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More Gameplay Proposals
gpaw5765Date: Sunday, 21.08.2011, 20:04 | Message # 1
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I've been thinking of a way to make the gameplay more interesting (making a pure exploration game may seem cool, but I think people would be bored quickly if they don't have any real sense of purpose) while at the same time being realistic, simple and easy to implement.

From what I've read, the developer wants to focus the game on realistic space exploration. My idea is to make it at the same time a realistic simulation of human space colonization.

The objective of the game would be to complete the research of a technology tree (similar to Civilization) to reach one "Ultimate Tech" (I've already thought of a cool "Ultimate Tech" to research). The speed of your research would depend on the total size of human population (Earth+Colonized Planets) plus outpost bases you build on hostile planets (not suitable for colonization) plus contacts you made with alien civilizations.

Spaceship Technologies

I think the game should start with technology that is available today or in the near future. The Spaceship Technology Tree could be like this:

Nuclear Pulse Propulsion (fission)
Based on: Project Orion
Max. Speed: 0.05c
Max. Acceleration: 3g

Nuclear Pulse Propulsion (fussion)
Based on: Project Orion
Max. Speed: 0.1c
Max. Acceleration: 3g

Inertial Confinement Fusion Drive
Based on: Project Icarus/Daedalus
Max. Speed: 0.2c
Max. Acceleration: 5g

Anti-matter Pulse Propulsion
Based on: Project Orion
Max. Speed: 0.8c
Max. Acceleration: 5g

Basic Hyperdrive
Max. Speed: 10c
Max. Acceleration: 50g

Advanced Hyperdrive
Max. Speed: 1000c
Max. Acceleration: 5000g

Interstellar Hyperdrive
Max. Speed: 10^6 c
Max. Acceleration: 5*10^6 g

Intergalactic Hyperdrive
Max. Speed: 10^4 ly/s
Max. Acceleration: 15*10^11 g

Ultimate Hypedrive
Max. Speed: 10^7 ly/s
Max. Acceleration: 15*10^14 g

It should be noted that the limit to the acceleration of early spaceships is not because of the propulsion systems themselves, but because a human wouldn't be able to resist an acceleracion of more than 5G for a sustained period of time. With the speed of early spaceships it would take a long time to reach nearby stars, and even planets, so to make the game playable it would be necessary to have the option to accelerate time. Fortunately this is already implemented. This slow progression in technology would force the player to start exploring and colonizing the Solar System and nearby stars, as it would happen in real life. Only in later stages of the game would the player be able to reach other galaxies.

Colonization Technologies

In order to increase the rate of reserach, the player would have to colonize new planets and build bases at those planets not suitable for colonization. The game could use a formula like this:
Research Points = (Human Population at Colonized Planets (Including Earth) + 10^8*Number of Outposts + 0.1*Alien Population at planets with Embassies)/10^6

The colonization aspect of the game would be the most difficult to implement: in part because the game would have to keep track of the population of each colonized planet, but mostly because the terraforming of planets would have to be a slow gradual process and the game would have to reflect that (making a Desert planet suddenly turn into Terra would be too unrealistic). The Colonization Technology Tree could be like this:

Colonize Earth-Like plantet
Allows colonization of: Warm/Comfort/Cool Terra

Ground Outpost Construction
Allows outposts in:
Warm/Comfort/Cool Selena/Desert/Terra
Cold/Very Cold Ice Worlds

Floating Cities
Allows colonization of: Warm/Comfort Water World

Basic Terraforming
Allows terraforming of: Warm/Comfort/Cool Desert

Temperature-Resistant Materials
Allows outposts in: Hot/Very Warm Selena/Desert

Flying Platforms
Allows outposts in: Gas Giants/Ice Giants

Advanced Terraforming
Allows terraforming of:
Warm/Comfort/Cool Selena
Cool/Cold Ice Worlds

Flying Cities
Allows colonization of:
Warm/Comfort/Cool Gas Giants
Warm/Comfort/Cool Ice Giants

Allows embassies in alien worlds

Astroengineering (Optional)
Allows construction of Rinworlds
Allows construction of Dyson Spheres
Allows construction of Alderson Disks

Extraterrestrial Life

In my opinion life should be very common at temperate planets BUT advanced intelligent life should be very scarce. An easy way to reflect that is to give more information on planets with life than it is currently implemented. Based on the evolution of life at the Earth I've made an estimation of the complexity of life you may find on a planet that I think is fairly realistic:

