picky about the science part if I had liked the scenario. But saving the world with love, a watch, and morse with ray of dust behind a library to change the past by giving secret base coordinate was really too much for me ; actually, the science part is (sadly) probably the most accurate part of the movie.

EDIT : I'm sorry if i used "shitty", perhaps it was a too strong statement. As I said english is not my mothertongue, and I should have used another word.

Edited by Inarius - Wednesday, 25.11.2015, 13:05
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