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What makes a game successful?
RobbieDate: Sunday, 16.10.2011, 12:45 | Message # 1
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So here I am, thinking to myself: How successful could SpaceEngine be in the future? What kind of game would SE need to be to get many thousands of people to play it. Could SE, in time, evolve into something really special? Maybe SE could become a player's dream game? Something that could bring in even more players, assuming of course, it offered the player the freedom to create their very own special game universe.

SpaceEngineer has already suggested his proposals for creating a 'Noctis-type' game. [See his Noctis-style game thread here] So the first major game release of SE will no doubt be based upon his vision of what game-play should be like.

There may be many people here that may not want to play a Noctic-style game. So what else could attract new players to the game? Well, SE could create another version of game for other types of players. Perhaps, after the release of the first game (SE: Noctis-Style), a second game could be developed. A single-player version (with even some multiplayer co-op style game-play) highly customizable, that would feature the use of many community mods/tools; for making 'otherworldly' advanced technologies, maybe similar in style to Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica. These are just a few casual ideas to hopefully inspire us, to see the potential of SE and what it could achieve in the near future.

So here's a possible overview scenario:

Game version 1 - SpaceEngine: The Universe Simulator (a fun educational program with a virtually real 'game-like' universe)

Game version 2 - SE: The 'Noctis-Style' Game (the very first game for single-player or multi-player co-operative play)

Game version 3 - SE: The Players' Dream Game -- The second game in the series, where the single-player gamer gets to create his/her very own customised SE world, with his/her own mods of spaceship models, and other such custom-mod technologies (i.e. advanced warp- and jump-drive engines, with inertial dampener systems, or even anti-gravity device etc) and cities specially created by players with their very own unique design style, where other players could visit each others creations via online co-op play, perhaps.

Then finally after many years of gaming and with all the games series achieving great success in their own right, we end up with.... SpaceEngine: THM (The Hollywood Movie) biggrin

There are already several posts here that have been discussing game-play in some detail, but more posts are welcome, so please feel free to post your ideas here. The more ideas we express here, the better. Every new seed idea could turn SpaceEngine into a highly successful game in the near future.

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DoctorOfSpaceDate: Tuesday, 31.12.2013, 09:01 | Message # 16
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Quote Red_River ()
Harold White working on it NASA Apollo lab since last year. must be something to it afterall....

I would like to see a game do this too.

Here is a thread on what is planned for SE

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Forum » SpaceEngine » Gameplay Discussions » What makes a game successful?
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