Lifeforms _______________ Probability___Population*

Simple Cells (Prokariotes) ___ 47%
Complex Cells (Eukariotes) __ 26%
Multicellular Organisms ______ 10%
Animal and Vegetal life ______ 14%
Intelligent – Paleolithic ______ 2.968% _____ 10000
Intelligent – Neolithic ________ 0.02% _____ 100000
Intelligent – Bronze Age _____ 0.0045% ___ 1 million
Intelligent – Iron Age _______ 0.0040% __ 10 million
Intelligent – Middle Age _____ 0.0020% __ 100 million
Intelligent – Modern Age ____ 0.0010% ___ 1 billion
Intelligent – Space Age _____ 0.0005% ___ 10 billion

*Typical population for an Earth-sized planet

Adding this kind of information to planets with life would be very easy to implement and would make space exploration much more interesting.

As for the probability for each planet type having some kind of life, what about this:
Comfort Terra 90,00%
Comfort Water World 90,00%
Warm/Cool Terra 40,00%
Warm Water World 40,00%
Cool Water World 20,00%
Comfort Desert 20,00%
Warm/Cool Desert 10,00%

With very low probability (like 1/10^6) you may be able to find a star with a civilization so advanced that has build a massive megastructure around it, like Ringworlds, Alderson Disks or Dyson Speheres. However this would probably be difficult to implement and I'm not sure if it's worth it.


I don't think it is necessary or even realistic to implement war between advanced space civilizations (after all, what would they fight for?). However, to satisfy anyone's genocidical tendencies it would be easy to implement one-sided "wars": when you encounter a planet with intelligent life that has not reached the Space Age you could still choose to colonize the planet and decide what to do with its current inhabitants (exterminate/enslave/keep in reserves/whatever). This can allow players to feel like evil warmongers without the need of a complex combat system.


Games usually require some sort of challenge to motivate the player. In this case, as exploring space will have no inherent difficulties (provided you are not dumb enough to crash the ship into a planet), I've thought of a different factor to give the player a sense of urgency: time. The objective of the game could be to complete the research tree in a human lifetime. In order to do that there should exist several life-extension technologies to increase longevity (if your age reaches the current life expectancy of your species, you lose). If the game start date is not set very far in the future (around 2030) most players would be able to use their real birth date making the game more immersive (although not necessarily realistic, it would be very cool). This has the advantage of being very easy to implement, and allowing for easily modifying the difficulty level (making reserach slower would make it much more difficult for the player to survive).

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SpaceEngineerDate: Wednesday, 24.08.2011, 16:44 | Message # 2
Author of Space Engine
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Holy sh*t... I almost finished typing a detailed answer to your post and accidentally closed browser tab... I lost all that I typed! sad :( sad Well, I'll repeat myself in brief...

1) Colonization: I want to make a real-time online game, not single player. So colonization will be almost impossible due to real-time. It needs hundreds of years for a planet to reach a billion population. Only base deployment and first stage colony building will be allowed in the real-time game.

2) Spaceships: I want to use realism, but the only "unreal" technology will be the hyperdrive. To fly in usual space, all ships will use jet engines. It will accelerate a ship at 3-5g or even 10-20g if pilot (player) uses anti-g bath or diamagnetic inertia compensator. All ships are divided into two categories. The first is a huge Mother ship that uses a hyperdrive with powerful 20g engines. It won't land on the planets. The second are relatively small shuttles, that can only do short range planetary orbit-to-surface flights with 3-5g acceleration and won't have a hyperdrive (landing and lifting will take 5-20 minutes of real-time). The Mother ship can carry a few shuttles. As long as interstellar flight uses hyper-drive, acceleration of time flow in the game is not needed. But hyperflight performs energy conservation law. This means that total mechanic energy of the ship (kinetic + potential) must be conserved. So, to leave a planet's orbit, the ship must first accelerate at least to parabolic velocity (11.2 km/s for Earth). Second, if the player wants to go to another planet, close to a distant star, after exiting hyperflight mode, his ship will have a huge velocity relative to that planet, caused by relative motion of stars and planets. For example, our Sun moves around galaxy center at a velocity of 250 km/s, so if you want to fly to a planet at the other side of galaxy, you will have a velocity of about 500 km/s, and you must decelerate with your jet engines if you want to land on that planet. At acceleration of 3g it takes 4.6 hours. And this would be a restriction for long flights and would motivate the player to upgrade his ship.

3) Life on planets: It seems difficult to implement procedural life, and much more difficult to implement procedural civilizations. With life, there will be two ways to do this: Firstly, make lifeforms with ready-made models or random combinations of ready-made (or pre-generated) body parts, but this would generate very similar-looking creatures, as in "Spore". Secondly, make an entire biosphere using artists: this would give us very detailed, balanced and interesting worlds, but... How many planets will we create in this way? less than what is needed for an entire procedural universe. With civilization, it's much more harder. I can't believe that procedural generation can give believable alien races. Only as a "low detail model" with some strange buildings on the planets and with strange spaceships. All races will appear similar. Artists can make very detailed civilizations; creatures, cultures, technologies, etc. Players can even play of it. But again, I think we could do a few intelligent races for the entire universe. While I have no development team, I can't include detailed aliens in full game. I can't even make believable animals and other life forms. So, at present, my plan is to use only one race in the game - Humanity, with human ships, buildings and some cities on colonized planets. Procedural life will be represented with a few models, as plants and animals. if I had to work on developing procedural life, it would divert me from my main work on the engine: Space itself!

gpaw5765Date: Wednesday, 24.08.2011, 20:22 | Message # 3
Group: Users
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Thank you for responding, I want to make some clarifications, and give you my opinion:

Life on planets
My idea wasn't to implement detailed procedural life, just to add some more information when you select a planet. For example, instead of "Comfort Terra with life" you could add "Life found: Simple Cells (Prokariotes)" or "Life found: Intelligent - Paleolithic", etc. I assumed that creating detailed life on the planet surface was far too complicated and never going to happen. The only sign of civilization I would expect to find on the surface of a planet are a few lights during nightime (similar to what Celestia does with planet Earth). Don't worry, imagination will do the rest: it is fairly good at generating complex procedural life and it's code-free biggrin .
On the other hand, procedural implementation of simpler life forms shouldn't be too hard: the program already represents vegetal life with a layer of green, unicellular and multicellular microorganisms could be represented with thin layers of semi-random colors (to represent large colonies of microbes).

I know that accelerating at 5g to high speeds would take a lot of time (accelerating to c would take about 70 days), that's why I said that the option to accelerate time would be necessary. I think it would be great to simulate realistic spaceships like Project Orion, even if that meant having to accelerate time frequently. Having to spend several years of space travel to reach a nearby star would give a grade of realism that it's difficult to feel when you can reach the other side of the universe in about a minute.

Real-time multiplayer
NOOOOOOO! sad Are you sure about this? I understand that you want to allow players to share their discoveries of interesting solar systems and planets, but you don't really need the game to be multiplayer in order to do that. An online database where players store their points of interest would do just fine. I really don't see the point of having a game like this be multiplayer, and having it real-time would severely limit what a player can actually do (for example, it is obvious that terraforming an entire planet should take years, and you can't expect to simulate that if the game is real-time).
I really hope you reconsider the idea of making the game multiplayer. Multiplayer would make sense if the game was focused on space combat or war between galactic civilizations, but in an exploration game I don't see the point at all. What are supposed to be the interaction choices with other players anyway? Besides, in a universe so vast it would be very unlikely to find another player at all during your explorations, even if there were millions of players online at the same time (that is, except when you visited the Solar System, Rigel Kentaurus, and a handful other widely known places).

Another reason not to do it: programming a real-time multiplayer game can be very complex (particularly if it has to allow a lot of players simultaneously) and I'm sure you can focus your efforts on more important features.

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pointlessDate: Thursday, 25.08.2011, 07:19 | Message # 4
Group: Newbies
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I agree with this guy. Everybody knows space MMOs are shit. Well, most MMOs are shit, but they get pretty annoying when used with space sims.

I'll explain myself: I found this project very promising and that's why I registrated. This universe explorer program you've developed is one hell of a work. I've been reading all your gameplay goals and I really do appreciate some of the concepts, most focused in realism, but in my opinion turning this into a real-time online game would be an error. As gpaw5765 explained it carries several gameplay -and artistic, I guess- limitations. Choose single player, develop a story, make up some stuff, be as ambitious as your time and resources allow.

Nevermind, in any case I'm sure you can bring some light to this deadly genre. Cheers from Spain! tongue
SpaceEngineerDate: Thursday, 25.08.2011, 09:29 | Message # 5
Author of Space Engine
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I thought that online interactions between players would encourage the sharing of exploration information; co-ordinates, names, properties of various objects. In some cases players could fly together, build bases together, helping each other with repairing a ship. As long as realistic war is almost impossible at real scales (distance 10-100 thousands of kilometers, velocitiy 100-1000 km/s), and due to network latency, it just makes no sense to have war added to the game-play, interaction between players should be cooperative. Do you not like this idea?


gpaw5765Date: Thursday, 25.08.2011, 19:29 | Message # 6
Group: Users
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I still don´t like the idea. Let's see the gameplay features accomplished by the game being multiplayer:

sharing exploration information: as I said, this can be better accomplished by having an online database where players upload their screenshots and information on the interesting stars or planets they discover. This also allows better flexibility for the uses of that information: people could vote which places they liked the most, or could use filters to find the kind of information they are looking for: planets with life, class K supergiants, black holes, white dwarfs, etc.

players can fly together: this is an obvious feature for a multiplayer game, but does it really add anything to gameplay? I understand that seeing another ship traveling with you to another star may look cool at first, but if it has no real purpose you will eventually ignore them.

build bases together: I don't understand this one. Why would players build bases together? Will a single spaceship be unable to build a base? What's the point of bases anyway if they can't grow or produce anything useful due to real-time limitation?

help each other with repairing of the ship: ok, this is the only legitimate reason I can see so far. However I don't think this is a strong enough reason to make a game multiplayer: I would expect this kind of thing to only happen rarely in the game, and you could more easily implement a computer-controlled spaceship to deal with those situations (I think Noctis did it that way). By the way, what kind of things could damage a ship and not destroy it? I can't think of many.

war: my point about war and space combat was not to make SE a war game, but to illustrate the kind of games that can really benefit from multiplayer: those that involve people playing against each other, or playing against a common enemy (usually another player). Since SE has neither, I don't think it's the kind of game that would benefit from being multiplayer.

Note: I'm not so much anti-multiplayer as I am anti-realtime. Making the game real-time would kill any realistic gameplay mechanic I can think of: you can't terraform planets, your colonies can't grow, you can't make long interstellar travels, you can't realistically produce almost anything, you can't even make research! (how long will it take the research of that new hyperdrive engine? a few hours? wacko C'mon).

A multiplayer mode may be a nice addition after the single-player portion of the game is already fully developed (and even then I don't think it's worth the effort), but making this game a pure multiplayer game will totally kill the gameplay.

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FuzzyDate: Thursday, 25.08.2011, 21:08 | Message # 7
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Quote (SpaceEngineer)
I thought that online interactions between players reduced to sharing exploration information: coordinates, names, properties of various objects. In some cases players can fly together, build bases together, help each other with repairing of the ship. As long as realistic war is almost impossible in real scales (distance 10-100 thousands of kilometers, velocitiy 100-1000 km/s) due to network latency, and of course war have no sence in accepted gameplay, interaction between players will reduced to cooperation. Did you like this idea?

I think it's a great idea. I would love to fly around with friends or random people, visit cool worlds, explore, and chat. That is something that would make this game 20x better even at its current state.

I would put that as a priority.
matteumayoDate: Friday, 26.08.2011, 06:35 | Message # 8
Group: Newbies
United States
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Just my two cents:

Instead of an MMO environment, players are invited to coop games (private or public).

The games can hold lots of players, but for actions which require the speed of time to change, players must agree to shift forward in time, unanimously.

If one player wants to travel a distance of 100 light years at the speed of c, everyone "waits" one hundred* years.


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makosDate: Friday, 26.08.2011, 22:49 | Message # 9
Group: Newbies
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I also think that coop-style multiplayer would be great. The game should be mainly focused on single-player with possibility to invite a friend(s). Then, whenever you wanted to do something like advance time to travel a long distance or something different, you'd have an option to "vote", and when the vote was accepted, both players would be allowed to perform desired action.

I think flying around with a friend would be a really fun experience, especially while chatting on Skype / Teamspeak or whatever.
NeonDate: Friday, 02.09.2011, 01:54 | Message # 10
Group: SE team
Messages: 208
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Well, I've been away n have just come back to read all this... whoa... nice to see some solid
gameplay discussion smile

I absolutely agree with everything gpaw5765 said in all his posts. My original
proposal had very similar things to say about gameplay. Vovas idea
of gameplay when he layed it out for us seriously disappointed me. I
am still hoping he will soften his views on it, and implement some
form of resource gathering & research tree. The game in my view
would be totally pointless without it, and like Celestia and Orbiter
would be boring very fast. However I'm afraid doesn't see's it that way.

As for multiplayer, I also don't really think it'll work as an MMO
simply due to the massive size of the universe, and even moreso
because of the nature of Vova's ideas of gameplay wouldn't
suit an MMO audience. I just don't think there'd be enough people
out there interested in pure exploration in a ship you don't control,
other than tell it where you want to go.

That's another issue I have with it. I don't want to tell it where I want
to go, because often I don't know where I want to go. Often I'll just
head out n when I pass an interesting looking star I make a choice.
You just can't program that sort of gameplay into a ships computer.

The other side of this is the commercial potentials of this product.
I think the reason Vova is thinking MMO is because he's just one guy
in Russia and it'd be easier control wise for him to implement a
commercial side to SE as an MMO than what I think it's true commercial
future should be. I think it's best potential is as a gaming engine for
space based games. However that's alot harder commercial venture to
get going, especially from Russia. It's natural he should get some rewards
from his efforts and I hope he does, but let's face it, it's alot easier to do
when you have full control as in an MMO. Problem is, I just don't think
it'll work.

Forgetting all that side of things, I think in a purely exploration uber-realistic
environment, would just get boring fast. What I proposed is very similar
to gpaw5765, n that was to represent now, the probable future of human
development in space, and how we grow n spread throughout the galaxy.
I thought'd it'd make a much more interesting game.

As for life, I'd be more than happy with gpaw5765 idea for the way
life is described. As much as I'd love to be having diplomatic discussions
with some lil gnat like alien guy, I'd be just as happy leaving all that to
the imagination.

As for those of you who think Online play would be easy as all you do
when you want to go to say 100 ly is get everyone to vote to adjust time.
What happens when they don't want to go? No one goes anywhere! This
happens all too often. Usually you get a group of ppl who want to do something,
there's another group who doesn't, and there's a 3rd group who don't care
who wants what, they are just into what they are doing. On an MMO, those
problems would be massively exagerated. So a real time system just can't
work in reality simply because it's damn near impossible sometimes just to
get a few people to agree, but alot? Not going to happen.

Single player is the only logical choice, which sharing of information
between players. This could also be expanded too if the gameplay was
done properly. You could share more than information. It'd be just as possible
to share ships, resources with all or other specific players. It's all just more
matteumayoDate: Saturday, 03.09.2011, 18:08 | Message # 11
Group: Newbies
United States
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Quote (Neon)
As for those of you who think Online play would be easy as all you do
when you want to go to say 100 ly is get everyone to vote to adjust time.
What happens when they don't want to go? No one goes anywhere! This
happens all too often. Usually you get a group of ppl who want to do something,
there's another group who doesn't, and there's a 3rd group who don't care
who wants what, they are just into what they are doing. On an MMO, those
problems would be massively exagerated. So a real time system just can't
work in reality simply because it's damn near impossible sometimes just to
get a few people to agree, but alot? Not going to happen.

I was thinking with a coop approach where online play is mostly invite only, this would work.

Also, I know not everyone sees it this way, but there is no reason NOT to speed up time when asked, unless combat is implemented or something.
SpaceEngineerDate: Sunday, 04.09.2011, 16:56 | Message # 12
Author of Space Engine
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Russian Federation
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Neon, glad to see you again:)

To everybody, Why do you think that the controls of the ship will be indirect? There I've said it? I don't have it planned, so there's no panic! You CAN fly in any direction you want. I'm just referring to physical restrictions, for example: you can't have gravity field of a planet if your velocity is less than paraboilc, no matter what, in real space or in hyperjump mode; you can't reach parabolic velocity if you have no fuel or too much cargo loaded on the ship, etc. You can try to control interstellar flight manually, but you'll quickly find that it's almost impossible (try it out in SE now!). So autopilot IS your friend. All the usual flights can be done with autopilot, if you don't want to have difficult manual approach procedures every time you fly to a new star.

About single-player verses multi-player. I've thought about real-time issue. It's a very big problem in an MMO. You can't do terraforming, colonization, you can't build an entire city and grow your empire at real-time scales (several months). You can't watch planets moving in their orbits, can't repeat solar eclipse or supernove explosion or to look at them from another angle. So all astronomical events will be unique, like in real life. It increases our interest in observing them. But all other restrictions are very bad.

Single player mode eliminates real time issues, but it eliminates interactions between players too. You can't share locations, can't do co-operative missions, can't fight. No, you can share locations, but only like in Noctis or Spore, without any affects on future gameplay. What would you think if your colonization spaceship came from far far away to a star for the very first time -in your virtual civilization's history- and found that the planets were already named by some other player? Maybe it is, even a good thing:) Like scientific exploration before colonization.

I am a bit disappointed... I must think more on this....


TalismanDate: Sunday, 04.09.2011, 18:03 | Message # 13
Group: Users
United States
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Please DO add Co-op multiplayer, at least where we can explore the universe with friends and see each others locations and such, I really don't know why some of the people in this thread are against making this multiplayer, He's obviously not going to make it a normal MMO style space game, it's going to be different and you can just tell that from the engine.

gpaw5765Date: Monday, 05.09.2011, 19:16 | Message # 14
Group: Users
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What do you think about this:

- Gameplay focused on single player with the goal of leading human expansion into space and complete the research tree.
- Multiplayer mode allowing for a small number of players (2-4) with exactly the same gameplay as single player, but with the advantage that having several ships will allow for faster expansion (different players can explore different stars at the same time, they can bring more colonists, etc). As there will be few players, it won't be so difficult to make them all agree to accelerate time at any given moment.

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neutronium76Date: Thursday, 22.09.2011, 23:44 | Message # 15
World Builder
Group: Users
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Hello there.
First I would like to say that this game/project/engine (call it whatever you like) is something beyond anything that has come to my attention. The only other project that can be compared is http://www.infinity-universe.com/Infinit....mid=38, but it will only have 1 Galaxy to explore. Not that this will make it "small"
or that someone will manage to explore 1 galaxy at his/her lifetime (the developers of infinity correctly mention this) but, hey, why restrict ourselves to one galaxy with billions of stars when (with the appropriate technological advances) we can use intergalactic hypperdrives to visit nearby galaxies? SE has the ability to render the whole known universe, so it is one step ahead of the competition!
I want to propose something based on this fact: In singleplayer mode you could choose a galaxy to explore/colonise (and obviously never manage to completely explore/colonize all of it). YOu will be able to visit other galaxies once you have progressed a lot in the game (and the question arise: how much is a lot? how many systems / what techlevel?)
In multiplayer mode, the exploration of a single galaxy could accelerate, the more players participate. So the faster the teams move onto another galaxy. Or there could different teams starting on the same galaxy, say 4 teams, 4 players each (just an arbitrary number - could be more could be less depending on server/programme capabiliteis). One team may be faster, one slower, there could be coperation / conflict between teams. Each team would represent a civilisation. If there are many teams/civilisations expanding within the galaxy, the chance of one team encountering another will increase. The encounter may be friendly or hostile. One team may choose to be aggressive and use brutal force to expand to new systems, another team may choose a more peacefull path to evolution. Eventually some teams/players may be forced to leave the galaxy for the reason of exhile or because all teams/players have explored/expanded the mother galaxy and they have to move on together or seperate.
Anyway the possibiliteis are endless. Also it doesnt'necesseraly have to be a RTS game or civilisation-type game. It could also be a spacesim with each player commanding a different type of spacevessel and a number of players/vessels exploring/trading/mining together as a team representing a race. Or it could be a combination of spacesiming and RTS. As for time acceleration this is not going to be an easy thing for MPL. There has to be some sort of aggreement between the players as to a preset level of time acceleration before the game starts. Or there could be different time speeds depending on your tech/advancment/achievement level. At stone age time will be 10000x, at ancient age 1000x, at middle age 100x, at modern age 10x, and at space age 1x. So as technology increases and you travel faster, time speed decreases a nd approaches real time. Of course this means that all teams advance at the same pace which is a problem. Anyway. Sorry for my lenghty post. Just want to say that this project is great and I will be waiting, anxiously for more development. Time to go to sleep sleep sleep

PC1:Core i7 [email protected], 6 cores/12 threads, 12GB DDR3 [email protected], 2x(SLI) GTX-580 GPUs 3GB VRAM(GDDR5)@1GHz, OS:Win7x64SP1
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